Psychic 101: I think I’m psychic – now what?

Do you want to know if you’re psychic? Are you sure?

Are you calm? Maybe make yourself a cuppa tea. Find a comfortable seat… you’ll want to sit down for this.

Of course you are psychic! Everyone is.

Do you know who was calling before you answered your phone? Are you unusually good at trivia regarding subjects that you shouldn’t know? Do you have an inherent sense of direction that perpetually keeps you from getting lost in new cities? When you see a photograph of someone, do you immediately sense how they were feeling? Do you sometimes feel like someone is in the room with you even when you’re alone? These are all example of psychic experiences!

In reality, being a psychic is filled with a lot of mundane-sounding events that serve as passing curiosities. They frequently impart on us the sensation that something unique happened then that feeling subsides and, along with it, our memory of the event. It’s the shared, “Oh, huh, isn’t that funny,” moments we collect throughout our lives. The difference between you and professional psychics is that they’ve chosen to develop their abilities. They train themselves to be open to psychic experience, learn to hone their skills, and control their psychic abilities.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

Having a psychic experience is one the most natural experiences because, in its most simplest form, a psychic experience is one in which you connect with energy on a psychic level (as opposed to a surface or superficial level). For example, shaking your hand is inherently a superficial or surface level action, but if that act of touching allows me to glean information about how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, where you came from, or what you’re about to do then you’ve also connected on a psychic level.

This connection is a connection of energy. Everything is comprised of energy. I’m energy. You’re energy. There’s energy in that blade of grass. The device on which you’re reading this? There’s energy in that, too. Establishing a psychic connection to these types of energies makes you a psychic.

Definition of Psychic Ability: psychic ability is the ability to connect with energy on a psychic level

Definition of Psychic: someone with psychic ability

The way, or medium, used to establish the connection varies. Imagine you’re driving down a long, empty highway. What does that vehicle look like? Is it a semi truck? Motorcycle? Hatchback? That vehicle is your medium. The Oxford dictionary defines the word medium like this:

Definition of Medium: An agency or means of doing something.

I am a psychic. My primary mediums for psychic expression are spiritual and physical which means that I primarily connect to the energy of Spirit within their body and outside of their body. Inside of the body refers to those “living” (you and I) whereas outside of the body refers to those who have passed on or exist outside of the body (e.g. our spiritual team).

So, how are you psychic?

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? The first step in the process is identifying how you’re medium. What is the vehicle you’re most naturally inclined to use to access energy on a psychic level? Do you have a deep connection to spirits? To technology? To nature? To places? To objects? If there’s some way to connect with the energy, then there’s a medium style associated with it. Below are some of the more common types of psychic mediums:

  • Spiritual Mediums: a psychic who connects to spirits that exist as energy outside of the physical body.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving death, the dying, or the dead (e.g. ghost hunters, medical examiners, pathologists, funeral home directors, etc).
    • Frequent Signs: Feeling like someone’s with you when you’re alone in the room, picking up on personality traits, emotions, or memories of someone who has passed.
    • What they do: Connects to those who have passed away; those who serve as spirit guides and as spirit guardians. Animal spirits are included here, too!
  • Physical Mediums: a psychic who connects to spirits that exist as energy inside the physical body.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving healing physical, mental, or emotional illnesses and trauma (e.g. medical doctor, veterinarian, and therapists).
    • Frequent Signs: Intuitively being able to understand the sources of pain, distress, thoughts, and feelings in other living beings.
    • What they do: Connects to those who have not passed away.
  • Precognitive Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of future events.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving the creation of something (e.g. business, architecture, etc), or the generation of something (e.g. finance, gambling, etc).
    • Frequent Signs: They have a sixth sense of what’s going to happen (what stocks to sell, where to purchase land for a new building, etc.)
    • What they do: Senses the culmination of energy building.
  • Postcognitive Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of past events.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving history, archaeology, or become museum curators.
    • Frequent Signs: That sense of dread attached to the past history of a place, “I don’t know what happened here but it was bad.” They also either passionately love historical sites or passionately hate historical sites because of how they feel when they visit them.
    • What they do: Senses the collection of residual energy at a location.
  • Technological Mediums: 
    • Frequent Professions: Cyber security, hacking, software engineering, technological repair roles, etc.
    • Frequent Signs: “I just knew [obscure or unlikely explanation] was the source of all your problems.” Being able to visually “mind map” electrical connections to diagnose issues or strengthen signals. Using technology in unconventional ways.
    • What they do: Psychically connects to electrical energies using technological devices
  • Travel Mediums: a psychic who connects to the energy of places.
    • Frequent Professions: drawn to professions involving location scouting, visual artistry (like makeup artists, set designers, or film directors), or travel.
    • Frequent Signs: “I had a dream about this place,” or, “I have a great sense of direction,” or, “I know the perfect setting for this story I’m writing.”
    • What they do: Connects to the energy of places.

Most people find themselves connecting to more than one type of psychic medium. This is entirely normal. However, there are one or two areas that you will find the strongest connection with. This is your spiritual team going, “there.” You’ll find yourself drawn to these type of psychic connections. You’ll find yourself most attracted to these types of careers.

Once you’ve established the type of medium you are, you’ll need to establish the way you access information. If the medium is the vehicle, your psychic abilities are the perks with that vehicle. What color is it? What’s the interior look like? What are you listening to on the radio? These are traditionally known as, “The Clairs.”

To put this all in perspective, I am a psychic. My primary connections are as a Spiritual Medium and Physical Medium. This means that I connect with the spirits of those living, those deceased, and those who are non-human entities (like your spiritual team).

As a Spiritual Medium and Physical Medium, I can use clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to gather information about the Spirit. This frequently includes their names, significant months or dates, occupation or hobby, if they passed then how, etc.

What about you? You can leave your comments below to talk about the ways in which you have expressed your psychic abilities!



This is Part 1 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

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