Monday Encouragement: Look for the Signs

Yesterday, we talked about those mistakes that haunt us. That we’d soon forget if not for the painful lessons that we used to learn and grow. And yesterday, we also received the good news that we aren’t doomed to repeat these exact mistakes! Today, we’re using our Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid to uncover today’s Monday Encouragement.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.


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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: Message in a Bottle

There’s a difference between being told that you’re on the right path and knowing you’re on a right path. As an agnostic who has always struggled with taking things at someone’s word, I know that sentiment personally and intimately. I’m the first to ask, “Where is the proof? What is the proof?”

This is one of the reasons why my Testimonials section has glowing reviews: I need the proof. It isn’t enough for a Spirit to say they know my client. I want proof that gives my most skeptical clients the reassurance they need. My pursuit of the message is relentless and I’m constantly pushing back for additional pieces of evidence.

The Message in a Bottle card is that proof card. It’s the Universe’s call to pay attention; a messenger with a message is on its way. Rest easy knowing that for even the most skeptical among us – the Universe hears us, too.

Weekly Forecast: Moving On from Past Mistakes

You made a vow. It’ll never happen again. You won’t allow it. This time, it’ll be different. You’re better prepared.

We’ve all been there. The pangs of regret are life’s growing pains. They’re useful; not pleasant. An aversion to repeating them is not only natural but completely understandable. But what is the outcome for the path that you’re on?

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.

Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Five of Cups

Present: Three of Wands

Future: Two of Cups

Advice: King of Cups

The dominant suit represented in today’s weekly forecast is Cups which is a reminder of the strength and power emotions carry and the energy emotions inspire in ourselves and others. Today, we’re living with the painful reminders carried over from our past mistakes represented by the Five of Cups. Life is beautiful and messy because we are beautiful and messy.

Sometimes, that messiness is comprised of moments that we’d prefer to soon forget. Our histories are filled with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Yet, you know to hold onto your regrets and past mistakes as an oath you’ve made with yourself: never again.

And so you’ve taken precautions. You’ve noted the lessons that needed to be learned. You’re better prepared and far less naive. You know, deep down, that you’ve got this. The Three of Wands is the totem from that oath you’ve struck. In the present position, the Three of Wands acknowledges the thought and growth that has brought you to this moment.

As we gaze into your future, we see Two of Cups, which indicates that the measures you’ve taken and the lessons you’ve heeded have paid off.  You won’t be doomed to repeat the same regretful mistakes. You’ve moved on, more weathered, but also with more grit and a better understanding than you had before. You’re a far more balanced and well rounded person because of your history; not in spite of it. You also have a better understanding of what you can survive.

However, it’s important to remind ourselves that the desire to learn from past mistakes is, in part, a commitment to make new ones. The advice here is presented as King of Cups which is to be kind to yourself. Your future isn’t going to be without regret. Mistakes will still happen. There are still lessons yet to be learned.

What’s important here is that you embrace yourself with gentle compassion and understanding. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Your dignity will remain intact. You will survive this, too.

Psychic 101: Learning how to control your gift

It doesn’t matter how your psychic abilities manifest themselves (the type of medium you are and the tools you use to express that mediumship). The basic rules for connecting with your abilities, connecting with the specific type of energy you’re inclined to use, and learning how to control your abilities follow a similar path.

Last week, I wrote that everyone has an innate “psychic” ability and that, at its core, psychic ability is simply the ability to connect with energy on a psychic level. Some connect with the pain felt by others, some connect with the imprints energy leaves behind on objects and places. Some connect with the energy culminating into future events. Some connect with the energy used to create music, the energy comprised in spirit, or the energy used in the ingredients to prepare the right meal for the right occasion. This list is endless because energy is endless. It is all around us and exercising one’s inherent psychic ability is merely learning how to access and channel that energy.

However, without learning to control our abilities or to develop them, harnessing the power inherent in them can feel like trying to capture lightning in a bottle. It can feel scary, dangerous, exhilarating, unpredictable, and exciting. Failing to capture that lightening can leave us feeling disappointed which can even be a counterproductive energy.

