Medium Connections with Tommy

Everyone needs someone to speak with. This need doesn’t pass on just because our physical bodies do. This need is a need of Spirit, too. We all have a desire to connect, to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. Sometimes, when left unfulfilled, this need results in psychic mediums who end up forming connections with Spirits with whom they’ve previously connected. This is my experience with Tommy.

Photo by Maddyarts Photography from Pexels

Tommy first came to me when I was attempting to establish contact with another spirit. His energy was confident. He wanted to form a connection. Yet, as sure as his energy was, it felt so full of potential and almost entirely undeveloped. He was the spirit of a little boy between the ages of six and nine. Boldly courageous yet so undefined.

He had never spoken with a psychic medium before but I was a kind face and he wanted someone to talk to. Sometimes, life just happens that way, and we connected. He was timid at first as he sorted out the dynamics of how to communicate but he’s a very smart boy and picked it up naturally.

Tommy told me he passed away in a swimming pool; to aid my understanding of what Tommy had experienced he impressed upon me a mild sensation of being unable to breathe. “But, I’m OK now,” he added. He was sensitive to my experiences as a psychic medium. He wanted to assure me – and you – that he no longer struggles for breath. Remember he said, “But, I’m OK now.”

He also indicated to me that there is a lot of anger over his passing. Specifically, people feel responsible and guilty because he slipped away while no one was looking and made his way to the pool where tragedy struck. He doesn’t want you to blame yourselves or each other. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. Previously, the pool had always been a joyous playground for him and he did not believe the dangers despite being warned. He wants you to know that none of this is your fault. He also wants you to know there is nothing you could have done to stop this.

His transition in the swimming pool was an inevitability. He was always drawn to swimming pools. He loved swimming. He was, “like a fish,” his loved ones would say to him. If he had not made his way to the pool on that fateful day, it would have been another fateful day. This was always part of the plan. Tommy does not blame you and doesn’t want you to blame yourself. This wasn’t your fault. It is time to release this soul wrenching guilt and forgive yourself.

The day he transitioned does not define his life nor his afterlife. He lives. He has no attachment to the body you found and buried. He is not that body. He is Spirit now. He is free to fly, to tease the pets, to live in a world without danger. As sad he is to be without you, he has never felt more alive and free as Spirit.

But he is worried about your sadness. He said you wouldn’t be sad any more if you understood how happy he was.

He has also been trying to cheer you up. Specifically, he thinks you need a vacation. Whenever an advertisement for a destination getaway appears, he tries to draw your attention to that advertisement for two reasons. First, he thinks it’ll cheer you up. Second, he wants to go with you.

Tommy is the energy that surrounds you. You breathe him in. His energy wraps around you. Where you go, he goes. Because he is still alive, merely in a different form than you remembered him, he still longs for the shared experiences of making new memories. He wants to go because you are, “so boring,” but also because he loves nothing in this world more than he loves you. He said that he would not object to going to watch a ball game, either.

Tommy wanted to share his toys with me; he was a very cool young boy. He loved baseball and let me see his baseball. I get the impression that he was in little league or wanted to be in little league. He is also showing me his cool red sneakers. He’s also showing me a toy dinosaur that he used to love playing with. He loved dinosaurs.

One of his favorite moments was when this older woman (still living among us) would read to him. She had salty auburn hair. She was possibly a grandmother or great aunt. He says, “you don’t gotta stop [reading to him], y’know.” He still hears you.

It bothers him that no one talks to him. He would love to be included throughout your day, he would love to be read to, and he would loved to be talked to. He’s still around. He’s just on the other side. He can still hear you. He still laughs when you make jokes. He’s still present. Just acknowledge him.

The final message Tommy wanted to leave you with is this: “I am not by myself.” During the first reading, he was accompanied by an older gentlemen wearing a sweater or cardigan, who smiled and waved while Tommy came to me for a reading. I believe this older gentlemen is related to him and is in Spirit, too.

The second time, he was accompanied by a beautiful brown haired woman of light, who appeared in her thirties. I believe she is a guardian who protects Tommy, guides Tommy, and teaches Tommy while he is in Spirit. She had knelt down, pointed to me and released his spirit to me for the connection. Then she waited patiently and happily while Tommy and I chatted.

Tommy is in excellent hands. He is not alone. He is surrounded by love so deep, so pure, and so powerful that we cannot fathom.

Names whispered during the reading:

  • Walt
  • David

Numbers communicated ruing the reading:

  • 93
  • 7

Other items of significance:

  • Something with “L”

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