ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing a new series titled Psychic 101

Everyone is psychic. Everyone. Including you. On some level, you knew this, didn’t you? We’ve all had those moments marked by our abilities. Have you ever thought about someone before they called? Or finished someone’s sentence? Perhaps it was more of an emotional transference where you could just sense something was wrong with a loved one. Or maybe it was predictive in nature and came to you in a dream?

Allow me to demystify what it means to be psychic, why I know you’re psychic, what you can do with this information should you choose to pursue it, and even how to pursue it. Every weekend, I will publish another article in the Psychic 101 series to help you better understand your abilities and how to use them!

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Retrospection: the Purpose of Insight

The Ace of Swords is one of the most powerful cards in the Minor Arcana of a Tarot deck. It stands for clarity. Not merely just an emerging awareness but a clarity so clear and absolute, it can be force of destruction just as it can be a force of creation. Nearly every day this week, my personal daily Tarot reading was haunted by the spirit of the Ace of Swords. My personal Tarot readings spoke about a time of transition brought about by knowledge that will shape the course of my future.

Knowledge was reflected in my reading for you today, also.


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Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

On Fridays, after a long work week, the weekends are a sacred time. Weekends are our time to recover from the mundane servitude of our careers, our chaotic work and school schedules, and being subservient to clocks. It is a time of more freedom. More independence. Because I hold my weekends in such high regard, I have a special reading I do only for Fridays. Fridays is a day for Lenormand by the Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck.

Card 1: Garden

Card 2: Book


Seventh Sphere Lenormand Deck

We started off the week with a message about balance. Our weekly Tarot card reading acknowledged the imbalance in our lives and how personal imbalances can lead to isolation, resentment, and frustrations that isolate us and harm the ones we love (including ourselves). Next, we examined how, without proper anchors, we create energies that carry our lives into a state of confusion, which ultimately leads us to a loss of choice and freedom. Essentially, the energies that surrounded us yesterday carry us forward into today and will impact how our future unfolds. It’s our job to harness the right energies that aid in the manifestations of our desires while releasing the counterproductive energies that don’t.

Today is Friday. A day of retrospection. It is about knowledge gained and how that knowledge can be used in service of your highest good.

The Book card is, like the Ace of Swords, a card of knowledge. It speaks to the revelation of truths about one’s self, the greater universe, and each other. It is neither good nor bad on its own. It exists without judgment. It’s not even inherently wise knowledge. It merely is knowledge.  Gained, ignored, or lost. It exists independent of our acknowledgment but it is ours for the taking should we be so bold.

Today, the Book card is paired with the Garden card. The Garden is a card that represents public access or benefit. In its most literal form, the Garden card represents a public garden or park. It is designed for the use of all. In today’s retrospection, the Garden card is symbolic of our greater good… our highest purpose.

Our Lenormand reading asks us, “How are you going to use the insight you gained this past week for your highest good?

Every week is a week full of new challenges that demand flexibility, unforeseen events that require us to adapt, and situations that offer us the opportunity for emotional growth. But are we learning these lessons? How are we applying these lessons? Or will we be doomed to repeat these lessons in the coming weeks? (How many times will I see the Ace of Swords in my daily readings until I arrive at the right message? Tune in next week…)

It’s one thing to acknowledge behaviors and patterns that no longer serve us. It’s an entirely different thing to allow that knowledge to shape our behavior.

Our Lenormand reading also asks us, “What knowledge should you be letting go of for your highest good?

The greater use and acquisition of knowledge is essential to our evolution but it’s also important to evaluate the types of lessons we are learning. Not all knowledge is equally weighted or relevant to our lives. For example, I don’t need to personally chug a bottle of poison to discover that the contents of that bottle will not serve me or my highest purpose.

This reading is also a reminder that we should be asking ourselves, “Will accessing this knowledge serve my highest purpose? Is this a lesson I need to learn?” Or perhaps there’s a less harmful way that we can arrive at the knowledge we’ve sought.