Today, my goal is to provide you with an overview of the mechanisms for working with your spiritual team, how to create a space to channel energy properly, how to tune into energy, how to make yourself into a conduit to channel that energy, and how to hone your skills. In the upcoming weeks, we will explore each of these sections in depth with a single post devoted entirely to the subject.

Working with your Spiritual Team

We are all assigned a spiritual team to help guide us on our unique journeys. Some team members are assigned to you during your pre-birth planning. Some team members are loved ones who have joined after transitioning to Spirit again. These are your spirit guides and will be your best line of defense against unwanted psychic activity and your best advisers for exploring your abilities on a path designed specifically for you. Their entire purpose is to provide you with the resources and understanding you need for your highest good.

Not all psychic mediums choose to actively engage their spirit guides during this process. This is not an easier path but it is a viable path should you choose to go it alone.

If you do want the support and aid of spiritual experts then I recommend starting a dialog with them. Find a quiet place where you can remain undisturbed, grab your favorite tools for writing (whether it be electronically or with pen to paper), and just start a conversation.

This is the format I’ve chosen however you should use the format that speaks most naturally to you. You may even find the constraints of a written format to be too restrictive and find a natural inclination to write a song, create a video, incorporate it into a ritual, or even draw out a cartoon of the interaction. What’s important is that you ask for assistance, identify the assistance you want, create boundaries, and establish rules of engagement.

You may immediately feel the presence of your spiritual team or you may not sense their participation until you’re further along in the process. However, trust that the team has already committed to the goals and will rise to the occasion.

Start incorporating your guides into the following steps below and inviting them to influence your daily decisions for your highest good. Ask for their advice for which tools you should acquire, which exercises you should pursue, etc. The purpose is to recognize and engage in a working relationship with your spiritual team now that you’ve enlisted their help.

Calming your Mind

Calming your mind is an essential and important step in the process for two reasons. First, energy can be subtle especially when you start learning to work with your natural gifts and the expression of your natural psychic abilities. When a loved one in Spirit wishes to communicate, I usually feel a light dizzying sensation wash over me. If I’m too distracted by a TV show, music, friends, or even my own thoughts then I will inevitably miss opportunities to learn and engage with energy. How you sense energy may be entirely different and, with practice, you will can discover what that is if you don’t already know.

Calming your mind also allows you to amplify the connection between you and your spiritual team so that may guide you into opportunities for your highest good and warn you against opportunities that aren’t for your highest good. This is the perfect time to breathe deeply, clear your mind, and announce to your guides that you are open to receiving messages for your highest good.

In the beginning, you may not be able to perceive the messages they are delivering. It is okay to ask them to amplify the connection, be less subtle in their messaging, or obtain guidance on how it is best for you to receive your messages. This is about trial and error with the goal of finding what feels most natural because, ultimately, the most natural fit for you is the one that will work most effectively.

Eventually, the effort required to calm your mind will lower, you will be able to achieve a still mind much quicker, and you will be able to do so in the midst of distractions. You will be able to switch it on and off on demand. However, getting there takes practice.

Environmental Awareness and Mindfulness

When you enter into a new room or when new people enter your space, close your eyes, and connect to your environment through your senses.

This exercise will help train you to sense the different types of energies, teach you to identify what they mean, and it will also be one of the primary means of communication from Spirits.

If someone in your life is always having the worst day, has the worst attitude, and shares the worst ideas then learning how that energy manifests itself will help you identify the same traits in strangers. Similarly, if someone in your life is always finding the positive meaning in events, has an optimistic disposition, and has a compassionate and gentle energy then learning the type of energy frequencies they emits will allow you to identify similar traits in strangers. The same is true for energies of the past, present, and future. The same is true for atmospheric energy. The same is true for spiritual energy. The key is perceiving how these energies present themselves to you, what subtle changes you feel when they enter into your space, and the meaning behind him.

