Weekly Forecast: The Art of Learning Grit

There’s this belief that if something was meant to be, all of the stars would align to guarantee it, and all obstacles would crumble away. This is, more or less, nonsense. Inevitably, some things in life will just fall in to place for you for better or worse. However, things destined to propel us forward towards our highest good may not necessarily feel very good and it’s certainly not promised to be without pain.

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.

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Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Knight of Cups

Present: The Hierophant

Future: Strength

Advice: Four of Swords

Sometimes, you don’t recognize the person you once were. The inexperienced Knight of Cups had passionate conviction. An unshakable idealism that caused conflict internally and externally as those struggled under the weight of expectations. You knew how things ought to be. You immediately sensed when things weren’t right. The young knight’s emotions were still maturing and developing the complexities to capture the messy, beautiful creatures we are. It’s been a process of failure, forgiveness, success, and celebration but it has made you into the person you are now: the Hierophant.

The inexperienced and innocent knight has given way to authority and expertise. You’re confident now. You know what you know. It hasn’t been an easy road but it’s one that has taught you things allow you to exude the air of mastery. It’s okay to be bold in the knowledge that you’re an expert whether it be an expert in being a partner in a relationship, a master of your trade, or the mastery of a craft… you’ve stuck it out and that’s worth acknowledging.

However, it’s important to continue pursuing growth, less complacency erode the foundation upon which your pride has been built. In the future, we see the Strength card, which is both a warning and reassurance: you will be tested and you’ve got this.

I know it sometimes feels like you’ve crested the top of the mountain only to find more mountain to climb instead of the steady decline you were expecting. After so much hard work, effort, and skill we all hope to just reach a point where we can say, “I did it,” celebrate that moment, and then coast the rest of the way down. However, that’s not in the cards for every one for every thing.

This may be the few years you’re hoping to handle with grace before a well earned retirement. It may be that bittersweet moment that empty nesters feel as their young leave home for the first time. It may be that moment right after the last final exam for the last class that stands between you and your diploma. It could be that knowledge of finding the one or the moment that those fertility treatments create a baby. Regardless of what brought you here, the warning is that the battle isn’t over yet, but also that you’ve got this.

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The advice given is the Four of Swords which reminds you of the importance of inward reflection and ascension gained through meditation. You’re not going to find what you need by looking outside of yourself because the type of strength that will be required of you is one grown from within. The grit of survival cannot be imparted upon you by someone outside of you, it can only be developed over the lifetime of struggles you’ve endured. It’s time to recognize you’ve prepared yourself for this moment and seize it.

The role of meditation also serves as a secondary but essential practice: guidance. Everything may not happen for a reason. Divine timing may truly suck at times. Life’s irony can be a bitter pill to swallow. That isn’t to say there aren’t lessons to be learned and opportunities for growth in our adversity.

Ensure that you define your obstacles; that you leave them behind you as you stroll away in victory. Don’t allow your obstacles define you or the journey that lies ahead.


Announcement: New Release Schedule

Dear Faithful Readers, Valued Clients, and Curious Hopefuls:

I am making slight adjusts to my release schedule for Mindful Meditations ever so slightly. Mindful Meditations is where we feature our published content like:

I will still be providing content but I am reducing my publishing schedule with the hopes of achieving a better work-life balance for me (70+ hours is simply not sustainable) and reducing the amount of content that feels redundant.

Thank you all for reading!


Medium Connections: Sign Language at the Lake

When we cross over into the afterlife, the ailments that plagued us in this life fade away. That bum knee or those old joints become problems of the past… of your former life. However, its those every day ailments that become some of the best pieces of validation for loved ones because it’s those unique disabilities and limitations that made you… you. When I spoke with “J”/”Bella”, it was important for her to tell me that she signed in her previous life so that her loved ones could help find her. We also choose how we want to exist in the afterlife. For J/Bella, she identified as someone who relied upon sign language, and this carried over into the afterlife.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash


There were two names that were spoken in the reading: “J” name and “Bella”. I’m unsure which name belongs to Spirit and which name belongs to a loved one… or alternatively… if both names belong to Spirit. For the simplicity of this reading, I shall call her Bella, with no disrespect meant to her or her family.

