Understanding the Energy: Deciding the Undetermined

Sometimes the choices ahead of us can leave us feeling paralyzed in place. Unable to make a choice for fear of making the wrong choice. And we remain stuck in this moment until all of our choices are made for us by either those involved or time itself. In Sunday’s forecast, we talked about how we were facing this exact same problem and we explored the consequences of inaction. Monday, we were encouraged to evaluate choices based on whether or not they were good for us. Today, we examine the energies involved to better understand why we’re here and what we can do to take control.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Man Holding a Coin

Present: Journey

Future: All Tied Up

We live on earth which means that, as uncomfortable as this makes our spiritual beings, we have to acknowledge and accept our earthly motivations. Spirit may not run on vegetables but my physical body does. Spirit may not need to sleep in my bed but I do in order to work my 70+ hour work weeks. Spirit may not have any value for currency but my mortgage payment requires it.

In the past position, we see Man Holding a Coin, as a reminder that we all live on earth and this sometimes means that our motivation to do things may primarily serve our earthly interests. Simply put: sometimes we want material things on earth. In moderation, this is entirely reasonable, so long as we do not less these desires control us. So long as we still understand that first we are spirit and only second to that are we humans.

We see this motivation as the driving factor behind Journey in the present position. The Journey card is a card of transition, the destination not yet reached. Inherent in transition is this understanding that the outcome, whether it’s the entire outcome or only a portion of it, is unknown. How do you plan for something that remains undetermined?

This is the struggle we see binding us up as we move into future with the All Tied Up card. Unable to move forward, this is where we remain, until our binds disintegrate around us and the choices under which we struggled fade away. We’ve relinquished control over to the universe because we’ve allowed the limitations of our transition to impose restrictions upon us.

The transition will end. All transitions do. Life is cyclical like that. We must be mindful that this transition – this unknown – should not prevent you from moving forward. Eventually, you will arrive at the destination, and it’s up to you to choose that destination here. In the present. Choosing wrongly is better than not choosing. The more decisions you make in the present, the more defined your future becomes along your journey.




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