Retrospection: the Purpose of Insight

The Ace of Swords is one of the most powerful cards in the Minor Arcana of a Tarot deck. It stands for clarity. Not merely just an emerging awareness but a clarity so clear and absolute, it can be force of destruction just as it can be a force of creation. Nearly every day this week, my personal daily Tarot reading was haunted by the spirit of the Ace of Swords. My personal Tarot readings spoke about a time of transition brought about by knowledge that will shape the course of my future.

Knowledge was reflected in my reading for you today, also.


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Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

On Fridays, after a long work week, the weekends are a sacred time. Weekends are our time to recover from the mundane servitude of our careers, our chaotic work and school schedules, and being subservient to clocks. It is a time of more freedom. More independence. Because I hold my weekends in such high regard, I have a special reading I do only for Fridays. Fridays is a day for Lenormand by the Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck.

Card 1: Garden

Card 2: Book


Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck

We started off the week with a message about balance. Our weekly Tarot card reading acknowledged the imbalance in our lives and how personal imbalances can lead to isolation, resentment, and frustrations that isolate us and harm the ones we love (including ourselves). Next, we examined how, without proper anchors, we create energies that carry our lives into a state of confusion, which ultimately leads us to a loss of choice and freedom. Essentially, the energies that surrounded us yesterday carry us forward into today and will impact how our future unfolds. It’s our job to harness the right energies that aid in the manifestations of our desires while releasing the counterproductive energies that don’t.

Today is Friday. A day of retrospection. It is about knowledge gained and how that knowledge can be used in service of your highest good.

The Book card is, like the Ace of Swords, a card of knowledge. It speaks to the revelation of truths about one’s self, the greater universe, and each other. It is neither good nor bad on its own. It exists without judgment. It’s not even inherently wise knowledge. It merely is knowledge.  Gained, ignored, or lost. It exists independent of our acknowledgment but it is ours for the taking should we be so bold.

Today, the Book card is paired with the Garden card. The Garden is a card that represents public access or benefit. In its most literal form, the Garden card represents a public garden or park. It is designed for the use of all. In today’s retrospection, the Garden card is symbolic of our greater good… our highest purpose.

Our Lenormand reading asks us, “How are you going to use the insight you gained this past week for your highest good?

Every week is a week full of new challenges that demand flexibility, unforeseen events that require us to adapt, and situations that offer us the opportunity for emotional growth. But are we learning these lessons? How are we applying these lessons? Or will we be doomed to repeat these lessons in the coming weeks? (How many times will I see the Ace of Swords in my daily readings until I arrive at the right message? Tune in next week…)

It’s one thing to acknowledge behaviors and patterns that no longer serve us. It’s an entirely different thing to allow that knowledge to shape our behavior.

Our Lenormand reading also asks us, “What knowledge should you be letting go of for your highest good?

The greater use and acquisition of knowledge is essential to our evolution but it’s also important to evaluate the types of lessons we are learning. Not all knowledge is equally weighted or relevant to our lives. For example, I don’t need to personally chug a bottle of poison to discover that the contents of that bottle will not serve me or my highest purpose.

This reading is also a reminder that we should be asking ourselves, “Will accessing this knowledge serve my highest purpose? Is this a lesson I need to learn?” Or perhaps there’s a less harmful way that we can arrive at the knowledge we’ve sought.

Today is an excellent day to examine what lessons we should carry with us, what lessons we will be doomed to repeat, and what lessons aren’t worth learning at all.

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