When she came to me, her spirit was gentle, and subtle. Immediately, she made it clear to me that I would have to work for this reading, because this strain in communication was part of the message. In this life, she struggled with interacting with most strangers because there was no guarantee they signed in a manner and dialect that was accessible to her. It was an isolating experience (despite how hard her family tried to make her feel included). She covered her ears and wrapped her hands around her throat to signal that she had difficulty both hearing and speaking.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’m supposed to acknowledge the presence of a little girl spirit who shows me spin-spin-spinning in her little red raincoat. She has shoulder length hair that’s brown in color. They spend so much time together in the afterlife – giggling and playing games. She shows the two of them dancing in radiant sunlight.

She passed when she was in her 20’s or 30’s. She did not want to waste the conversation discussing how she passed. She wanted to talk about how she lived and how those who survived her passing continue to live.

I’m seeing a car and a lake as though she is reminiscing about summer trips to the lake wrapped in the sun of an early autumn afternoon.

She would like me to acknowledge a blank canvas either acknowledging that she enjoyed painting or that she wants to acknowledge she’s with her loved ones while they paint.

To her parents: When you see butterflies and bird, this is me trying to get your attention, to let you know that I am there with you. She loved being outdoors and felt most connected when in nature. Whenever you sit outside and watch the birds, she is with you. There’s also a song that you play while you’re in the car. She’s there when you play it. You know the one. She can hear it, too, now.

* * *

Other pieces of evidence:

  • “Y” name connection via person, place, or thing
  • Rose connection
  • Jill or Joan connection – sounds like a one syllable J name
  • Bell or Bella – may be short for Isabella.
  • The numbers 3 and 6 (could be “36” referring to age, year, etc, or the numbers could be separate or together as in “there were six and now there are three”).


Understanding the Energy: Deciding the Undetermined

Sometimes the choices ahead of us can leave us feeling paralyzed in place. Unable to make a choice for fear of making the wrong choice. And we remain stuck in this moment until all of our choices are made for us by either those involved or time itself. In Sunday’s forecast, we talked about how we were facing this exact same problem and we explored the consequences of inaction. Monday, we were encouraged to evaluate choices based on whether or not they were good for us. Today, we examine the energies involved to better understand why we’re here and what we can do to take control.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Man Holding a Coin

Present: Journey

Future: All Tied Up

We live on earth which means that, as uncomfortable as this makes our spiritual beings, we have to acknowledge and accept our earthly motivations. Spirit may not run on vegetables but my physical body does. Spirit may not need to sleep in my bed but I do in order to work my 70+ hour work weeks. Spirit may not have any value for currency but my mortgage payment requires it.

In the past position, we see Man Holding a Coin, as a reminder that we all live on earth and this sometimes means that our motivation to do things may primarily serve our earthly interests. Simply put: sometimes we want material things on earth. In moderation, this is entirely reasonable, so long as we do not less these desires control us. So long as we still understand that first we are spirit and only second to that are we humans.

We see this motivation as the driving factor behind Journey in the present position. The Journey card is a card of transition, the destination not yet reached. Inherent in transition is this understanding that the outcome, whether it’s the entire outcome or only a portion of it, is unknown. How do you plan for something that remains undetermined?

This is the struggle we see binding us up as we move into future with the All Tied Up card. Unable to move forward, this is where we remain, until our binds disintegrate around us and the choices under which we struggled fade away. We’ve relinquished control over to the universe because we’ve allowed the limitations of our transition to impose restrictions upon us.

The transition will end. All transitions do. Life is cyclical like that. We must be mindful that this transition – this unknown – should not prevent you from moving forward. Eventually, you will arrive at the destination, and it’s up to you to choose that destination here. In the present. Choosing wrongly is better than not choosing. The more decisions you make in the present, the more defined your future becomes along your journey.




Interview with Spirit: What’s the Afterlife Like?

Nothing is associated with more apprehension and confusion than the afterlife. Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Is it nothingness for eternity? In this week’s Interview with Spirit, we discuss questions about how the afterlife is organized to find out answers to your most compelling questions.

