Medium Connection with Roberto

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I open up lines of communication to Spirits who aren’t attached to my clients but have important messages from the other side. This allows Spirits to still say what’s on their mind in hopes that their loved ones might come across their messages. It’s up to the Spirit to then set their loved ones on a journey to connecting with me. Spirit gives me just enough information to validate their presence but not enough, unfortunately, to launch a search.

Roberto wasn’t the first Spirit to come to me when I opened up the floor to Spirits today. “Joe” (or “Uncle Joe) was. However, Joe was a patient and gracious guest who deemed Roberto’s need greater than his and allowed Roberto to speak first.

Photo by Esteban Castle on Unsplash

Roberto passed unexpectedly from an accident when he was in his 40’s. He left behind a grieving wife and a heartbroken son. Prior to his passing, Roberto worked very hard out in the oppressive heat and sun. He worked with his lands and may have been a brick layer.

When Roberto passed, his family not only experienced the emotional devastation of losing a son, a father, a brother, and a husband… he was a breadwinner for the family and they depended on his income. Without it, times have been hard. He wants to acknowledge that. He knows how hard things have been on you. It was his job to support his family and he felt like, through his passing, he has let you down.

However, he isn’t gone. He watches over you closely, though, and is never too far from you. You’re not going through this alone.

To his family: “I am okay. I am so sorry things have been so hard on you. I am sorry I had to go. I love you.”

Roberto expressed special concern for his brother who has been getting into trouble or thinking about doing something that will bring trouble into his life.

To his brother: “Stay out of trouble. Take it easy on Mom. She’s been having a hard time.”

* * *

Impression of Names:

R_____o name. I assume Roberto.

M____a name. I assume Maria_____ (two words or syllables).

Significant Numbers:

45, possibly age

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