This will also allow you to receive messages from your spiritual team more effectively even in scenarios where your mind isn’t ideally calm. For example, you may perceive there’s an odd energy surrounding a detour traffic sign on your way to the store. Depending on the energy received, this may be a sign that it’s time for you to detour plans (if the entrance is blocked) or it may be a sign that opportunity awaits.

Similarly, many messages come in synchronicity. It may start subtly where you wake up at night to use the restroom and notice the clock is exactly 1:11 am. Weird. Then, in the midst of the chaos of the day, you just so happen to look at the time and it’s exactly 1:11 pm. Weirder. Later that day, as you’re driving down the road, you may see a business with the address 11 on 1st Street.

Our spirit guides will often influence our daily lives to make us notice things of importance. We look up from our phones at just the right time to see a billboard advertising a heating and cooling company just before our furnace dies that evening. We have this nagging feeling to go back and triple check that yes, we did turn off the stove only to discover that we left our grocery list or wallet on the counter.

When we make a habit of connecting with our environments more regularly, we allow ourselves to receive more guidance and warnings.

Raising your Vibration

Everything is made of energy. Everything. Energy emits vibrational waves (waves of heat energy, waves of sound, waves of light, etc). When hot air rapidly expands, that energy can create the rumble we identify as thunder. Have you ever felt thunder so intense that it rattled the windows? Have you ever saw waves of heat rising off the hot tarmac of a black road in the summer? Those are waves of heat energy. If you’ve ever watched a ghost hunting show and heard the terms, “EMF” or “EVP”, they’re all references to the measurement of certain types of energy.

Psychics tune into the energy and perceive the unique vibration of that energy. It’s important to remember that like attracts like. As a spiritual and psychic medium, when I want to connect with someone’s spirit, I have to raise my vibration because spirits operate at a higher level of vibration. By raising my vibration, I attract energies that emit high vibrational energy.

There are a variety of ways to raise your vibrations from drinking water (water is a conduit for energy), consuming foods according to their frequency, finding a meditation style that appeals to you (otherwise, you won’t want to do it), listening to high vibrational music, and engaging in high vibrational behavior like optimism, gratitude, excitement, and joy. Abstaining from lower vibrational behaviors, music, food, etc. will also help keep your vibrations high.

Practicing with Feedback

Finally, one of the most effective ways to practice your skill is by engaging in feedback-based exercises. The type of exercises you will need will be based on what pairs most naturally with the type of psychic medium you are (spiritual, physical, technological, culinary, music, etc.) and how those abilities are expressed (e.g. clairsentience, claircognizance, etc).

Musicians improve by playing music and hearing when notes are flat, are perfectly executed, or when beats are skipped. Artists improve over time by trying new techniques that achieve the results they’re pursuing. Teachers improve by looking for ways to raise students’ grades. All of these skills rely on feedback. Imagine if the musician couldn’t hear their music. How would they know they’re improving? Imagine if teachers had no way to gauge if their students are understanding the material.

In the future, I will be providing specific types of exercises that you can use for practice and as a template to model your own exercises. Here are a few ideas:

  • For Spiritual and Physical Mediums – find pictures of people with robust biographies and see if you can glean any information about the person form that picture. Are they still living or have they transitioned into Spirit? Were they married? What did they do for a living? If they died, at what age, how did they die, etc?
  • For Culinary Mediums – focus on the ingredients you have on hand. Can you remember the smell? The taste? The feel of the ingredients in your hands? Test yourself. Recall and then sample. What if you paired them with other ingredients? Can you taste a spice mixture and discern the order of the ingredients on the label?
  • For Technological Mediums – can you close your eyes, hover your hand over a device, and correctly identify the device in question? Can you anticipate the subtle impulses of the device beforehand? Connect with your device and then have a friend hide it within the same room. Test yourself. Can you find it?

Remember, the goal is to find a way to obtain feedback from your exercises, so you know which energies are the ones you’re looking for and how you tune into the expression of those energies.

This is Part 2 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

You can read Part 1 titled, “Psychic 101: I Think I’m Psychic – Now What?” here.