As always, the questions were predetermined. My mother and I channeled the different spirits separately, asked the same questions separately, and were given the same answers separately. Later, we compared our notes from our Interview with Spirit.

Photo by Andreea Ch from Pexels

Question 1: Is food in heaven like food on earth? How is it different? What foods have you eaten?

Answer: It’s a little different here. It’s like, imagine you want a burger, and now you have a burger. It’s almost like a simulation with the same tastes that you’re used to but you’re not consuming it for fuel. Your spirit is eating a spiritual representation of the meal you used to enjoy. And it can be anything you want. My mom used to make the most delicious meals and now I can have them any time I want. I eat anything I want to eat. If you can imagine it or remember it, you can eat it. Although, the texture is a little different.

Question:Is there money?

Answer: We don’t use money over here although if you want to create a bunch of money then you can create a bunch of money. It just doesn’t do anything.

Question: Does grass grow in the afterlife?

Answer: Yes but you don’t have to cut it [laugh]. Unless you want to. The afterlife where you live is just whatever you want it to be.

Question: Do you have seasonal weather?

Answer: If you want to create an afterlife where you have seasonal weather then you have seasonal weather.

Question: Do you have an address?

Answer: [Laughter] No. For what purpose? Anyone who wants to visit me can just come by and visit me. There’s no need to send mail or anything like that. I just exist and the world I created just exists. And sometimes I share that world with others – like when someone comes to visit – and sometimes it’s just me. When I share my world with others, our houses could have house numbers just as a way of organizing our collective afterlife but they’re not permanent addresses. Mostly, we’re just associated with our own unique identifiers.

* * *

The afterlife, as it turns out, is more about what we choose to create and how we would like to enjoy our time in between leaves.

What questions would you like asked next? Leave your comments below!

Monday Encouragement: Not all Good Ideas are “Good” for You

When you’re faced with choosing one future out of many alternatives, the choices can feel overwhelming. The reality is that everyone has several viable paths that would turn out swell. However, not all good ideas are good for you. This is a distinction worth keeping in mind when evaluating when path to take.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: Not for You

Today, we’re reminded that there are a lot of possibilities that exist in our future: we could be astronauts, doctors, dancers, or librarians. We could marry wealthy, we could marry artists, we could forgo marriage entirely and enter into a polyamorous relationship with two soulmates. We could spend our free time learning a new language, canning vegetables we grew in our garden, or climbing Everest. But should we?

The Not for You card is a reminder that just because we can envision it for ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something we should pursue. For example – if my priorities are to raise a beautiful, confident, and healthy family – I need to weigh which paths are most conducive to that. Being a roadie for my favorite band? Not an ideal environment to raise an infant.

We need to look deeper at our opportunities and really evaluate them for how they would translate to the other goals in our lives so that we don’t end up chasing two incompatible dreams. But remember: don’t spend too much time lost in thought. Opportunity knocks but if you don’t answer, it’s going to leave.

Weekly Forecast: Opportunity knocks and then Leaves if you Don’t Answer

Sometimes life presents us with too many choices and, for a moment, we get lost in the possibilities. Fantasizing about where the possibilities may lead is a healthy normal response but be wary of spending too much time sitting on the fence less you want those opportunities to slip through your hands.

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.

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Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Ace of Swords

Present: Seven of Cups

Future: King of Coins

Advice: Two of Wands

It was a moment of absolute clarity for you. The Ace of Swords is in our past position as a reminder of the realization we had not too long ago. Suddenly, things just clicked, and we understood something that had been plaguing our worried minds for awhile.

What was that moment of clarity for you? Did you suddenly realize that your relationship was counterproductive towards your goals? Did you discover what your life’s passion was? Perhaps you realized a pattern in your life that was preventing you from moving forward. Whatever it was, that moment of clarity is the past, and set the stage for where we’re at now: Seven of Cups.

