Psychic Consultation for Unsolved Missing or Deceased Persons


$265 entitles you to a reading with two psychic mediums who:

  • Can connect with the missing or deceased loved one
  • Provide you with the written raw impressions, sights, sounds, and thoughts via emailed report
  • Provide you with the written the interpretation of sights, sounds, and thoughts via emailed report

Terms of Service


If you find yourself running out of leads in your search for answers with a missing or deceased loved one, please consider consulting the specialized services of spiritual or physical medium investigators. Consulting mediums to assist in solving mysteries is an age old tradition dates centuries across the globe. However, finding the right mediums can be a bit more tricky especially when there is hope for justice in terms of a legal resolution.

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While some medium investigators need to be present on site to perform their investigations, we perform our investigations remotely based off the victim’s name, location, date, and picture. This allows us to separate ourselves from any ongoing investigation so that evidence integrity is unquestioningly maintained. This also allows us independence from the direction ongoing investigations are taking.

Our psychic consultation services are designed to be a lens through which answers can be verified independently and through which closure can be reached. If investigators are struggling over motive or need assistance narrowing down an area where the missing person can be found, this is where psychic mediums have traditionally shined. We do this with respect to all parties involved and will not disclose any information without the consent of the client unless legally obligated to do so.

We also understand the interpretive nature of psychic messages and want to ensure only the highest degree of accuracy possible. To accomplish this, we employ the use of two psychic mediums who independently channel the spirit of your loved one separately and then compare notes only after we have independently collected all of our information. This allows us to help reduce psychic noise and assign levels of confidence to the data we receive.

When we channel your loved one, our aim is to provide you with as much detail as Spirit will share regarding questions you have regarding your loved one’s mystery. After the consultation has concluded, you will receive an emailed report containing both the raw impressions from both psychics as well as the finalized interpretation of the raw impressions.

Terms of Service


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