Retrospection: Self Care and Empowerment

As the sun on Friday fades and the blood moon rises, it is time to transition into a new phase of being. Goodness knows we all need it. Last Sunday’s weekly forecast felt bleak as it talked of the wasted energy of spinning one’s wheels. But we didn’t need a weekly forecast to tell us about it, did we? We intimately felt the frustration it acknowledged in our lives. We lived it.

The prescription given was to find a way to re-energize our batteries because burnout was imminent and it was preventing us from achieving progress.  On Wednesday, we learned about how our past losses were driving an unhealthy attachment. This was the energy that was driving our burnout.

In today’s retrospective, we examine the last week. We consider our victories and our defeats. How’s it been going? Are you slowly tearing down roadblocks and obstacles? Have you started gaining new ground? Are you letting go of the unhealthy attachments that influence your behavior?

Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

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Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Bear

Card 2: Key

Today is a day for endings. An end to an old way of doing things. An end of an old way of thinking. An end to futile, hard work that keeps us from closing the gap on our dreams. It’s also a day for beginnings as we consider new approaches, embrace new ideas, and see progress unfold.

Once we learned the importance of taking better care of ourselves, we unlocked our potential. Friday’s Lenormand reading is about how powerful you truly are. Today’s first card is the Bear. It’s a card of raw power, energy, and greatness. Against its foes, it inspires fear. You are that bear.

You may not have felt like the bear lately given everything you’ve been going through. How powerless resistance and futility feels. However, it’s important to understand that the futility and powerlessness is a temporary state of being. A temporary state that you are shedding as you learn to take better care of yourself.

The advice given in Sunday’s forecast was to embrace the Sun: to spend time doing the things you enjoy doing. You need it. You deserve it. Replenish your energy and the obstacles will crumble away. Why? Because you are the Key to everything. The key is representative of unlocking potential… of unlocking hope… The key is the key to liberation.

Embrace the powerful, innovative, brilliant force of nature that you are.

Medium Connection with “Uncle Joe” the Wise

“You can call me Uncle Joe,” he conveyed as he slid into my space. His energy was smooth and smoky. He smiled easily and he instantly put me at ease. Some energies are just like that. Warm. Friendly. Gentle. Smooth. Like basking on the front porch and watching the sunset. This was Uncle Joe.

Photo by James Garcia on Unsplash

Uncle Joe is a natural story teller although the tools we use for communication and the amount of effort required to communicate make story arcs more difficult to express. As a psychic spiritual medium, I receive messages usually in the format of short visual clips (like a gif), some auditory representations, and sometimes as just a visual presentation of words or images. Together, with enough sustained effort, these sort of expressions join together and form many types of entertainment we already consume. However, communication with spirits is frequently more symbolic, and often the expressions do not layer.

For example, with Uncle Joe, he presented himself as an African American gentlemen between the age of 50 and 60. He displayed himself wearing a finely tailored tan suit. He looked regal, strong, yet calming in nature. Distinguished yet a tad ornery with a twinkle in his eye and a smile that would shine. Aside from the sway of swagger, no other sensations, words, or visuals accompanied him. The phrase “Joe” and “Uncle” arrived before the visual and left just as quickly. I’ve interpreted this to be a name he would like to be called. And so, Uncle Joe was acknowledged and invited to share my space.

Uncle Joe was a man of many words and a lot of guidance (this tends to happen when we transition into Spirit) but Joe felt like he has no one to really share them with. He lived alone. He never married although he said he found love with many beautiful women. He never had any children (that he knew of). He has siblings still among us and they’ve had children whom he loved and cared for but he was never close to them. That lifestyle just wasn’t for him.

As a result, these messages aren’t for anyone exclusively. He would like them shared with all.

Words of Wisdom: 

Uncle Joe passed away from a gunshot wound to the chest after quarreling with a friend over a woman. He wants you to understand a few things about this.

