Retrospective: The Family that Dreams Build

This week has been a heavy week in the midst of an exciting and rejuvenating period. As our souls cried for more freedom to be our authentic true selves, reality got in the way, and we found ourselves weighed down by the conflicts that arose from walking the road less traveled. We also understand that our souls need this. We travel the road less traveled for ourselves so that we can create the energy that takes us to unfathomable victories.


Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

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Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Star

Card 2: House

Growth can be painful. We even have a phrase to describe it: growing pains. Sometimes this means shedding people, behavior, attitudes, and attachments that either no longer serve your highest good or, worse, are counterproductive for your highest good. The road less traveled, as we learned in Monday’s Encouragement message, isn’t always easy because not everyone understands why you feel compelled to take the riskier, more dangerous, less reliable route at this point in time. Not everyone is on the same development schedule.

The Star card talks about you following your own path to becoming the most authentic person to serve your highest good. As you evolve and transform into the person you were meant to be, those who love you enough to support your growth aren’t going anywhere. They will champion you. They will be excited to learn about who you are on the path to becoming. You also become an inspiration to those around you who needed the incentive, the desire, and the curiosity to follow their own bliss. Transformation is contagious.

The energy you’re utilizing will attract those who want to help you co-create the future you seek; the energy you’re utilizing will repel those who want to hurt the future you seek. This may mean that there could be unexpected changes to your friends and family. Not all of those changes may be good. However, it’s important to note that Home is what you make it. It is filled with those who bring you pleasure, those you fulfill, and the memories you choose to make together.

When you follow your dreams, you find your family.

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