Retrospection: Self Care and Empowerment

As the sun on Friday fades and the blood moon rises, it is time to transition into a new phase of being. Goodness knows we all need it. Last Sunday’s weekly forecast felt bleak as it talked of the wasted energy of spinning one’s wheels. But we didn’t need a weekly forecast to tell us about it, did we? We intimately felt the frustration it acknowledged in our lives. We lived it.

The prescription given was to find a way to re-energize our batteries because burnout was imminent and it was preventing us from achieving progress.  On Wednesday, we learned about how our past losses were driving an unhealthy attachment. This was the energy that was driving our burnout.

In today’s retrospective, we examine the last week. We consider our victories and our defeats. How’s it been going? Are you slowly tearing down roadblocks and obstacles? Have you started gaining new ground? Are you letting go of the unhealthy attachments that influence your behavior?

Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash


Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Bear

Card 2: Key

Today is a day for endings. An end to an old way of doing things. An end of an old way of thinking. An end to futile, hard work that keeps us from closing the gap on our dreams. It’s also a day for beginnings as we consider new approaches, embrace new ideas, and see progress unfold.

Once we learned the importance of taking better care of ourselves, we unlocked our potential. Friday’s Lenormand reading is about how powerful you truly are. Today’s first card is the Bear. It’s a card of raw power, energy, and greatness. Against its foes, it inspires fear. You are that bear.

You may not have felt like the bear lately given everything you’ve been going through. How powerless resistance and futility feels. However, it’s important to understand that the futility and powerlessness is a temporary state of being. A temporary state that you are shedding as you learn to take better care of yourself.

The advice given in Sunday’s forecast was to embrace the Sun: to spend time doing the things you enjoy doing. You need it. You deserve it. Replenish your energy and the obstacles will crumble away. Why? Because you are the Key to everything. The key is representative of unlocking potential… of unlocking hope… The key is the key to liberation.

Embrace the powerful, innovative, brilliant force of nature that you are.

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