The first is about how the choices you make are the ones you will live with in this life and the next. Uncle Joe regrets not maintaining close friendships. And while he was never the type of settle down, he could have been a better uncle to his nieces and nephews. Spirits that make up his soul group on the other side still have connections with their loved ones, can guide and influence the lives of their loved ones, and leave messages behind. He realizes that the true cost of isolation and loneliness is something he carries with him. He doesn’t want you to make that same mistake.

Uncle Joe also wanted to convey that behavior attracts like behavior. The man who shot him was such a good friend, they considered each other brothers. However, they both were engaged in behavior that brought out each other’s jealousy, pettiness, and anger. Had Uncle Joe not been murdered, he might have just as easily become the murderer. Similarly, their behavior attracted women who also engaged in similar behavior. The end result is that their social circles reinforced the negative behavioral patterns that ultimately led to Joe’s untimely death and the ultimate imprisonment of his brother.

The third is that none of it really mattered. Joe thought he lived a good life. Sure, he got into some trouble but it was filled with many memories of women he still reminisces about. He doesn’t spend time dwelling over the petty arguments or even the betrayal of his friend (whom he has forgiven and still considers a brother). Joe wants you to go out and make memories that will keep you warm and happy in the next life.

* * *

Impression of Names:


Significant Numbers:



Understanding the Energy: The Cost of Attachments

The Universe wants to help you manifest your dreams into reality. The Universe also knows you’re struggling under the weight of obstacles and resistance. We learned in Sunday’s Weekly Forecast that despite how hard you’re working, you’re not achieving a lot of progress (if any). There are solutions to the problems that plague you… that impede your progress. However, you’re so burned out that the solution is eluding you. The solution was to engage in self-care, to nurture the muse within you, and to replenish your energy.

Today’s, let’s understand the energies that are influencing your choices, where they’ve taken you, and where they will lead.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Broken Heart in reverse

Present: Attachment

Future: Goddess of the Moon in reverse

Your scars run deep although, with time, they have slowly faded. When the Broken Heart appears in reverse, it signals a transition from heartache to hope. You’ve started to embrace the joys and abundance life has to offer. From sorrow to joy. You’ve survived the scarcity and have entered into a period of abundance. You’ve reversed the loss and entered into a period of abundance (whether this be financial, emotional, social, etc). However, this energy created by this painful experience has led you into establishing an unhealthy relationship with that abundance.

As you enter into the present, the Attachment card is representative of that unhealthy relationship that has been slowly developing. You have become attached to the experiences, behaviors, or relationships. The pain stemming from loss and scarcity is still guiding your behaviors. As a result, it’s causing an imbalance in your life that is preventing you from appreciating yourself, valuing your own self-care, and replenishing your own batteries.

This current of fear that is causing your over-attachment is going to ultimately limit your potential as indicated by the future card symbolized by the  Goddess of the Moon in reverse. The phantom of loss still lingers around you and to avoid returning to that state, you’re not taking the necessary risks to move beyond where you are, to manifest the destiny you desire. You are limiting your own potential. Your energy is ultimately your biggest obstacle to your dreams.

Monday, we learned that those blessings that you dream about are really within reach! You just have to give yourself the inspiration and rest you need to tear down those barriers.

Take back your dreams by taking care of yourself.

Medium Connection with Roberto

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I open up lines of communication to Spirits who aren’t attached to my clients but have important messages from the other side. This allows Spirits to still say what’s on their mind in hopes that their loved ones might come across their messages. It’s up to the Spirit to then set their loved ones on a journey to connecting with me. Spirit gives me just enough information to validate their presence but not enough, unfortunately, to launch a search.

Roberto wasn’t the first Spirit to come to me when I opened up the floor to Spirits today. “Joe” (or “Uncle Joe) was. However, Joe was a patient and gracious guest who deemed Roberto’s need greater than his and allowed Roberto to speak first.

Photo by Esteban Castle on Unsplash

Roberto passed unexpectedly from an accident when he was in his 40’s. He left behind a grieving wife and a heartbroken son. Prior to his passing, Roberto worked very hard out in the oppressive heat and sun. He worked with his lands and may have been a brick layer.

