Retrospective: the Excitement of a Future Well Loved

By understanding how the past shaped the present which, in turn shapes the future, we become empowered to break tired cycles that no longer serve us and start pursuing elements that do. This week, we examined the inward transformation to help facilitate nudging your relationship into a partnership. Then we examined the energy that helps direct the relationship towards a happy commitment. Today, we spend a few moments in the future, taking in the fruits of our labor.

Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

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Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Birds

Card 2: Stork

You’ve controlled your emotions and successfully prevented dragging the relationship down with negative energy. You’ve nurtured the relationship like you would nurture a child. You invested in it. Planned for it. You diligently protected it. You’ve also given it the space it needed to expand itself into something encompassing, beautiful, and sustainable. Under your loving watch, it grew.

Now it is time to bask in the glow of love as your immature romance developed into a lifelong partnership. Congratulations. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Your heart’s speed increase?

It’s okay to be excited about a future full of love. To be excited about of a future of being well loved. Of loving well. Of reciprocity. Of companionship. In today’s Lenormand reading, we’re met with the cards Bird and Stork, which represent excitement and change.

It’s a call to remind ourselves on some days, especially Fridays, it’s okay to invite a little whimsy into our lives. It’s healthy to daydream about a future in which we’re happy and have found partners. It’s okay to remind ourselves what exactly we’re working towards.

So go ahead. Sit back. Kick your feet up. Close your eyes. And just dream.

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