Medium Connections: Ty who plays football

Regardless of what caused one’s transition into spirit, almost all spirits have the same message they want to communicate to their friends and family: “I am OK.” Transitioning – or returning to Spirit – isn’t the same thing as leaving us although it feels that way. In last Tuesday’s interview with Spirit, we learned that spirits occupy the same space we do but in an alternate dimension with a barrier they can cross. Spirits love to be among the loved ones they’ve left behind and are constantly trying to get our attention and acknowledgement. This was the case with the high school athlete named Ty.


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When we first spoke, one of the words that kept coming through was “Ty,” “Thai,”, or “Tie.” Without a better name to call him, I settled on Ty, and felt something click with the word as a name. Here on out, I will be referring to our young athlete as Ty however his family should pay attention to the other pieces of evidence understanding that the name I call him may be wrong (although he doesn’t seem to mind).

Some loved ones and family members now struggle with their newfound identifies: am I still a sister to a big brother has passed? To how many children am I a parent?

Ty identifies himself as many things: a friend, a brother, a son, an athlete, and a student. He would like me to acknowledge that he still remains these things. If he was your friend while he was having a human experience, he remains your friend today even though he now exists in spirit. If he was your brother while he was we having a human experience, he remains your brother today even though he now exists in spirit. If he was your son while he was having a human experience, he is still your son today even though he now exists in spirit. He also remains in school although the nature of his learning has changed. He still plays American football although the nature of the sport and his opponents are slightly different now.

He wants me to acknowledge how he passed. He shows himself in a football uniform, I believe a practice uniform, and he was feeling dizzy, overheated, and lethargic. He was hit and could not recover. I am supposed to acknowledge that it was heat exhaustion that triggered his transition into spirit. His heart could not handle the strain.

I am supposed to acknowledge those he should have graduated with who are now going off to college. “Cool,” he said. I’m also supposed to acknowledge a desire to be an architect or engineer. I am seeing blueprints, designs, calculators, and business casual clothing. He did not indicate if this meant he dreamed of becoming an engineer or if I’m supposed to acknowledge a loved one who should/will pursue engineering.

To his mom, two sisters, girlfriend, and friends: I am OK. I love you. I miss you.

* * *

Numbers mentioned during reading: 7 and/or 17.

Months mentioned during reading: August

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