When Roberto passed, his family not only experienced the emotional devastation of losing a son, a father, a brother, and a husband… he was a breadwinner for the family and they depended on his income. Without it, times have been hard. He wants to acknowledge that. He knows how hard things have been on you. It was his job to support his family and he felt like, through his passing, he has let you down.

However, he isn’t gone. He watches over you closely, though, and is never too far from you. You’re not going through this alone.

To his family: “I am okay. I am so sorry things have been so hard on you. I am sorry I had to go. I love you.”

Roberto expressed special concern for his brother who has been getting into trouble or thinking about doing something that will bring trouble into his life.

To his brother: “Stay out of trouble. Take it easy on Mom. She’s been having a hard time.”

* * *

Impression of Names:

R_____o name. I assume Roberto.

M____a name. I assume Maria_____ (two words or syllables).

Significant Numbers:

45, possibly age

Monday Encouragement: Take a Break, Blessings Await

In our weekly forecast yesterday, we talked about how hard you’ve been working but how little success you’ve seen in exchange for the effort you’ve been putting forth. The advice given was to embrace balance and find a way to replenish because you need it. You’re burning yourself out and you won’t be able to gain traction unless you make time for yourself.

Monday’s Wisdom card reiterates this point: blessings await you but you cannot access them until you take care of yourself.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

Today’s Wisdom Oracle Card: Blessed, in reverse

When the Blessings card appears, it is usually a card of celebration, but today’s Oracle card presented in reverse. It’s a gentle reminder that so many of your frustrations are self-imposed. They can fade away. This problem you’ve been working on steadily for awhile can be easily solved. You only need a little inspiration.

Unfortunately, the amount of work you’ve been putting forth to solve the problem isn’t getting you any closer to the solution. More importantly, it’s blinding you from the solution. Find ways to delegate your load, let go of some of your burden, and focus on regenerating your batteries.

Don’t hold on to the thing that’s holding you back. Let it go and receive your blessings.



Weekly Forecast: the Essential Nature of Self-Care

Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a hamster wheel. We’re running, running, running but we never seem to be moving forward. Our location remains fixed. The same amount of work that existed yesterday exists today. The same bills that existed last month exist this month. The same financial shortfalls that force you to stretch your money from pay to pay never end. Life feels like an endless loop. And the question remains, “How on earth am I working this hard but not even a little closer to achieving my goals?”

Today’s Tarot reading is for you.

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast reading:

Past: Three of Wands

Present: Ace of Swords

Future: Page of Swords

Advice: The Sun

Here’s the thing. The universe knows how hard you’ve been working. The universe knows how dedicated you’ve been. This is acknowledged by the Three of Wands appearing in the past position. The Three of Wands is a card representative of both hard work and dedication. It’s the card that is frequently accompanied by cards heralding in success, balloons, and a fantastic victory dance montage.

But what about you? Where are your balloon waterfalls and victory dance montages? Where is your success card? You’re in the present, exhausted by the effort you’ve put forth, and yet it feels like you’ve gained no ground. Your success card is missing. You’re not closer to your goals. Where’s the balance to your hard work?

The Ace of Swords is in your present position and is here to symbolize your moment of clarity. Something isn’t working. You realize that continuing to do exactly what you were doing will not yield different results. You’re not opposed to hard work. When it has to be done, you’re the first to roll up your sleeves. But there is nothing to gain from spinning your wheels.

There is an obstacle in your path and it is blocking your hard work from achieving the outcome you’re trying to build. Do you know what it is yet? Perhaps you’re not sure. You’ve done everything by the book. You’re doing exactly what others have done to more successful results. Perhaps you know exactly what the problem is but the solution is an elusive devil that keeps dodging your grip.

The Page of Swords is around the corner and is here to deliver the epiphany you need to crush your obstacles and finally move forward. In the future position, this card promises to deliver a future of insight and inspiration. That a-ha moment will happen… if….

You embrace the advice of The Sun Card.