In some ways, that epiphany was the easiest part of your journey, because once you know… you know. Now comes the question: what do you do with it? How do you need to move forward with that knowledge? Do you repair the relationship? Do you pursue your life’s passion and, if so, at what cost? How viable is it to simply abandon bad behaviors especially if there’s a mental or genetic component (as is the often the case with addiction or anxiety)?

Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

The Seven of Cups, in the present position, talks about the choices before us. They are numerous and can be overwhelming especially as we weight the outcomes of any given path. To be clear, these are important decisions that we’re faced with making, with consequences that are vast and far reaching. The future we’re seeking, after all, is the one represented by the King of Coins.

The King of Coins is a future of security and stability. It’s a future of happiness and confidence. It’s a future that isn’t free of struggle but is free of the accompanying worry. It’s a future of a comprehensive insurance policy that assures us whatever trouble lurks ahead is within our ability to handle.

The pressure to make the right decision that yields the future of the King of Coins isn’t subtle and this opportunity isn’t one we want to squander. Yet, it is important that we act decisively, according to the Two of Wands. That relationship isn’t going to get easier to leave with the addition of children. Job opportunities can dry up just as quickly as they rain down upon us if we spend too much time considering which one we want to pursue. Having a life’s passion is a wonderful experience but determining the degree to which you want it to consume you isn’t going to be easier as you also find yourself making other commitments.


The advice here is to weigh your choices with wisdom and expediency. Then commit to the path you’ve chosen. It may not be around forever.

Psychic 101: Seeking Stillness

Not all psychic mediums use meditation. It’s possible to connect to energy without it. After all, you’ve been passively doing it your entire life. However, there is purpose in meditation. It serves an array of functions. Today, in my Psychic 101 series, we’re talking about meditation, troubleshooting problems with meditation, and how to gain the most out of your meditation to support your exploration of psychic abilities.

The Purpose of Meditation

There is power in a still mind. Meditation raises your vibration, opens you up to receiving messages from your spirit guides, restores internal balance, and increases your connection to the environment around you. All of these things can speed up the development of your psychic abilities.

Remember that connecting to energy for the purposes of mediumship requires you to set your vibration to the appropriate mhz or frequency at which the energy lives or vibrates. So, for example, if you want to contact Spirit, you have to raise your vibration because Spirit operates at a much higher frequency. Sure, you could get to the right level of vibration without meditation but meditation is such a quick and effective way to achieve it… so… really… why would you want to?

Using meditation as a way to communicate with Spirit is also useful because Spirit wants to help develop your gifts! That’s part of their job. Through meditation, communication with you is more fluid and open, allowing them to inspire you with ideas to exercise and develop your abilities.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method for stilling the mind and transcending the state of normal waking consciousness.  The method varies. There’s breathing-based meditation, movement-based meditation, chanting-based meditation, guided meditation, coloring-based meditation, and laughing-based meditation for example The goal isn’t to chant, it’s to still the mind in order to reach a higher plane of consciousness, and chanting is just how some people do that.

Develop A Ritual

Developing a ritual assists meditations because it trains your mind and your body to transition into the meditative state much easier. However, it also allows you to set the focus (or intention) of your meditation by ritualizing communication with your spirit guides.

If you follow my Instagram account, it shouldn’t surprise you that I incorporate the use of candles for meditation, because I use candles for almost everything. However, what you may not know is that I incorporate the candle lighting with a prayer to my guides that sets my focus for the meditation for my highest good. The prayer goes something like this:

Spirit Guides,

With this candle, I set my intention to meditate for only my highest good,

And to call upon you for help with [insert problem].

You can make this as formal or informal as you need but ritualizing meditation is such an important part of the meditative process because it keeps your meditation goal-oriented and helps train you to rely upon your spirit guides. Further, the problem you’re asking help with doesn’t have to be related to the development of your psychic abilities. You can ask for help with a romantic conflict within your life, you can ask for advice on your career, or even how to develop better behavioral patterns (like meditation!).

Find your Style of Meditation

Pixabay on Pexels

Meditation is for everyone. If it hasn’t worked for you in the past, perhaps it’s because the style of meditation was simply a poor fit. The simple truth is that not everyone can sit still long enough to meditate in a sitting position. Some people have too much pain to meditate in any other position than the prone position. And sometimes people find it easier to still their mind if they put their bodies to work either by doodling, coloring, or even through movement (like yoga).

