Medium Services: One Hour Worth of Channeling Messages


$75 entitles you to a reading with a psychic medium who:

  • Can put you in touch with a loved one or spirit guide
  • Can give you validating messages as proof the connection was established
  • Deliver messages from your loved one or spirit guide
  • Help interpret the messages from your loved one or spirit guide via email

The process from establishing the connection, recording the message, and delivering it to you takes approximately one hour from start to finish and should be classified as an hour with a psychic medium.

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Losing a loved one is a process with waves of grief that can sweep you off your feet. In the darkest moments, it can feel like the future will be perpetually shrouded in the shadow of grief and the dark blanket of sadness. This pain can be so deep that it become encoded in your Soul’s DNA forever changing you. It’s also a feeling that I know all to well. My brother’s passing left me devastated.

I miss my brother every day. Being a medium doesn’t erase the painful loss of your loved one but it does give you a unique perspective on the death of one’s body, the transition into Spirit, and what this means for my relationship with my brother. The truth is that this pain may never go away but coping with it can become easier with adequate coping mechanisms, self-love, moving forward when you’re ready, and continuing to honor your loved one.

One of the ways I process my grief is through Mediumship.  By working with a trusted psychic medium who can connect me to my loved one, I can find the comfort I need, continue feeling connected to my big brother, and move forward.

Working with a medium helps us remember that our loved one’s aren’t truly gone. They’re still with us, witnessing our major life events, sending us gentle signs along the way, and bearing witness to our lives. Their physical bodies have died but the essence of who they are transitioned into Spirit.

We all come from Spirit. We start as Spirit. When our bodies die, we return to Spirit. We are inherently Spirits. It’s the one elements about us that is constant. We are first and foremost Spirits. Some of us are just Spirits who temporarily occupy flesh and bone.

The problem we encounter when our loved ones transition into Spirit is that we’ve frequently forgot how to communicate spirit-to-spirit. We’re so used to communicating using our bodies as our primary vehicle of communication, the transition into Spirit feels like an earth-shattering end to communicating with our loved ones. However, our souls know how to receive communication from our loved ones in Spirit. They frequently occur in those moments where something grabs our attention and we look up at just the right time to see a special sign. Or perhaps we decide to tune into the radio at just the right time to catch a song that reminds us of our loved one. Some loved ones are able to visit us in our dreams.

A trusted psychic medium can help facilitate communication between you and a loved one. They are trained and have experience in communicating with Spirits who have passed on. I would love to help you communicate with your loved one when you’re ready. With just your first name and the first name of your loved one, I will work at making contact with your loved one, provide you with evidence that you can use to validate the connection, and then send you messages from your loved one in Spirit.

Terms of Service


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