Today is an excellent day to examine what lessons we should carry with us, what lessons we will be doomed to repeat, and what lessons aren’t worth learning at all.

Medium Connections with Tommy

Everyone needs someone to speak with. This need doesn’t pass on just because our physical bodies do. This need is a need of Spirit, too. We all have a desire to connect, to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. Sometimes, when left unfulfilled, this need results in psychic mediums who end up forming connections with Spirits with whom they’ve previously connected. This is my experience with Tommy.

Photo by Maddyarts Photography from Pexels

Tommy first came to me when I was attempting to establish contact with another spirit. His energy was confident. He wanted to form a connection. Yet, as sure as his energy was, it felt so full of potential and almost entirely undeveloped. He was the spirit of a little boy between the ages of six and nine. Boldly courageous yet so undefined.

He had never spoken with a psychic medium before but I was a kind face and he wanted someone to talk to. Sometimes, life just happens that way, and we connected. He was timid at first as he sorted out the dynamics of how to communicate but he’s a very smart boy and picked it up naturally.

Tommy told me he passed away in a swimming pool; to aid my understanding of what Tommy had experienced he impressed upon me a mild sensation of being unable to breathe. “But, I’m OK now,” he added. He was sensitive to my experiences as a psychic medium. He wanted to assure me – and you – that he no longer struggles for breath. Remember he said, “But, I’m OK now.”

He also indicated to me that there is a lot of anger over his passing. Specifically, people feel responsible and guilty because he slipped away while no one was looking and made his way to the pool where tragedy struck. He doesn’t want you to blame yourselves or each other. He knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. Previously, the pool had always been a joyous playground for him and he did not believe the dangers despite being warned. He wants you to know that none of this is your fault. He also wants you to know there is nothing you could have done to stop this.

His transition in the swimming pool was an inevitability. He was always drawn to swimming pools. He loved swimming. He was, “like a fish,” his loved ones would say to him. If he had not made his way to the pool on that fateful day, it would have been another fateful day. This was always part of the plan. Tommy does not blame you and doesn’t want you to blame yourself. This wasn’t your fault. It is time to release this soul wrenching guilt and forgive yourself.

The day he transitioned does not define his life nor his afterlife. He lives. He has no attachment to the body you found and buried. He is not that body. He is Spirit now. He is free to fly, to tease the pets, to live in a world without danger. As sad he is to be without you, he has never felt more alive and free as Spirit.

But he is worried about your sadness. He said you wouldn’t be sad any more if you understood how happy he was.

He has also been trying to cheer you up. Specifically, he thinks you need a vacation. Whenever an advertisement for a destination getaway appears, he tries to draw your attention to that advertisement for two reasons. First, he thinks it’ll cheer you up. Second, he wants to go with you.

Tommy is the energy that surrounds you. You breathe him in. His energy wraps around you. Where you go, he goes. Because he is still alive, merely in a different form than you remembered him, he still longs for the shared experiences of making new memories. He wants to go because you are, “so boring,” but also because he loves nothing in this world more than he loves you. He said that he would not object to going to watch a ball game, either.

Tommy wanted to share his toys with me; he was a very cool young boy. He loved baseball and let me see his baseball. I get the impression that he was in little league or wanted to be in little league. He is also showing me his cool red sneakers. He’s also showing me a toy dinosaur that he used to love playing with. He loved dinosaurs.

One of his favorite moments was when this older woman (still living among us) would read to him. She had salty auburn hair. She was possibly a grandmother or great aunt. He says, “you don’t gotta stop [reading to him], y’know.” He still hears you.

It bothers him that no one talks to him. He would love to be included throughout your day, he would love to be read to, and he would loved to be talked to. He’s still around. He’s just on the other side. He can still hear you. He still laughs when you make jokes. He’s still present. Just acknowledge him.

