Weekly Tarot Messages from Your Guides


This $55 dollar reading entitles you to:

  • I will meditate every week with your Spirit Guide
  • Every week, you will receive an email from me with a customized weekly message from your spirit guide using an Oracle/Tarot deck for an entire calendar month (4-to-5 emails in total depending on the calendar month)
  • Follow-up email conversations with me about your weekly message

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That gentle voice that nudges you along the way is quiet, isn’t it? That small, patient GPS inside that says, “might want to grab an umbrella today,” and, “you should leave early today in case there’s traffic.” It’s that guiding voice that gives you warning when there’s trouble ahead, tells you to relax when the future is clear, and gives you helpful hints along the way.

Sometimes, life is just too loud to hear that voice effectively and clearly. Our brains are too distracted making mental grocery lists, managing our daily and weekly schedules, or we’re too exhausted to maintain the effort it takes to focus on that voice long enough to receive the message. Sometimes we don’t have enough time for ourselves; how can we be expected to squeeze time in for our Spirit Guides?

Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate that task to someone else?

I can be that someone. Let me be that someone for you. It’s one less task for you to manage. For $55 per month (no subscription required), I will consult your Spirit Guide every week using Tarot and Oracle decks and send you emails with what your Spirit Guides would like you to be mindful of this week.

Frequent and regular contact with our Spirit Guides ensures that we’re on the right track. Our lives are hard enough; it’s easy to become misaligned. This judgment free reading offers you words of encouragement during your dark periods, cheers of celebration when you are victorious, and a companion along the way. It entitles you to an open dialog between you, your Spirit Guide, and it also entitles you to my skills as a psychic medium for communicating with your Spirit Guide every week.

Every week, I will channel your Spirit Guide, meditate, and communicate with your Spirit Guide using a combination of Oracle and Tarot decks specifically selected for you based on what you need most. I will draw between four and seven cards, walk you through their meanings, and also help you determine how these messages can be applied to your unique experiences along the way.

Think of it as guidance from a Life Coach who knows you better than you know yourself all managed in digestible emails you can read before bed, over your lunch break, or when you find yourself in need of someone who just gets it.

Terms of Service


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