Understanding the Energy: The Cost of Attachments

The Universe wants to help you manifest your dreams into reality. The Universe also knows you’re struggling under the weight of obstacles and resistance. We learned in Sunday’s Weekly Forecast that despite how hard you’re working, you’re not achieving a lot of progress (if any). There are solutions to the problems that plague you… that impede your progress. However, you’re so burned out that the solution is eluding you. The solution was to engage in self-care, to nurture the muse within you, and to replenish your energy.

Today’s, let’s understand the energies that are influencing your choices, where they’ve taken you, and where they will lead.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Broken Heart in reverse

Present: Attachment

Future: Goddess of the Moon in reverse

Your scars run deep although, with time, they have slowly faded. When the Broken Heart appears in reverse, it signals a transition from heartache to hope. You’ve started to embrace the joys and abundance life has to offer. From sorrow to joy. You’ve survived the scarcity and have entered into a period of abundance. You’ve reversed the loss and entered into a period of abundance (whether this be financial, emotional, social, etc). However, this energy created by this painful experience has led you into establishing an unhealthy relationship with that abundance.

As you enter into the present, the Attachment card is representative of that unhealthy relationship that has been slowly developing. You have become attached to the experiences, behaviors, or relationships. The pain stemming from loss and scarcity is still guiding your behaviors. As a result, it’s causing an imbalance in your life that is preventing you from appreciating yourself, valuing your own self-care, and replenishing your own batteries.

This current of fear that is causing your over-attachment is going to ultimately limit your potential as indicated by the future card symbolized by the  Goddess of the Moon in reverse. The phantom of loss still lingers around you and to avoid returning to that state, you’re not taking the necessary risks to move beyond where you are, to manifest the destiny you desire. You are limiting your own potential. Your energy is ultimately your biggest obstacle to your dreams.

Monday, we learned that those blessings that you dream about are really within reach! You just have to give yourself the inspiration and rest you need to tear down those barriers.

Take back your dreams by taking care of yourself.

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