The final message Tommy wanted to leave you with is this: “I am not by myself.” During the first reading, he was accompanied by an older gentlemen wearing a sweater or cardigan, who smiled and waved while Tommy came to me for a reading. I believe this older gentlemen is related to him and is in Spirit, too.

The second time, he was accompanied by a beautiful brown haired woman of light, who appeared in her thirties. I believe she is a guardian who protects Tommy, guides Tommy, and teaches Tommy while he is in Spirit. She had knelt down, pointed to me and released his spirit to me for the connection. Then she waited patiently and happily while Tommy and I chatted.

Tommy is in excellent hands. He is not alone. He is surrounded by love so deep, so pure, and so powerful that we cannot fathom.

Names whispered during the reading:

  • Walt
  • David

Numbers communicated ruing the reading:

  • 93
  • 7

Other items of significance:

  • Something with “L”

Understanding the Energy: The Complicated Loss in Love

Have you opened yourself up to romance, up to the possibility of love, and set into motion the future you’ve dreamed about. Or… so you thought? But it hasn’t turned out like you had imagined. You’re adrift with worry, confusion, and angst over what you should do next.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

Photo by Ahmed Rizkhaan on Unsplash

Your mid-week Energy Oracle reading using the Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Past: Door to Romance

Present: Sixth Chakra, Archangel Metatron in reverse

Future: The World reversed

The Door to Romance card beamed strongly with optimism and hope. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? This time things were going to be different. Old wounds have healed or we’ve been focusing on self-love. We’re ready. We’ve never felt more ready. Perhaps we can even envision how things will unfold with dangerous, tempting glances from across the room, the way it leads to flirty banter, and then the whirlwind that sweeps us all away.

But then something happens.  Perhaps it was a failure to launch. You dressed your sexiest, felt your most confident, and oozed with confidence only to find yourself feeling more alone than ever. Or perhaps you made that connection. You found that person but instead of your relationship gaining traction to take you to new great heights, you’ve never felt more grounded and stagnant. Or perhaps you opened yourself up too much and attracted an imbalanced relationship that has left you feeling claustrophobic and wanting out.

The Door to Romance was once filled with so much potential. The energies were right there to be harnessed. The problem with harnessing energies is that the destination matters. The direction you set your sails to gather wind will dictate the path your ship takes. When we do not carefully chart our course and if we do not properly anchor our energies to our goals then we become lost. We find ourselves off course.

Regardless of how you arrived, the question remains the same, “What do I do next?” The plan that once held crystal clarity is now refracting too many blurred images in the sunlight. Something was lost in translation as we move into the present position with the reversed Sixth Chakra card of the Archangel Metatron. Ultimately, we did not arrived at the planned destination and we’re left mourning for what could have been while feeling adrift from the lives we’ve sought when we opened the Door to Romance.

Unfortunately, no progress will be achieved while you’re here. There is no real ground to be gained when you’re adrift in a vast ocean of nothingness or even everything-ness. There is only more ocean. The problem with feeling adrift is that despite how vast and limitless your world actually is, you feel windows and doors slamming shut as possibilities end one by one. As you continue to drift, you continue to pass a series of exit points and safe harbors that would otherwise help you find your course again. This is because the energies that now exist are based on the aimless trajectory of the currents previously set in motion. You will continue to be carried nowhere and everywhere  simultaneously until you set directional intention. If you don’t? This leads to a future in which the World of possibilities becomes reversed.

The World is often a card of perspective. In its most optimistic light, the world almost seems boundless, because the possibilities are beyond our ability to comprehend. Without the proper anchor, however, the endless possibilities can become limiting and overwhelming. We become lost in the expanse. Unharnessed energy or improperly harnessed energy is rarely as effective.

If you’re feeling adrift and you’re not sure where to go next then the first step is establishing an anchor. You will never know where you’re at so long as you remain floating unattached in the ocean. Take a few minutes, breathe deeply, and ask yourself:

What am I doing? Who am I? Where am I at?

Take stock of your current situation. All good directions have a starting point from where the course is charted. It’s important to note yours. From there you can ask the questions:

What do I want to be doing? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to be?