Last week, in our weekly retrospective, we talked about how lessons not heeded will repeat themselves in future readings. The Universe is quiet in her guidance but she is unwavered and persistent. The Sun Card appeared in the last Weekly Tarot Forecast reading, too, which tells us that we are still not following the following the path lit by the Sun.

The Sun is a card about the expression of joy in the ways that fuel, inspire, and motivate you whether that be time spent curled up with a good book to tackling that hiking trail with friends or family. Last week, the Sun told you that the universe has so many blessings in store for you if you open yourself up to them. But you have to open yourself up to them.

This week, the message is a little stronger and more prescriptive.

Here the advice is clear: you are burning yourself out. You need to take time and space for self-care. Even if that means the dishes aren’t getting done as often. Even if that means laundry piles just a little more between loads. Even if that means you have to delegate a few more tasks out to others. You are being overburdened and, as a result, that creative and problem solving genius inside of you is too over-tasked.

It also good advice to re-evaluate your current outlets to determine if they’re contributing to your stress. You may love games but when you’re playing them – how do they make you feel? How often to do you end the gaming session with more anxiety than when you started? How might these activities rob us of the enlightenment we’re seeking? Last week’s reading on Understanding the Energy reminds us that for all plans, we must anchor ourselves to our outcomes, less we find ourselves lost and adrift.

The same is true for the series we binge watch, the friends that occupy our time, celebrity gossip blogs we browse, and other ways we opt to unwind.

We don’t have to purge all of these influences in our life but we need to be mindful of how they make us feel and the cost of energy associated with them. These activities all consume energy but are they also replenishing your energy? These activities all require mental components; are they breaking down mental blocks or reinforcing them?

By establishing the roots of self-examination, we can focus our efforts in spending more time on the right kind of activities that will fuel us because our fight is not over. The success card is not yet in our future. By shifting away from behaviors that drain our energy and leave us anxious towards activities that fill us with energy and inspire us, we can move forward. It’s written in the cards. The Page of Swords is ready and awaiting you to make time for yourself to rejuvenate with the Sun.


Note: if you’ve enjoyed this Tarot reading format and would like a customized message from your Spirit Guides each week, you can purchase this service.

Psychic 101: I think I’m psychic – now what?

Do you want to know if you’re psychic? Are you sure?

Are you calm? Maybe make yourself a cuppa tea. Find a comfortable seat… you’ll want to sit down for this.

Of course you are psychic! Everyone is.

Do you know who was calling before you answered your phone? Are you unusually good at trivia regarding subjects that you shouldn’t know? Do you have an inherent sense of direction that perpetually keeps you from getting lost in new cities? When you see a photograph of someone, do you immediately sense how they were feeling? Do you sometimes feel like someone is in the room with you even when you’re alone? These are all example of psychic experiences!

In reality, being a psychic is filled with a lot of mundane-sounding events that serve as passing curiosities. They frequently impart on us the sensation that something unique happened then that feeling subsides and, along with it, our memory of the event. It’s the shared, “Oh, huh, isn’t that funny,” moments we collect throughout our lives. The difference between you and professional psychics is that they’ve chosen to develop their abilities. They train themselves to be open to psychic experience, learn to hone their skills, and control their psychic abilities.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Having a psychic experience is one the most natural experiences because, in its most simplest form, a psychic experience is one in which you connect with energy on a psychic level (as opposed to a surface or superficial level). For example, shaking your hand is inherently a superficial or surface level action, but if that act of touching allows me to glean information about how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, where you came from, or what you’re about to do then you’ve also connected on a psychic level.

This connection is a connection of energy. Everything is comprised of energy. I’m energy. You’re energy. There’s energy in that blade of grass. The device on which you’re reading this? There’s energy in that, too. Establishing a psychic connection to these types of energies makes you a psychic.

Definition of Psychic Ability: psychic ability is the ability to connect with energy on a psychic level

Definition of Psychic: someone with psychic ability

The way, or medium, used to establish the connection varies. Imagine you’re driving down a long, empty highway. What does that vehicle look like? Is it a semi truck? Motorcycle? Hatchback? That vehicle is your medium. The Oxford dictionary defines the word medium like this:

Definition of Medium: An agency or means of doing something.

