A Spirit Driven Existence

It’s been a long time since I’ve published something on this blog and for that I’m sorry. And the longer it has been, the harder it becomes to get started.

I regularly perform tarot readings for myself and record my feelings about the reading in my tarot journal. This is to help me become a more intuitive tarot reader by allowing Spirit to give me a larger frame of reference for card meanings but, beyond that, it’s also to help me with my own shadowwork and lightwork.

Photo by Luizclas via Pexels

Shadowwork: work that we do on the unseen or hidden aspects of self.

  • Why does this make me afraid?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What is fueling my regressions?


Lightwork: work that we do on the seen or visible aspects of self.

  • How can I lead with Spirit?
  • How can I be present in this moment?
  • Is this habit for my highest good?

Today’s reading came from the Good Tarot Deck because I enjoy the perspective and compassion the deck expresses; it’s beautifully imaged by Colette Baron-Reid.

I wanted to share my reading with you today:

Past: Fortune’s Wheel

Present: 8 of Air

Future: World

Advice: 3 of Air

We’re all being asked to acknowledge and remember the instances in our lives where, “destiny meets synchronicity.” Where the signs we were being given led us to someplace magical and important… where our premonitions saved us from heartbreak… where our intuitive instincts helped us navigate out of a tough situation.

Fortune’s Wheel is in the past position because the evidence that Spirit operates for our highest good can only be fully realized by looking backwards at the evidence behind us. Remember when we went against our instincts and something backfired? Remember when we followed our instincts and we were able to harvest success?

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It’s hard to have faith. As a former and reformed Atheist, faith has never been my strongest virtue. I’m an evidenced based being who thrives on predictability because the past gives us insight to the future.

As we move into the present position, the card I’m faced with is the 8 of Air, which tells me that how I am currently seeing things is holding me back from the truth. I’m clinging to my perception even though it doesn’t serve my highest good. Only through letting go that which is holding me back will I progress.

The progression is marked by the World card. By accepting things as they are, I abandon the aspect of self that’s physical and focused on physical goals and transcend into my Spiritual self that has a global an eternal perspective. I am an eternal spiritual being with the history of all of the lives I’ve lived before me. There is nothing in the physical world that will compare to the perspective gained when I remember that I am a Spiritual being who is having a temporary human experience.

Photo by Artem Saranin via Pexels

The aspect of self, Ego, that’s focused on earthly goals and driven by earthly fears holds us back. We’re afraid to die, we’re afraid to fail, we’re afraid to lose. But sometimes that’s the point, right? Sometimes that’s the path we’re meant to take. Sometimes that’s the experience we’re meant to have.

The advice card is the 3 of Air which reminds us that sometimes our highest good is met through rejection, through pain, through surviving fire and trauma. Allowing us to learn from these painful events in our lives but not allowing these painful events of our lives to become our defining identities.

It’s okay to have our hearts broken. That doesn’t define us and through it we gain the understanding of how to be better people. To not inflict the hurt on others that we experienced ourselves.

It’s okay to lose people. That doesn’t’ define us and through it we gain the understanding of how to value the time we have left in the physical sense. It also gives us the opportunity to develop a deeper spiritual awareness and learn how to live a Spirit driven experience. It allows us to¬† grow our relationship beyond the physical limitations of the physical body and allows our Spirit to experience profound connections with those who have transitioned into Spirit.

Our loved ones aren’t gone. They’re waiting for us to reach out and grow our ability to hold onto relationships with them that transcends the physical death of the body.

Photo by Shane Kell via Pexels