Identifying your destination will help you narrow down ways to get you from where you’re at now to where you want to be. It’s okay if you can’t answer all of these questions now. Or perhaps you can but your answers are vague. You may only know you don’t want to be here doing this as the person currently are. That’s okay, too. You’ve taken the first steps in identifying that you’ve lost your anchor and you’ve drifted away from your path.

As you start to identify gaps between where you’re at and where you want to be, avenues to bridge these two divides will begin to appear. In fact, you’ll see that they’ve been there all along, you’ve just lost perspective. By acknowledging that you’ve drifted from your path and by setting your intentions to return to your path, you’re starting to take back control over the energy that has always existed, but this time you’re using it to fuel your momentum forward towards the destination you’ve wanted all along.

The purpose of an energy oracle reading is to identify the connections between our paths and our energies. When we open the door to manifest love, we need to ensure our anchors are secure so that we don’t lose sight of who we are, what we want, and where we want to be. By fixing our eyes on the future we’re hoping to manifest, we can ensure that the future we arrive at is the one we planned.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves to be swept away by the possibilities; the key is to do so safely. Tether yourself to desired outcomes so that when you drift, you don’t drift too far.

Note: if you’ve enjoyed this Tarot reading format and would like a customized message from your Spirit Guides each week, you can purchase this service.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Mindful Meditations blog now offers weekly medium connections!

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a medium to connect with their loved ones in Spirit yet almost everyone’s loved ones have messages to share whether it’s something as simple as, “I’m okay,” to something as significant as, “I give you my blessing to fall in love again,” as was the case with Ed.

A few days ago, I had an unexpected visit with a sincere and loving spirit whom I’ve taken to calling “Ed.” Ed was desperate and I get the feeling that I wasn’t his first choice in making a connection.I’m a small town psychic medium with a very modest outreach and he had a very big message.

I have been thinking about Ed and how his actions, equal parts determination and persistence, gave him a voice that he might otherwise never have. As a professional medium, I have to earn money from my services because it’s how I survive. When you purchase my services, I provide food for my family. It’s that simple. I would love to generously share my gift free of charge but alas this is not the societal structure in which I live. My mortgage company will not waive my mortgage payment in exchange for messages from the customer service representative’s grandmother in spirit.

Unfortunately, this fee-for-service dynamic disproportionately disadvantages our loved ones in Spirit who do not have PayPal accounts. Their messages are still important, valid, and deserve to be heard. Their ability to pay should never be the reason why their messages remain unheard.

Thanks to Ed’s bravery, and with the gentle encouragement of my spirit guides, I will be sharing messages from Spirits like Ed.


Medium Connection with Ed

A Spirit named Ed (Edwin/Edward?) stopped by between readings this morning. He asked that I give a message to his loved ones. Unfortunately, I wasn’t attempting to channel spirits for a reading at that time and therefore I’m not sure to whom he belongs.

It is my job to ensure that Spirits like Ed are heard. I give them a voice. So, Ed, this one is for you my friend. I hope this finds your loved ones. It was a pleasure connecting with you earlier.

Ed was a strong but gentle spirit. He presented himself like a lumberjack. He was a big, hulking man who dressed smartly for the weather and worked outside with his hands.

Tragically, I believe Ed passed before his time because he left behind a stunning wife and little child who is growing up to be a “beautiful” woman. Ed passed away unexpectedly. Preceding his transition into Spirit, Ed felt an impact to his body to indicate injury but he is not in any pain right now so please don’t worry.

He wants you to know that he isn’t alone. He is with an older woman (possibly an Aunt or Great Aunt) with curly sandy colored hair that she keeps short. She also wears glasses. Ed confirmed he has siblings who are still living. He wanted me to acknowledge his surviving family but did not have any specific and urgent messages for them. You know how much he loved you. Nothing was left unsaid.

Ed’s primary messages were to his wife and daughter.

