Questions and Answers

This page is to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


What do you do?

I am a psychic spiritual and physical medium which means that I connect with the energy of spirits all around us. A spiritual medium connects with those who have passed on whereas a physical medium connects with those among “the living.”

As a spiritual medium, I convey messages from spirit guides and loved ones who passed away. You can purchase a spiritual medium reading from my Services page.

As a physical medium, I connect with you to help you answer questions, find your path, and work through obstacles in your life. My primary tools are Tarot and Oracle decks. You can purchase a physical medium reading from my Services page.

What does a reading entail?

All of my readings occur online and happen through email. After you purchase a reading from me, you will receive an automated email confirming purchase. Then I will reach out to you to obtain any specific requests and let you know that I will begin working on your service with an estimated completion time.

For a detailed description of what each reading entails, please see my Services page, and then select a service that interests you. You will be taken to a detailed page along with what you can expect. You can then add readings to your shopping cart and continue browsing or you can finalize your purchase.

Are online readings less accurate?

The majority of my clients are online and the majority of my readings occur via written online communication. Please peruse my Testimonials page and feel rest assured that our connection is not impeded by geographical limitations. We are all spirits and the connections I form transcend geographical limitations.

In fact, there are several advantages to purchasing the services of an online medium. Mediums develop their skills based on feedback just like any profession or hobbyist does. A musician practices and improve from hearing the music they produce. Similarly, a medium increases their accuracy based on the feedback they receive.

Online correspondence allows for a more thorough feedback loop whereas clients can share, in detail, what resonated and what didn’t. As someone who has provided live medium readings, I know that so much information is communicated in such a short amount of time, sometimes obtaining accurate and detailed feedback is more difficult. My accuracy significantly improved once I removed the distractions of physical audience gasps, eager interjections from excited clients, and partial or incomplete feedback.

Why are your readings online?

The first reason is that I want your reading to be a uniquely honest experience with objective validations that I am gifted and also that I am using my gift to support and assist you. If we were to meet in person, over Skype, or over the phone then you could rightfully adjust your skepticism and dismiss the discoveries you uncover out of fear that I read you and not your spirit.

For example, it does not take any psychic ability to see someone walking with a limp and conclude that they have difficulty with mobility. This does not take any great feat or connection to a divine source. You would have no reason to trust what follows as being divinely inspired wisdom.

However, if I’m able to connect with you on a spiritual level, and detect your struggles with mobility then it helps establish that my connection is divinely inspired and that I might have something worth noting. Does that make sense? When I read for you across the expanse of the internet, my accuracy cannot be attributed to perceiving visual or audible ques. It allows you to have more trust in the experience which can lead to more confidence in the message being received.

There are additional benefits to having online correspondence as well.

You will receive information that you can digest at your leisure. Whether your needs are for a physical medium or spiritual medium, having a written record of the communication allows you to return to it, reread it as many times as you need, share it with others, or even use it as a series of milestones establishing your progress.

Audio readings, Skype readings, and live readings in person frequently involve someone hurriedly taking an impartial set of notes with minimal foresight and intuitive understanding. After all, it’s not the medium taking the notes, it’s often the client or someone supporting the client’s needs during a reading. Some things are missed, incorrectly interpreted, or are written in an incomplete manner.

Lastly, my psychic abilities primarily express themselves as symbolic representations, dim video clips, written words, and whispers in my mind’s ear. A live reading is an effective in-the-moment experience however it does not offer the thorough and thoughtful interpretation of a medium who has had proper time with the validation and message to interpret and piece it together in a cohesive message. An example of an abbreviated written message from a spiritual medium service can be found here.

Will you Google me?

No. From an ethical standpoint, Googling clients would be a breach of their trust and a violation of my ethical standards.

However, from a practical standpoint, I honestly just don’t have the time to be duplicitous. It’s almost midnight on a Friday and I’m still working. I work seven days every week. I have far too many clients to Google.

I also wouldn’t gain any useful information from a Google search. Your loved one in Spirit has no desire to acknowledge what the picture of your last meal entailed. The validations I provide are, more often than not, unlikely to be found on the internet. I can connect with miscarriages never shared, broken relationships that were never publicly displayed, and remind you of private moments shared between you and your loved one.

What do you need from me?

My accuracy increases with your first name if the reading is a physical reading (e.g. Tarot or Oracle card readings).

For spiritual medium services, my accuracy increases with your first name and the first name of the loved one with whom you want to connect.

I have made very accurate and successful connections with online usernames.