Monday Encouragement: Not all Good Ideas are “Good” for You

When you’re faced with choosing one future out of many alternatives, the choices can feel overwhelming. The reality is that everyone has several viable paths that would turn out swell. However, not all good ideas are good for you. This is a distinction worth keeping in mind when evaluating when path to take.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: Not for You

Today, we’re reminded that there are a lot of possibilities that exist in our future: we could be astronauts, doctors, dancers, or librarians. We could marry wealthy, we could marry artists, we could forgo marriage entirely and enter into a polyamorous relationship with two soulmates. We could spend our free time learning a new language, canning vegetables we grew in our garden, or climbing Everest. But should we?

The Not for You card is a reminder that just because we can envision it for ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something we should pursue. For example – if my priorities are to raise a beautiful, confident, and healthy family – I need to weigh which paths are most conducive to that. Being a roadie for my favorite band? Not an ideal environment to raise an infant.

We need to look deeper at our opportunities and really evaluate them for how they would translate to the other goals in our lives so that we don’t end up chasing two incompatible dreams. But remember: don’t spend too much time lost in thought. Opportunity knocks but if you don’t answer, it’s going to leave.

Understanding the Energy: Understanding Love

This week is all about the kind of love Etta James sang about when she crooned, “At Last”:

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song, oh yeah
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up clover the night I looked at you

On Monday, we examined what it takes to evolve a relationship into a partnership and we learned that the focusing on being someone you would want to marry is key: interesting, compassionate, kind, forgiving, encouraging, and inspiring. It isn’t enough to fall in love once, a decade ago. Relationships take investment every day.

Today we examine the energy that can help carry your relationship from “significant other” to “committed” in the definition you want for your relationship.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.


Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Man Holding a Heart

Present: The Thinking Woman

Future: First Chakra, Archangel Michael

Unsurprisingly, our love reading starts with Man Holding a Heart in the past position, because this is where our love story begins: with someone holding our hearts. Love is action. It’s a verb. Where you spend your actions, your thoughts, and your intentions is where your energy gathers momentum.

Those who struggle with trusting their partner, who spend time criticizing their partner, or who discourage their partner will grow emotions of dislike, loathing, fear, and secrets. By trusting your partner, cheering your partner’s successes, and encouraging your partner’s willingness to try despite failures, you’re growing the momentum of energy in your relationship towards feelings like happiness, support, reliance, and shared intimacy.  In other words, how you spend your energy within a relationship will create energy to pull your relationship towards that direction.

You’ve invested love, kindness, and excitement into the relationship which brings us to the Thinking Woman in the present position. There are times for action and there are times for understanding. The Thinking Woman represents the latter. She sees how wonderful her relationship is, knows it has potential to evolve into something more, and is weighing her options on how to get there. The Thinking Woman is a card of retrospection and thoughtfulness. She is drawing energy into the relationship to fundamentally ensure that she and her beloved make it to safe and tranquil waters.

It’s still a gamble. There’s no guarantee she’ll make it. Yet the promise the future holds is worth risking the choppy waters. The Thinking Woman is a card that asks you to evaluate how you are spending energy in your relationship. Are you growing momentum in the areas that will lead to commitment or are you growing momentum in the areas that will ultimately lead to heartache?

When you spend time acting and thinking about a certain outcome, you draw energy towards that outcome, making it even more likely. In this case, the Thinking Woman is spending time infusing her relationship with the kind of emotions and commitment she wants to get out of the relationship. Ultimately, this takes her to the future card as represented by the First Chakra, Archangel Michael.

The First Chakra card is symbolic of being rooted or anchored in security. It’s attachment that helps stabilize us and keeps of anchored. If we invest the right kind of energies into our relationship keeping the outcome we desire in mind, we can manifest the realities we seek. We can find our security and safety in the First Chakra.

Understanding the Energy: The Cost of Attachments

The Universe wants to help you manifest your dreams into reality. The Universe also knows you’re struggling under the weight of obstacles and resistance. We learned in Sunday’s Weekly Forecast that despite how hard you’re working, you’re not achieving a lot of progress (if any). There are solutions to the problems that plague you… that impede your progress. However, you’re so burned out that the solution is eluding you. The solution was to engage in self-care, to nurture the muse within you, and to replenish your energy.

Today’s, let’s understand the energies that are influencing your choices, where they’ve taken you, and where they will lead.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Broken Heart in reverse

Present: Attachment

Future: Goddess of the Moon in reverse

Your scars run deep although, with time, they have slowly faded. When the Broken Heart appears in reverse, it signals a transition from heartache to hope. You’ve started to embrace the joys and abundance life has to offer. From sorrow to joy. You’ve survived the scarcity and have entered into a period of abundance. You’ve reversed the loss and entered into a period of abundance (whether this be financial, emotional, social, etc). However, this energy created by this painful experience has led you into establishing an unhealthy relationship with that abundance.

As you enter into the present, the Attachment card is representative of that unhealthy relationship that has been slowly developing. You have become attached to the experiences, behaviors, or relationships. The pain stemming from loss and scarcity is still guiding your behaviors. As a result, it’s causing an imbalance in your life that is preventing you from appreciating yourself, valuing your own self-care, and replenishing your own batteries.