First, to his wife: He wants to you know that you are too amazing to stay lonely and mourn him for the rest of your life. He gives his blessing to marry and says your new significant other passes his very high standards.

Second, to his daughter: “Beautiful”

* * *

Regional Impressions:

North America (Michigan, Maine, Maryland, possibly Canada).

Significant Age Range:

30s-40s years of age

Impression of Names:

“B” name with two syllables (Brian or Brandon?)

* * *

With that, the energy has faded, and Ed parted ways so that way we could be close to his loved ones.

Ed’s time with me was short but he was filled with so much love for his family and I would love it if would receive this message. Could you help by sharing this post with others?

Weekly Forecast: The Gift of Balance

Life has felt like a struggle lately, hasn’t it? That feeling of being pulled a thousand ways all at once and, at the end of the day, there’s not enough left of you for you. There’s not enough time left for you to recharge. There’s not enough energy left for self-care. There’s simply not enough. There’s an imbalance in your life and it is wearing you down. You’re not sure how long you can sustain this pace. Yet, every day, you find yourself rising to the challenge. Because you’re a warrior. Because you’re a lover. Because you’re a saint.

Today’s Tarot reading is for you.

Your daily Tarot card reading:

Past: Two of Coins

Present: The Sun

Future: Queen of Swords

Outcome: Two of Swords



For you, the Two of Coins, acknowledges how hard you work for everyone else, and how little you do for you. The Two of Coins is a card for jugglers, for tightrope walkers, and the other agile unsung heroes that live life balancing the needs of everyone else against their own needs.

How often do you feel like your effort goes unnoticed? This card is the universe’s way of saying, “You’re not alone. I notice everything you do.” Being acknowledged for what you do for everyone else is important to feeling valued as a person and not merely as a delivery management system for solutions. And, unfortunately, when we nurture relationships in which we are always the solution, it sometimes leaves little time for us to also express wants, needs, and problems of our own. Remember: we teach people how we want to be treated. Are you satisfied with what you’re teaching those who depend on you?

There is nothing selfish about engaging in self-care, self-love, and self-protection. After all, if you don’t take care of you, you’re less likely to have the same level of energy in the future, you’re more likely to find yourself feeling under the weather, and you’re less likely to live in a state of contentment. As your fuel depletes, you’ll find yourself running on empty more often, and then what?

There’s also nothing selfish about communicating your needs, wants, and desires to your loved ones. They don’t bat an eye when it comes to asking you, why should you bat an eye asking them? You serve them because you love them. It’s time to allow others to show you how much they love you by serving you.

Expressing your needs, feelings, and desires to your loved one is a great reminder that you’re a spirit, too. Just like them. I know it frequently seems like you’re spirit by day and superhero by night but that isn’t fair to you, it’s not healthy for you, and it’s not sustainable with you.

It’s time to leave these habits that no longer serve you in the past and enter into a new phase of your life. Step out into the warm glow of The Sun.

There are several benefits of finding a healthier way to balance your needs against the needs of the world which means there are several reasons for you to start today.

  • You deserve harmony. Things are already too chaotic. Aim to make things simpler. Allowing other people to meet your needs, care for you, and protect you will improve the harmony in your relationships which will reduce conflict, tension, and disharmony.
  • It makes the world a better place. Everyone deserve to give and take. Everyone has needs to be satisfied and gifts to be given. By ensuring your personal relationships are more equally balanced, you’re teaching them the importance of balance, how to find balance in their relationships, and how to be mindful of the needs of others.
  • It reminds you of how spectacular and awesome you are. Sometimes it’s necessary to put yourselves first just because you need that reminder that we really are that important. When was the last time you romanced yourself with a candlelit bath? When was the last time you took care of yourself with your favorite decadent meal? When was the last time you spoiled you? You deserve it.

