Interview with Spirit: Dying and Death

Death is only terrifying for the living. For those in Spirit – the process is well organized, thoughtful, respectful, peaceful, and full of love. In this week’s Interview with Spirit, my cousin has returned for another enjoyable and educational discussion. This time, we ask what death is like for the dying.

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As always, the questions were predetermined. My mother and I channeled the same spirit separately, asked the same questions separately, and were given the same answers separately. Later, we compared our notes from our Interview with Spirit.

Question: When someone is in a coma, are they “trapped” in there until they pass?

Answer: Spirits cannot be trapped within a body. They’re free to get up and roam around. They just cannot fully transition into Spirit while they’re still attached to their body however they’re not imprisoned by it.

Question: What is death like?

Answer: Death was just like going to sleep and then waking up like you normally do but this time you’re in Spirit and it feels a little different. A few people are there to meet you and then they take you into the next room and everyone is there to say, “hey.” There’s so much love. You feel less restricted because you don’t have the energy of your spirit stuffed into a body. You can just sort of spread out.

Question: What happens when you die?

Answer: You have friends or family and your guides there when your soul first leaves your body. Then, you spend the next little while in just reunions and gatherings and visiting with people you hadn’t met, people you had met, and people you know from your past lives. Then you go to this sort of waiting room while you shed some of the earthly stuff you don’t need to take with you until you cross into the light. Then you’ve crossed over. Next you have your life review which can take a little while. After that, there’s classes you can take, and you sort of live out your life until you’re ready to come back again.

Question: Does everyone go to the same place?

Answer: Yes but there are levels and spirits are grouped by the energy at which they vibrate. So people who were a little more rough in this life will be grouped with others at a lower vibration. Most of us, though, are grouped with each other at this vibration. And then you have the ascended spirits at a higher vibration. That’s where the guides hang out.

Question: Did you attend your own funeral?

Answer: Sure do. How else will I know how everyone really felt about me? [laugh] The nicest things get said and it’s nice to see how people have dressed you and the things they’ve chosen for you.

Interview with Spirit: Question and Answers About the Afterlife!

While I have an endless supply of Spiritual Medium readings lined up to be posted (there are, after all, an endless supply of Spirits), I thought this Thursday warrants a little bit of fun. A different type of Medium session. I thought today deserves a Question and Answers session about the afterlife!

My mother and I are both Spiritual Mediums and for this interview, we opted to channel my brother, who is now in Spirit. Together, we decided to hold individual Spiritual Medium sessions with my brother, asking the same questions, in order to validate the answers we receive are from him and are accurate. Many Mediums find it difficult to read for themselves (channel a loved one) because we’re too close to the Spirit, we know everything making validation difficult, and the way we sense familiar spirits is fundamentally different from the way we sense unfamiliar spirits.

Every question asked was answered. After comparing notes, we found that each of our answers matched in both content but also pauses and hesitations.


Here are the Questions and Answers from our sessions with my brother:

Question: Do you sleep?

Answer: No. We do not need to sleep. However, there are periods for rest, meditation, and alone times.


Question: Do you eat?

Answer: (hesitation) We can eat if we want to.


Question: Does everyone have their own place to live?

Answer: (hesitation) We can if we want to.


Question: Are the streets made of gold?

Answer: (hesitation) If you want them to be.


Question: Are you happy?

Answer: (hesitation) Yes. Happiness that you can’t imagine. But I miss you.

* * *

Do you have questions you want answered? Leave a comment below!