Life Purpose and Life Motivation Simple Oracle Reading


$25 dollars entitles you to:

  • An oracle reading with a psychic medium
  • Two cards are chosen to represent your purpose and your motivation
  • A brief summary of each is provided to you via email
  • A conversation discussing your impressions and feelings on your reading with a psychic medium

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Are you feeling stuck and directionless? Do you want to know what your purpose is? Perhaps you want to know yourself better because you’re considering a career change. Or, maybe, you’ve been through a lot of trauma lately and you’re looking to find yourself all over again. We all go through periods where our attention shifts from our daily existence to the greater story of our lives.

This reading can help shed some light on these questions for you.

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Why am I here?

Do you feel like some aspects of your life are just on perpetual repeat? Just an endless loop of, “almost there” or “can’t get it together.”

  • You may come from a successful background. You may have successful friends. However, you just feel like you’re a pretender imitating what everyone else is doing?
  • You may have attended all of the love seminars and read all of the books written by love gurus but feel doomed to eternal relationship failures.
  • Or, perhaps, you’re stuck in a nightmare of failed pregnancies and fertility struggles without any identifiable medical explanations to help give you some sort of answers.

These are all signs that your time in this life may have a lesson-driven purpose behind it. After all, your failures and struggles defy all logic and common sense. You’re doing everything right and yet everything continues to turn out all wrong.

It helps to learn that there’s an explanation behind this. That there is meaning to your frustrations and heartache. Further, some clients find that understanding the lesson frees them to move on and overcome the obstacles that have plagued them.

What motivates your Spirit? 

There are many aspects to this innate energy within us called Spirit. Understanding what motivates our Spirit is understanding what motivates us.

  • If you’re at a crossroads and you’re struggling to find the path that you will find most fulfilling in the long-term, this reading can help zero in on what things propel you forward.
  • If you’re struggling with addiction, understanding your spirit’s draw to these behaviors could help you find alternative and less harmful ways to satisfy Spirit’s motivation.
  • If you’re just struggling to find happiness in any area of your life, knowing yourself allows you to better seek out the elements that will increase your happiness.

Terms of Service


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