Monday Encouragement: Look for the Signs

Yesterday, we talked about those mistakes that haunt us. That we’d soon forget if not for the painful lessons that we used to learn and grow. And yesterday, we also received the good news that we aren’t doomed to repeat these exact mistakes! Today, we’re using our Wisdom of the Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid to uncover today’s Monday Encouragement.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.


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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: Message in a Bottle

There’s a difference between being told that you’re on the right path and knowing you’re on a right path. As an agnostic who has always struggled with taking things at someone’s word, I know that sentiment personally and intimately. I’m the first to ask, “Where is the proof? What is the proof?”

This is one of the reasons why my Testimonials section has glowing reviews: I need the proof. It isn’t enough for a Spirit to say they know my client. I want proof that gives my most skeptical clients the reassurance they need. My pursuit of the message is relentless and I’m constantly pushing back for additional pieces of evidence.

The Message in a Bottle card is that proof card. It’s the Universe’s call to pay attention; a messenger with a message is on its way. Rest easy knowing that for even the most skeptical among us – the Universe hears us, too.

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