Mini Tarot/Oracle Reading – Four to Six Cards


This $15 reading entitles you to:

  • A 4-6 card reading with Tarot or Oracle cards I’ve personally selected to provide you with resolution
  • A layout I select specifically designed to help you access the information you need
  • Analysis of the reading with how you can apply the information provided
  • Follow-up questions

Terms of Service

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Not every burning question warrants an answer of epic proportions. Sometimes, you just need advice. Nothing grandiose or pretentious. Just a quick answer to help you move beyond a problem, to see the solution, and to continue on with your life. Why pay more for an in-depth reading when a mini reading would be just as effective?

For $15, I will provide a customized solution to your inquiry. I will personally select the Tarot or Oracle deck that best fits the needs of the situation and I will select the spread that best works towards the resolution you seek. Just because this reading is abbreviated and more simple in its art doesn’t mean my personal touch and professional attention to your needs will go away.

Your troubling thoughts and nagging questions are too important to me to deliver anything less than a customized approach designed to provide you with the very best service. This means that after your reading has concluded, you can email me back with any questions, clarifications, or thoughts you have.

Terms of Service


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