Announcement: New Release Schedule

Dear Faithful Readers, Valued Clients, and Curious Hopefuls:

I am making slight adjusts to my release schedule for Mindful Meditations ever so slightly. Mindful Meditations is where we feature our published content like:

I will still be providing content but I am reducing my publishing schedule with the hopes of achieving a better work-life balance for me (70+ hours is simply not sustainable) and reducing the amount of content that feels redundant.

Thank you all for reading!


ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing a new series titled Psychic 101

Everyone is psychic. Everyone. Including you. On some level, you knew this, didn’t you? We’ve all had those moments marked by our abilities. Have you ever thought about someone before they called? Or finished someone’s sentence? Perhaps it was more of an emotional transference where you could just sense something was wrong with a loved one. Or maybe it was predictive in nature and came to you in a dream?

Allow me to demystify what it means to be psychic, why I know you’re psychic, what you can do with this information should you choose to pursue it, and even how to pursue it. Every weekend, I will publish another article in the Psychic 101 series to help you better understand your abilities and how to use them!

Photo by Mathilda Khoo on Unsplash

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Mindful Meditations blog now offers weekly medium connections!

Not everyone has the opportunity to visit a medium to connect with their loved ones in Spirit yet almost everyone’s loved ones have messages to share whether it’s something as simple as, “I’m okay,” to something as significant as, “I give you my blessing to fall in love again,” as was the case with Ed.

A few days ago, I had an unexpected visit with a sincere and loving spirit whom I’ve taken to calling “Ed.” Ed was desperate and I get the feeling that I wasn’t his first choice in making a connection.I’m a small town psychic medium with a very modest outreach and he had a very big message.

I have been thinking about Ed and how his actions, equal parts determination and persistence, gave him a voice that he might otherwise never have. As a professional medium, I have to earn money from my services because it’s how I survive. When you purchase my services, I provide food for my family. It’s that simple. I would love to generously share my gift free of charge but alas this is not the societal structure in which I live. My mortgage company will not waive my mortgage payment in exchange for messages from the customer service representative’s grandmother in spirit.

Unfortunately, this fee-for-service dynamic disproportionately disadvantages our loved ones in Spirit who do not have PayPal accounts. Their messages are still important, valid, and deserve to be heard. Their ability to pay should never be the reason why their messages remain unheard.

Thanks to Ed’s bravery, and with the gentle encouragement of my spirit guides, I will be sharing messages from Spirits like Ed.