A New Beginning


I have been thinking of how to start this. Would you believe my first iteration of this post started out with a dad joke? I was going to wish you all a Tarot-ific day. I know. I also cringed. I don’t know what came over me. Perhaps I was channeling someone’s dad. Or, more likely, we all have inner dads who tell terrible dad jokes.

Welcome to my place, Mindful Messages, where I will be providing both free and fee-based Mindful Messages using Tarot cards, Oracle cards, with Spirit using Medium techniques, and using my innate psychic abilities (predominantly Clairvoyance and Claircognizance with the other clairs as they arise).

My truest, deepest, most secret wish is for this to be a space of spiritual awareness and personal growth. That, for brief moments in time, we accompany one another on a shared journey. And as we part ways, whether we are together for a brief moment or time or our paths intertwine many times, that we are better for having known one another.

I would like to kick off this business venture with a twist on the tried and true Tarot Deck Interview to give you a glimpse into what I have to offer. This methodology below will be similar to my Tarot and Oracle style readings in the sense that I will always tell you the cards you received and the format of the spread I have personally chosen for your needs.

However, I normally tell you what each of the cards mean and then weave together a story with a cohesive message for you. This is where my traditional reading style differs from my introduction below. In the reading below, I wanted to introduce you to Mindful Messages and opted to skip the card descriptions mostly because I didn’t want their meanings to get lost in the interview style format. I also skipped crafting a single narrative because this is an interview. I am asking you, my potential client, to purchase my services. It’s only natural for you to ask what exactly you get in return.

Ace of Swords

Are you feeling confused? Restless by the options that lay before you? Do you feel blocked from perceiving the right path for you? Or rather, deep down in your unquiet-ed soul, you know the path that calls your name. It is the getting there that poses the problem? How do you materialize the career you want, the relationship you seek, and the elusive happiness that always seems just out of grasp?

The Ace of Swords, like all Aces, is a gift. It is an opportunity. This is an opportunity of unprecedented clarity. Not just for you as you uncover truths about yourself but this sword is also indicative of my gift. Using my psychic abilities, intuition, spirit guides, and whatever tools you request, I will deliver to you validating messages that resonate with uncanny accuracy. By the time our reading concludes, my aim is to have convinced even the deepest skeptic.

The Hermit presented in reverse

Come and join me for awhile. Allow me to unpack your baggage and help you sort it out. We can talk through your problems and find solutions that excite your soul. Together, we can tear down obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

This journey is one that you could take alone. You could be the Hermit and retreat into yourself but why would you want to? You could spend the next decade of your life trying to navigate the dark recesses of your past in order to figure out the whys, the hows, and the whos or we could embark upon that journey together in nice digestible discussions. Like dinner with an old friend. Let’s laugh together. Let’s cry. Let’s howl at the moon.

Ten of Swords

As we part ways, for what I hope is only a brief interlude, I want you to depart feeling lightened and unburdened. Dare I say hopeful? What I want is for you to feel that a-ha! moment. That epiphany where suddenly everything suddenly magically clicks for you and you feel that intuitive spark of genius grow brighter. Or that moment when someone you loved has reached across the barrier and communicated to you the message you needed to hear.

Life, for all of its unpredictability and heartache, doesn’t have to imprison you, when together we can forge the keys to your cell. You should be free. Let’s get you there. Together.

Page of Cups

The reality is that you aren’t living up to your true potential but you know that, didn’t you? For as much as you have your ducks in a row, there is this dull aching pain deep within that tells you something is still off. It’s a gentle but rolling sadness that doesn’t prevent you from being happy but is still something you always carry with you. Why? What is the ultimate good that you are denying yourself? Do you know?

I have a variety of tools at my disposal to help you find out what gifts you’ve been suppressing, how to hone those gifts, and become the version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

King of Wands

What I can offer you is warm, compassionate guidance. Without judgments for your past. Without judgments for the road you’re currently on. Without judgments for the inevitable mistakes that we will stumble upon in the future. Just love, warmth, compassionate guidance.

Some of you are asking, “So then why charge for your services?”

It’s a valid question and no valid questions are off limits in the interview.

A few months ago, my older brother was taken from me, in a very traumatic way. He is now in Spirit. Although I haven’t completely and wholly lost him, his physical absence and the finality that death brings, has shattered me. It has also made me more introspective and has lead me to reevaluate my life and the things I prioritize in my life.

Simply put: I want to spend more time escorting people on their spiritual journeys. Guiding them to their paths. Sharing victories and crying over losses. I want to spend less time in my office and more time connecting with people, with nature, with family. I want to prioritize experiences over money. I want to make the world a better place. At least my corner of the world and to the extent that I can improve your life if you give me the opportunity.

Since his transition to Spirit, I have shifted my priorities over to doing more spiritual work mainly with strangers on the internet for free on Reddit’s r/psychic. I didn’t have a lot of time but I felt compelled to share my gifts. I have been able to reunite family members in spirit, help people cope with heartache, guide people into career avenues that allow them to pursue their dreams without making their parents consult the priest. My testimonials page is full of these stories.

I always knew this endeavor would result in a website where we weren’t limited by the Reddit interface. What I hadn’t expected was charging for these services.

Recently, I was laid off from work because deals that my managers expected to fall into place hadn’t. Unfortunately, my bills don’t cease to exist just because their deals had. My cat is diabetic. My power company won’t offer me service in exchange for readings. I can’t convince the cashier to waive the $150 grocery bill just because her grandmother in spirit wanted me to deliver a message. In short, my cost of living remains unchanged, despite my new unemployment status.

I’ve applied to several jobs and will continue to do so in order to support my family but I need this time with you in order to heal. I still cry daily. I still miss my big brother. I feel closest to him when I am connecting with you. And, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how I would emotionally withstand starting a new job in my emotional state. I’m sad. I’m going to be sad for awhile. Grief is a state of pure survival. It is raw. I am raw.

I’m just not ready. I’m not ready to look my new office mates in the eyes and say, “I’ll probably have a little cry every day after lunch because my brother is dead.” I don’t want to burden people with that and the truth is that this sort of information makes people feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to cause anyone discomfort.

I need time to heal and the path that I’m being called down is this. Right here. With you.

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