Monday Encouragement: the cost of authenticity

In Sunday’s Weekly forecast, we talked about how the road less traveled spoke to us, our sense of adventure called to us, and we followed our whimsy. We have excitement all around us. Instead of allowing it to pass you by – you seized it – and with it expanded your horizons! In today’s Monday Encouragement we’re asked to look at the consequences of our unplanned foray: the cost of authenticity.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: The Tribe in reverse

As exciting as it is to be you right now, be mindful that not everyone lives as their authentic selves, and not everyone will agree with your decisions. Embarking upon a journey into the beautiful unknown can end up separating you from others whom you thought might support you. Today’s words of encouragement comes in the form of the Tribe card presented in reverse.

You cannot please everyone. Unfortunately, with some, there’s no pleasing at all. Your decision to be bold, to be fearless, to be a pioneer might stir up envy among friends and loved ones who feel stuck or unable to embrace their own path. Some might react out of fear over the changes they see in you or feel concerned that your evolution will leave them behind. Some might outright reject the notion that we ought to venture into uncharted territories when perfectly good paths have already been formed for your use. Regardless of their motivation, your decision to travel on the road less traveled, sometimes means the loss of your tribe in whatever form they take.

This doesn’t mean your soul didn’t need to take that journey. It clearly did. You answered a call that was meant for you. However, just because we do what’s right by us, doesn’t mean everyone will be blessed with the ability to empathize and understand why you needed to do this. Know that your tribe will ultimately grow as you do. People who seemed irreplaceable one moment may trickle out the next. Yet this loss you feel deeply will not be forever. Remember that like attracts like.

What you’re doing is sewing the seeds of adventure within yourself and the Universe will respond by introducing you new tribe members who may stay for the minute or remain with you forever.



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