I am a psychic. My primary mediums for psychic expression are spiritual and physical which means that I primarily connect to the energy of Spirit within their body and outside of their body. Inside of the body refers to those “living” (you and I) whereas outside of the body refers to those who have passed on or exist outside of the body (e.g. our spiritual team).

So, how are you psychic?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? The first step in the process is identifying how you’re medium. What is the vehicle you’re most naturally inclined to use to access energy on a psychic level? Do you have a deep connection to spirits? To technology? To nature? To places? To objects? If there’s some way to connect with the energy, then there’s a medium style associated with it. Below are some of the more common types of psychic mediums:

  • Spiritual Mediums: a psychic who connects to spirits that exist as energy outside of the physical body.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving death, the dying, or the dead (e.g. ghost hunters, medical examiners, pathologists, funeral home directors, etc).
    • Frequent Signs: Feeling like someone’s with you when you’re alone in the room, picking up on personality traits, emotions, or memories of someone who has passed.
    • What they do: Connects to those who have passed away; those who serve as spirit guides and as spirit guardians. Animal spirits are included here, too!
  • Physical Mediums: a psychic who connects to spirits that exist as energy inside the physical body.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving healing physical, mental, or emotional illnesses and trauma (e.g. medical doctor, veterinarian, and therapists).
    • Frequent Signs: Intuitively being able to understand the sources of pain, distress, thoughts, and feelings in other living beings.
    • What they do: Connects to those who have not passed away.
  • Precognitive Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of future events.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving the creation of something (e.g. business, architecture, etc), or the generation of something (e.g. finance, gambling, etc).
    • Frequent Signs: They have a sixth sense of what’s going to happen (what stocks to sell, where to purchase land for a new building, etc.)
    • What they do: Senses the culmination of energy building.
  • Postcognitive Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of past events.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving history, archaeology, or become museum curators.
    • Frequent Signs: That sense of dread attached to the past history of a place, “I don’t know what happened here but it was bad.” They also either passionately love historical sites or passionately hate historical sites because of how they feel when they visit them.
    • What they do: Senses the collection of residual energy at a location.
  • Technological Mediums: 
    • Frequent Professions: Cyber security, hacking, software engineering, technological repair roles, etc.
    • Frequent Signs: “I just knew [obscure or unlikely explanation] was the source of all your problems.” Being able to visually “mind map” electrical connections to diagnose issues or strengthen signals. Using technology in unconventional ways.
    • What they do: Psychically connects to electrical energies using technological devices
  • Travel Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of places.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving location scouting, visual artistry (like makeup artists, set designers, or film directors), or travel.
    • Frequent Signs: “I had a dream about this place,” or, “I have a great sense of direction,” or, “I know the perfect setting for this story I’m writing.”
    • What they do: Connects to the energy of places.

Most people find themselves connecting to more than one type of psychic medium. This is entirely normal. However, there are one or two areas that you will find the strongest connection with. This is your spiritual team going, “there.” You’ll find yourself drawn to these type of psychic connections. You’ll find yourself most attracted to these types of careers.

Once you’ve established the type of medium you are, you’ll need to establish the way you access information. If the medium is the vehicle, your psychic abilities are the perks with that vehicle. What color is it? What’s the interior look like? What are you listening to on the radio? These are traditionally known as, “The Clairs.”

To put this all in perspective, I am a psychic. My primary connections are as a Spiritual Medium and Physical Medium. This means that I connect with the spirits of those living, those deceased, and those who are non-human entities (like your spiritual team).

As a Spiritual Medium and Physical Medium, I can use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to gather information about the Spirit. This frequently includes their names, significant months or dates, occupation or hobby, if they passed then how, etc.

What about you? You can leave your comments below to talk about the ways in which you have expressed your psychic abilities!



This is Part 1 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

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