In this reading, the Sun is about saying yes to you. The message is designed to advise you on how to move forward into a new dawn. To step out into the sun and allow yourself to be warmed by the joys that life can bring. Not in excess but in balance and towards a greater balance because a life unbalanced leads to a future with the Queen of Swords.

The Queen of Swords is aptly named. Graceful, elegant, and absolutely beautiful. When the sun hits her just right, she casts light onto everything. However, there’s a darker side to the Queen of Swords. A sharper side. She is, after all, a sword. She can be used for self defense just as easily as she can be used as a weapon for aggression.

What becomes of someone who allows herself to be reduced to a means for everyone else’s satisfaction? How does she feel about herself? How do those around her learn how to meet her needs? The Three of Swords talks about one potential ending: heartbreak. Expectations are lowered until they become nothing. Resentment increases until it spoils what is good. Distance becomes the only tool to prevent relationships from further souring. Loneliness.

Remember that you have the power right now to change this outcome.

By stepping out into the joy and happiness offered by the Sun, you’re stepping out into a future that is brighter, full of love, and fairer for everyone. Including you.

Your Spirit Guide cares about you. They want happiness for you. They’ve sent me to deliver this message to you in hopes that it will guide you towards a path of balanced giving and receiving. Someone who works so hard for so many people is full of love and deserves to be loved.

Take this opportunity to evaluate the relationships in your life to ensure that you’re sending the right messages about balanced reciprocity. Evaluate your patterns of behavior to make sure you’re setting yourself up for a future in the Sun by living in the Sun today.

Note: if you’ve enjoyed this Tarot reading format and would like a customized message from your Spirit Guides each week, you can purchase this service.

A New Beginning


I have been thinking of how to start this. Would you believe my first iteration of this post started out with a dad joke? I was going to wish you all a Tarot-ific day. I know. I also cringed. I don’t know what came over me. Perhaps I was channeling someone’s dad. Or, more likely, we all have inner dads who tell terrible dad jokes.

Welcome to my place, Mindful Messages, where I will be providing both free and fee-based Mindful Messages using Tarot cards, Oracle cards, with Spirit using Medium techniques, and using my innate psychic abilities (predominantly Clairvoyance and Claircognizance with the other clairs as they arise).

My truest, deepest, most secret wish is for this to be a space of spiritual awareness and personal growth. That, for brief moments in time, we accompany one another on a shared journey. And as we part ways, whether we are together for a brief moment or time or our paths intertwine many times, that we are better for having known one another.

I would like to kick off this business venture with a twist on the tried and true Tarot Deck Interview to give you a glimpse into what I have to offer. This methodology below will be similar to my Tarot and Oracle style readings in the sense that I will always tell you the cards you received and the format of the spread I have personally chosen for your needs.

However, I normally tell you what each of the cards mean and then weave together a story with a cohesive message for you. This is where my traditional reading style differs from my introduction below. In the reading below, I wanted to introduce you to Mindful Messages and opted to skip the card descriptions mostly because I didn’t want their meanings to get lost in the interview style format. I also skipped crafting a single narrative because this is an interview. I am asking you, my potential client, to purchase my services. It’s only natural for you to ask what exactly you get in return.

Ace of Swords

Are you feeling confused? Restless by the options that lay before you? Do you feel blocked from perceiving the right path for you? Or rather, deep down in your unquiet-ed soul, you know the path that calls your name. It is the getting there that poses the problem? How do you materialize the career you want, the relationship you seek, and the elusive happiness that always seems just out of grasp?

The Ace of Swords, like all Aces, is a gift. It is an opportunity. This is an opportunity of unprecedented clarity. Not just for you as you uncover truths about yourself but this sword is also indicative of my gift. Using my psychic abilities, intuition, spirit guides, and whatever tools you request, I will deliver to you validating messages that resonate with uncanny accuracy. By the time our reading concludes, my aim is to have convinced even the deepest skeptic.