  • Sitting Meditation
  • Chanting Meditation
  • Laying Meditation
  • Movement Based Meditation
  • Laughing Meditation
  • Color Meditation
  • Guided Meditation

Trying to adhere to a meditation schedule using a style of meditation that simply doesn’t work with you only guarantees that you’re less motivated to meditate. If your jam is literally to turn on some music and dance in your undies – and that’s what stills your mind and allows you to transcend your level of consciousness – then jam on.

Play around. Find what works for you. Also start small. Try meditating for five minutes allows you to work your way up to a level that you can handle and have the desire to handle.

This is Part 5 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

You can read Part 1 titled, “Psychic 101: I Think I’m Psychic – Now What?” here.

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Retrospective: the Excitement of a Future Well Loved

By understanding how the past shaped the present which, in turn shapes the future, we become empowered to break tired cycles that no longer serve us and start pursuing elements that do. This week, we examined the inward transformation to help facilitate nudging your relationship into a partnership. Then we examined the energy that helps direct the relationship towards a happy commitment. Today, we spend a few moments in the future, taking in the fruits of our labor.

Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

Photo by luizclas from Pexels


Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Birds

Card 2: Stork

You’ve controlled your emotions and successfully prevented dragging the relationship down with negative energy. You’ve nurtured the relationship like you would nurture a child. You invested in it. Planned for it. You diligently protected it. You’ve also given it the space it needed to expand itself into something encompassing, beautiful, and sustainable. Under your loving watch, it grew.

Now it is time to bask in the glow of love as your immature romance developed into a lifelong partnership. Congratulations. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Your heart’s speed increase?

It’s okay to be excited about a future full of love. To be excited about of a future of being well loved. Of loving well. Of reciprocity. Of companionship. In today’s Lenormand reading, we’re met with the cards Bird and Stork, which represent excitement and change.

It’s a call to remind ourselves on some days, especially Fridays, it’s okay to invite a little whimsy into our lives. It’s healthy to daydream about a future in which we’re happy and have found partners. It’s okay to remind ourselves what exactly we’re working towards.

So go ahead. Sit back. Kick your feet up. Close your eyes. And just dream.

Used with permission from Branch and Olive Photography – http://branchandolive.com/

Medium Connection: ‘Bert and the Baby

Some spirits do double duty. They’re there not only to represent their loved one who has crossed over but to acknowledge the presence of other spirits who can’t speak for themselves: babies and animals. This was the case with ‘Bert.

Used with permission from Branch and Olive Photography – http://branchandolive.com/

When I first sensed ‘Bert’s presence, he immediately displayed himself as holding a very tiny baby swaddled in a white blanket and shared the words “Ok” and “Healthy.” His priority, even in the afterlife, was to ensure his loved ones had reassurance that their precious child was okay, healthy, and with family. This was the type of man ‘Bert still is.

Bert’s real first name sounds like Albert or Delbert and he appeared as an uniformed officer: olive green and pressed khaki pants. He had white hair, wore a fine mustache, glasses, and appeared to be in his 70’s when he passed.

He gives me a peek into his life as a young man with a family in the Midwest (Wisconsin?). That moment he comes home to his wife while she hangs laundry to dry on the clothes line. Their son playing with his red toy truck or car in the background. Happy memories.

Then he shares his experience towards the end of his time in his aging body. He was having trouble getting around. An unsteadiness on his feet that his loved ones noticed despite his attempts to conceal it. A natural decline to punctuate his time on earth. He transitioned into spirit due to pneumonia. He left behind his wife and family.

There’s a hesitation in reference to his wife. A separation there. I am supposed to acknowledge that since his passing, his wife has found companionship. I am also supposed to acknowledge that so long as she’s happy, he’s at peace with it. He knows he can’t be there in the way she needs.

He said that he isn’t too involved in the day-to-day affairs of his wife, child(ren?), and grandchildren. They’re all doing just fine. He watches them from afar, beaming with pride.