Understanding the Energy: When you do things for YOU

You made the commitment to yourself to prioritize you. You may not have known it at that time but this is what led you to this place. You were tired of coming last in your own life. If your life were a play, you would have been secondary character who holds the umbrella. Now, you find yourself on the road less traveled, isolating people whom you’ve outgrown, and dare I say anticipating the future… How on earth did you get here? Let’s take a look at the energy that brought you here and where it’ll lead.

Your Wednesday Energy Reading:

by Victoria_Borodinova @ Pixabay

Past: Door to Personal Healing and Happiness

Present: Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel

Future: The Thinking Woman

Changing the energy that informs and guides the outcome of a situation may seem mystical in nature but it does not require donning a white beard and pointy hat. In fact, when you entered through the Door to Personal Healing and Happiness, you fundamentally set into motion a counter current of energy to help you manifest what would aid in your healing and happiness. It may have been something as simple as skipping fast food for lunch and opting for something lighter and more healthy. It may have been something as simple as realizing that you are, in fact, a true badass.

Suddenly, with that single action or thought, you opened up a new set of possible outcomes. Swapping the burger out for the salad today may inspire you to start making your own salads more often which could lead to weight loss, longevity, better moods, and better mental health that you may not have otherwise encountered if not for that single decision of, “Hey, they salad looks pretty good. I’ll try it.” Similarly, realizing that you’re pretty awesome may result in you accepting challenges that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered and this could lead to promotions, more recognition, and more self-confidence.

That single action or thought introduced a counter current with the potential to completely alter the outcome of the road you were on. This is how powerful you are. Your thoughts have power because they harness the energy all around you. That pull of energy – walking through that door to a healthier you – has led you to where you are today: on the road less traveled.  While we know the likely outcome of your current path, the obstacles you may encounter along the way, we have yet to explore the current energies manifesting around you as you traverse your new path and where those energies are likely to take you.

In today’s Oracle reading, we find ourselves in the present, represented by the Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel, known for inspiring creativity and confidence in one’s self. Taking care of yourself is an investment in you. It’s an investment in your ability to be a co-creator alongside Spirit for your best and possible highest good. It’s signaling to the universe that you recognize, if even only a fraction, your own power. This makes the Second Charka card is a powerful energy card to see in the present because the moment we recognize we’re powerful, we become unstoppable. The moment we realize that our thoughts can change the outcome of something, we start developing our thoughts to create the outcomes we want. Our power turns into the energy we need to manifest the future we desire. In this situation, the energy current you’re riding will lead to the Thinking Woman.

The Thinking Woman is a renaissance woman who faces fear with logic and intuition. Who is courageously open to the unknown. Who takes big risks to gain the big rewards we would otherwise only fantasize about. The Thinking Woman is someone who goes enough places, does enough things, and sees enough miracles to write best selling memoirs. You are sitting atop all of the energy you need to make all of your dreams come true. All you need to do is harness it.

And to think that all of it started with that decision to prioritize your wellness and happiness because that gave you the courage and curiosity to walk the road less traveled.


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