The Hermit presented in reverse

Come and join me for awhile. Allow me to unpack your baggage and help you sort it out. We can talk through your problems and find solutions that excite your soul. Together, we can tear down obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

This journey is one that you could take alone. You could be the Hermit and retreat into yourself but why would you want to? You could spend the next decade of your life trying to navigate the dark recesses of your past in order to figure out the whys, the hows, and the whos or we could embark upon that journey together in nice digestible discussions. Like dinner with an old friend. Let’s laugh together. Let’s cry. Let’s howl at the moon.

Ten of Swords

As we part ways, for what I hope is only a brief interlude, I want you to depart feeling lightened and unburdened. Dare I say hopeful? What I want is for you to feel that a-ha! moment. That epiphany where suddenly everything suddenly magically clicks for you and you feel that intuitive spark of genius grow brighter. Or that moment when someone you loved has reached across the barrier and communicated to you the message you needed to hear.

Life, for all of its unpredictability and heartache, doesn’t have to imprison you, when together we can forge the keys to your cell. You should be free. Let’s get you there. Together.

Page of Cups

The reality is that you aren’t living up to your true potential but you know that, didn’t you? For as much as you have your ducks in a row, there is this dull aching pain deep within that tells you something is still off. It’s a gentle but rolling sadness that doesn’t prevent you from being happy but is still something you always carry with you. Why? What is the ultimate good that you are denying yourself? Do you know?

I have a variety of tools at my disposal to help you find out what gifts you’ve been suppressing, how to hone those gifts, and become the version of yourself that you were always meant to be.

King of Wands

What I can offer you is warm, compassionate guidance. Without judgments for your past. Without judgments for the road you’re currently on. Without judgments for the inevitable mistakes that we will stumble upon in the future. Just love, warmth, compassionate guidance.

Some of you are asking, “So then why charge for your services?”

It’s a valid question and no valid questions are off limits in the interview.

A few months ago, my older brother was taken from me, in a very traumatic way. He is now in Spirit. Although I haven’t completely and wholly lost him, his physical absence and the finality that death brings, has shattered me. It has also made me more introspective and has lead me to reevaluate my life and the things I prioritize in my life.

Simply put: I want to spend more time escorting people on their spiritual journeys. Guiding them to their paths. Sharing victories and crying over losses. I want to spend less time in my office and more time connecting with people, with nature, with family. I want to prioritize experiences over money. I want to make the world a better place. At least my corner of the world and to the extent that I can improve your life if you give me the opportunity.

Since his transition to Spirit, I have shifted my priorities over to doing more spiritual work mainly with strangers on the internet for free on Reddit’s r/psychic. I didn’t have a lot of time but I felt compelled to share my gifts. I have been able to reunite family members in spirit, help people cope with heartache, guide people into career avenues that allow them to pursue their dreams without making their parents consult the priest. My testimonials page is full of these stories.

I always knew this endeavor would result in a website where we weren’t limited by the Reddit interface. What I hadn’t expected was charging for these services.

Recently, I was laid off from work because deals that my managers expected to fall into place hadn’t. Unfortunately, my bills don’t cease to exist just because their deals had. My cat is diabetic. My power company won’t offer me service in exchange for readings. I can’t convince the cashier to waive the $150 grocery bill just because her grandmother in spirit wanted me to deliver a message. In short, my cost of living remains unchanged, despite my new unemployment status.

I’ve applied to several jobs and will continue to do so in order to support my family but I need this time with you in order to heal. I still cry daily. I still miss my big brother. I feel closest to him when I am connecting with you. And, if I’m being honest, I’m not sure how I would emotionally withstand starting a new job in my emotional state. I’m sad. I’m going to be sad for awhile. Grief is a state of pure survival. It is raw. I am raw.

I’m just not ready. I’m not ready to look my new office mates in the eyes and say, “I’ll probably have a little cry every day after lunch because my brother is dead.” I don’t want to burden people with that and the truth is that this sort of information makes people feel uncomfortable. I don’t want to cause anyone discomfort.

I need time to heal and the path that I’m being called down is this. Right here. With you.