Medium Connection with Ed

A Spirit named Ed (Edwin/Edward?) stopped by between readings this morning. He asked that I give a message to his loved ones. Unfortunately, I wasn’t attempting to channel spirits for a reading at that time and therefore I’m not sure to whom he belongs.

It is my job to ensure that Spirits like Ed are heard. I give them a voice. So, Ed, this one is for you my friend. I hope this finds your loved ones. It was a pleasure connecting with you earlier.

Ed was a strong but gentle spirit. He presented himself like a lumberjack. He was a big, hulking man who dressed smartly for the weather and worked outside with his hands.

Tragically, I believe Ed passed before his time because he left behind a stunning wife and little child who is growing up to be a “beautiful” woman. Ed passed away unexpectedly. Preceding his transition into Spirit, Ed felt an impact to his body to indicate injury but he is not in any pain right now so please don’t worry.

He wants you to know that he isn’t alone. He is with an older woman (possibly an Aunt or Great Aunt) with curly sandy colored hair that she keeps short. She also wears glasses. Ed confirmed he has siblings who are still living. He wanted me to acknowledge his surviving family but did not have any specific and urgent messages for them. You know how much he loved you. Nothing was left unsaid.

Ed’s primary messages were to his wife and daughter.

First, to his wife: He wants to you know that you are too amazing to stay lonely and mourn him for the rest of your life. He gives his blessing to marry and says your new significant other passes his very high standards.

Second, to his daughter: “Beautiful”

* * *

Regional Impressions:

North America (Michigan, Maine, Maryland, possibly Canada).

Significant Age Range:

30s-40s years of age

Impression of Names:

“B” name with two syllables (Brian or Brandon?)

* * *

With that, the energy has faded, and Ed parted ways so that way we could be close to his loved ones.

Ed’s time with me was short but he was filled with so much love for his family and I would love it if would receive this message. Could you help by sharing this post with others?

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