Medium Connection with “Uncle Joe” the Wise

“You can call me Uncle Joe,” he conveyed as he slid into my space. His energy was smooth and smoky. He smiled easily and he instantly put me at ease. Some energies are just like that. Warm. Friendly. Gentle. Smooth. Like basking on the front porch and watching the sunset. This was Uncle Joe.

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Uncle Joe is a natural story teller although the tools we use for communication and the amount of effort required to communicate make story arcs more difficult to express. As a psychic spiritual medium, I receive messages usually in the format of short visual clips (like a gif), some auditory representations, and sometimes as just a visual presentation of words or images. Together, with enough sustained effort, these sort of expressions join together and form many types of entertainment we already consume. However, communication with spirits is frequently more symbolic, and often the expressions do not layer.

For example, with Uncle Joe, he presented himself as an African American gentlemen between the age of 50 and 60. He displayed himself wearing a finely tailored tan suit. He looked regal, strong, yet calming in nature. Distinguished yet a tad ornery with a twinkle in his eye and a smile that would shine. Aside from the sway of swagger, no other sensations, words, or visuals accompanied him. The phrase “Joe” and “Uncle” arrived before the visual and left just as quickly. I’ve interpreted this to be a name he would like to be called. And so, Uncle Joe was acknowledged and invited to share my space.

Uncle Joe was a man of many words and a lot of guidance (this tends to happen when we transition into Spirit) but Joe felt like he has no one to really share them with. He lived alone. He never married although he said he found love with many beautiful women. He never had any children (that he knew of). He has siblings still among us and they’ve had children whom he loved and cared for but he was never close to them. That lifestyle just wasn’t for him.

As a result, these messages aren’t for anyone exclusively. He would like them shared with all.

Words of Wisdom: 

Uncle Joe passed away from a gunshot wound to the chest after quarreling with a friend over a woman. He wants you to understand a few things about this.

The first is about how the choices you make are the ones you will live with in this life and the next. Uncle Joe regrets not maintaining close friendships. And while he was never the type of settle down, he could have been a better uncle to his nieces and nephews. Spirits that make up his soul group on the other side still have connections with their loved ones, can guide and influence the lives of their loved ones, and leave messages behind. He realizes that the true cost of isolation and loneliness is something he carries with him. He doesn’t want you to make that same mistake.

Uncle Joe also wanted to convey that behavior attracts like behavior. The man who shot him was such a good friend, they considered each other brothers. However, they both were engaged in behavior that brought out each other’s jealousy, pettiness, and anger. Had Uncle Joe not been murdered, he might have just as easily become the murderer. Similarly, their behavior attracted women who also engaged in similar behavior. The end result is that their social circles reinforced the negative behavioral patterns that ultimately led to Joe’s untimely death and the ultimate imprisonment of his brother.

The third is that none of it really mattered. Joe thought he lived a good life. Sure, he got into some trouble but it was filled with many memories of women he still reminisces about. He doesn’t spend time dwelling over the petty arguments or even the betrayal of his friend (whom he has forgiven and still considers a brother). Joe wants you to go out and make memories that will keep you warm and happy in the next life.

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