This current of fear that is causing your over-attachment is going to ultimately limit your potential as indicated by the future card symbolized by the  Goddess of the Moon in reverse. The phantom of loss still lingers around you and to avoid returning to that state, you’re not taking the necessary risks to move beyond where you are, to manifest the destiny you desire. You are limiting your own potential. Your energy is ultimately your biggest obstacle to your dreams.

Monday, we learned that those blessings that you dream about are really within reach! You just have to give yourself the inspiration and rest you need to tear down those barriers.

Take back your dreams by taking care of yourself.

Understanding the Energy: The Complicated Loss in Love

Have you opened yourself up to romance, up to the possibility of love, and set into motion the future you’ve dreamed about. Or… so you thought? But it hasn’t turned out like you had imagined. You’re adrift with worry, confusion, and angst over what you should do next.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your mid-week Energy Oracle reading using the Energy Oracle Cards deck by Sandra Anne Taylor.

Past: Door to Romance

Present: Sixth Chakra, Archangel Metatron in reverse

Future: The World reversed

The Door to Romance card beamed strongly with optimism and hope. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? This time things were going to be different. Old wounds have healed or we’ve been focusing on self-love. We’re ready. We’ve never felt more ready. Perhaps we can even envision how things will unfold with dangerous, tempting glances from across the room, the way it leads to flirty banter, and then the whirlwind that sweeps us all away.

But then something happens.  Perhaps it was a failure to launch. You dressed your sexiest, felt your most confident, and oozed with confidence only to find yourself feeling more alone than ever. Or perhaps you made that connection. You found that person but instead of your relationship gaining traction to take you to new great heights, you’ve never felt more grounded and stagnant. Or perhaps you opened yourself up too much and attracted an imbalanced relationship that has left you feeling claustrophobic and wanting out.

The Door to Romance was once filled with so much potential. The energies were right there to be harnessed. The problem with harnessing energies is that the destination matters. The direction you set your sails to gather wind will dictate the path your ship takes. When we do not carefully chart our course and if we do not properly anchor our energies to our goals then we become lost. We find ourselves off course.

Regardless of how you arrived, the question remains the same, “What do I do next?” The plan that once held crystal clarity is now refracting too many blurred images in the sunlight. Something was lost in translation as we move into the present position with the reversed Sixth Chakra card of the Archangel Metatron. Ultimately, we did not arrived at the planned destination and we’re left mourning for what could have been while feeling adrift from the lives we’ve sought when we opened the Door to Romance.

Unfortunately, no progress will be achieved while you’re here. There is no real ground to be gained when you’re adrift in a vast ocean of nothingness or even everything-ness. There is only more ocean. The problem with feeling adrift is that despite how vast and limitless your world actually is, you feel windows and doors slamming shut as possibilities end one by one. As you continue to drift, you continue to pass a series of exit points and safe harbors that would otherwise help you find your course again. This is because the energies that now exist are based on the aimless trajectory of the currents previously set in motion. You will continue to be carried nowhere and everywhere  simultaneously until you set directional intention. If you don’t? This leads to a future in which the World of possibilities becomes reversed.

The World is often a card of perspective. In its most optimistic light, the world almost seems boundless, because the possibilities are beyond our ability to comprehend. Without the proper anchor, however, the endless possibilities can become limiting and overwhelming. We become lost in the expanse. Unharnessed energy or improperly harnessed energy is rarely as effective.

If you’re feeling adrift and you’re not sure where to go next then the first step is establishing an anchor. You will never know where you’re at so long as you remain floating unattached in the ocean. Take a few minutes, breathe deeply, and ask yourself:

What am I doing? Who am I? Where am I at?

Take stock of your current situation. All good directions have a starting point from where the course is charted. It’s important to note yours. From there you can ask the questions:

What do I want to be doing? Who do I want to be? Where do I want to be?

Identifying your destination will help you narrow down ways to get you from where you’re at now to where you want to be. It’s okay if you can’t answer all of these questions now. Or perhaps you can but your answers are vague. You may only know you don’t want to be here doing this as the person currently are. That’s okay, too. You’ve taken the first steps in identifying that you’ve lost your anchor and you’ve drifted away from your path.

As you start to identify gaps between where you’re at and where you want to be, avenues to bridge these two divides will begin to appear. In fact, you’ll see that they’ve been there all along, you’ve just lost perspective. By acknowledging that you’ve drifted from your path and by setting your intentions to return to your path, you’re starting to take back control over the energy that has always existed, but this time you’re using it to fuel your momentum forward towards the destination you’ve wanted all along.

The purpose of an energy oracle reading is to identify the connections between our paths and our energies. When we open the door to manifest love, we need to ensure our anchors are secure so that we don’t lose sight of who we are, what we want, and where we want to be. By fixing our eyes on the future we’re hoping to manifest, we can ensure that the future we arrive at is the one we planned.

There’s nothing wrong with allowing ourselves to be swept away by the possibilities; the key is to do so safely. Tether yourself to desired outcomes so that when you drift, you don’t drift too far.

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