Monday Encouragement: Take a Break, Blessings Await

In our weekly forecast yesterday, we talked about how hard you’ve been working but how little success you’ve seen in exchange for the effort you’ve been putting forth. The advice given was to embrace balance and find a way to replenish because you need it. You’re burning yourself out and you won’t be able to gain traction unless you make time for yourself.

Monday’s Wisdom card reiterates this point: blessings await you but you cannot access them until you take care of yourself.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

Today’s Wisdom Oracle Card: Blessed, in reverse

When the Blessings card appears, it is usually a card of celebration, but today’s Oracle card presented in reverse. It’s a gentle reminder that so many of your frustrations are self-imposed. They can fade away. This problem you’ve been working on steadily for awhile can be easily solved. You only need a little inspiration.

Unfortunately, the amount of work you’ve been putting forth to solve the problem isn’t getting you any closer to the solution. More importantly, it’s blinding you from the solution. Find ways to delegate your load, let go of some of your burden, and focus on regenerating your batteries.

Don’t hold on to the thing that’s holding you back. Let it go and receive your blessings.



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Can I help me! Am I doing the right thing by trying to keep my son close to home? What kind a message are my loved one sending