Medium Connection: ‘Bert and the Baby

Some spirits do double duty. They’re there not only to represent their loved one who has crossed over but to acknowledge the presence of other spirits who can’t speak for themselves: babies and animals. This was the case with ‘Bert.
Used with permission from Branch and Olive Photography –

When I first sensed ‘Bert’s presence, he immediately displayed himself as holding a very tiny baby swaddled in a white blanket and shared the words “Ok” and “Healthy.” His priority, even in the afterlife, was to ensure his loved ones had reassurance that their precious child was okay, healthy, and with family. This was the type of man ‘Bert still is.

Bert’s real first name sounds like Albert or Delbert and he appeared as an uniformed officer: olive green and pressed khaki pants. He had white hair, wore a fine mustache, glasses, and appeared to be in his 70’s when he passed.

He gives me a peek into his life as a young man with a family in the Midwest (Wisconsin?). That moment he comes home to his wife while she hangs laundry to dry on the clothes line. Their son playing with his red toy truck or car in the background. Happy memories.

Then he shares his experience towards the end of his time in his aging body. He was having trouble getting around. An unsteadiness on his feet that his loved ones noticed despite his attempts to conceal it. A natural decline to punctuate his time on earth. He transitioned into spirit due to pneumonia. He left behind his wife and family.

There’s a hesitation in reference to his wife. A separation there. I am supposed to acknowledge that since his passing, his wife has found companionship. I am also supposed to acknowledge that so long as she’s happy, he’s at peace with it. He knows he can’t be there in the way she needs.

He said that he isn’t too involved in the day-to-day affairs of his wife, child(ren?), and grandchildren. They’re all doing just fine. He watches them from afar, beaming with pride.

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