Comprehensive Tarot Reading


This $35 dollar reading entitles you to:

  • A comprehensive Oracle/Tarot reading over the topic of your choosing
  • No card count limits
  • An email conversation with me about your topic
  • Any intuitive readings I pick up (including psychic impressions of messages from your loved ones in Spirit)

Terms of Service

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Are you searching for answers? Do you want to know about your soulmate? What if you could find a way to use your natural gifts to earn more money in a fulfilling way? Are you feeling unsettled and have questions about your life’s purpose? Perhaps you don’t even know the question. You’re just feeling restless and in need of change. Or maybe you just feel blocked and are unable to move forward. Or perhaps you just need daily, weekly, or monthly guidance to navigate you out of a rough patch.

My Professional Tarot services can give guidance whether you know the question or not.

When you purchase a single Tarot Reading for $35, you’re not just purchasing a Tarot reading, you’re purchasing a customized reading tailored to your individual needs. Simply tell me what you’re looking for and I will select the Tarot spread (either a traditional Tarot spread like the Celtic Cross or a customized Tarot spread), select the deck that will best guide you (which may include the use of an Oracle deck), and pull the number of cards needed to provide sufficient answer to your question.

Many other Tarot services often charge by the minute, card count, number of questions, or based on the complexity of the reading. However, my aim is to provide you with a more customized and comprehensive experience. What if the answer to your request requires more than 10 cards? My goal is to provide you with clarity and not a series of messages asking for more money.

In addition to a customized Tarot reading experience tailored to your needs, you are purchasing direct access to a psychic medium which entitles you to an additional follow-up question for clarification or additional guidance.

Terms of Service


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