Medium Connections: Sign Language at the Lake

When we cross over into the afterlife, the ailments that plagued us in this life fade away. That bum knee or those old joints become problems of the past… of your former life. However, its those every day ailments that become some of the best pieces of validation for loved ones because it’s those unique disabilities and limitations that made you… you. When I spoke with “J”/”Bella”, it was important for her to tell me that she signed in her previous life so that her loved ones could help find her. We also choose how we want to exist in the afterlife. For J/Bella, she identified as someone who relied upon sign language, and this carried over into the afterlife.

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There were two names that were spoken in the reading: “J” name and “Bella”. I’m unsure which name belongs to Spirit and which name belongs to a loved one… or alternatively… if both names belong to Spirit. For the simplicity of this reading, I shall call her Bella, with no disrespect meant to her or her family.

When she came to me, her spirit was gentle, and subtle. Immediately, she made it clear to me that I would have to work for this reading, because this strain in communication was part of the message. In this life, she struggled with interacting with most strangers because there was no guarantee they signed in a manner and dialect that was accessible to her. It was an isolating experience (despite how hard her family tried to make her feel included). She covered her ears and wrapped her hands around her throat to signal that she had difficulty both hearing and speaking.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I’m supposed to acknowledge the presence of a little girl spirit who shows me spin-spin-spinning in her little red raincoat. She has shoulder length hair that’s brown in color. They spend so much time together in the afterlife – giggling and playing games. She shows the two of them dancing in radiant sunlight.

She passed when she was in her 20’s or 30’s. She did not want to waste the conversation discussing how she passed. She wanted to talk about how she lived and how those who survived her passing continue to live.

I’m seeing a car and a lake as though she is reminiscing about summer trips to the lake wrapped in the sun of an early autumn afternoon.

She would like me to acknowledge a blank canvas either acknowledging that she enjoyed painting or that she wants to acknowledge she’s with her loved ones while they paint.

To her parents: When you see butterflies and bird, this is me trying to get your attention, to let you know that I am there with you. She loved being outdoors and felt most connected when in nature. Whenever you sit outside and watch the birds, she is with you. There’s also a song that you play while you’re in the car. She’s there when you play it. You know the one. She can hear it, too, now.

* * *

Other pieces of evidence:

  • “Y” name connection via person, place, or thing
  • Rose connection
  • Jill or Joan connection – sounds like a one syllable J name
  • Bell or Bella – may be short for Isabella.
  • The numbers 3 and 6 (could be “36” referring to age, year, etc, or the numbers could be separate or together as in “there were six and now there are three”).


Monday Encouragement: Not all Good Ideas are “Good” for You

When you’re faced with choosing one future out of many alternatives, the choices can feel overwhelming. The reality is that everyone has several viable paths that would turn out swell. However, not all good ideas are good for you. This is a distinction worth keeping in mind when evaluating when path to take.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.

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Your Monday Oracle reading:

Monday Encouragement Card: Not for You

Today, we’re reminded that there are a lot of possibilities that exist in our future: we could be astronauts, doctors, dancers, or librarians. We could marry wealthy, we could marry artists, we could forgo marriage entirely and enter into a polyamorous relationship with two soulmates. We could spend our free time learning a new language, canning vegetables we grew in our garden, or climbing Everest. But should we?

The Not for You card is a reminder that just because we can envision it for ourselves doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something we should pursue. For example – if my priorities are to raise a beautiful, confident, and healthy family – I need to weigh which paths are most conducive to that. Being a roadie for my favorite band? Not an ideal environment to raise an infant.

We need to look deeper at our opportunities and really evaluate them for how they would translate to the other goals in our lives so that we don’t end up chasing two incompatible dreams. But remember: don’t spend too much time lost in thought. Opportunity knocks but if you don’t answer, it’s going to leave.

Psychic 101: Seeking Stillness

Not all psychic mediums use meditation. It’s possible to connect to energy without it. After all, you’ve been passively doing it your entire life. However, there is purpose in meditation. It serves an array of functions. Today, in my Psychic 101 series, we’re talking about meditation, troubleshooting problems with meditation, and how to gain the most out of your meditation to support your exploration of psychic abilities.

The Purpose of Meditation

There is power in a still mind. Meditation raises your vibration, opens you up to receiving messages from your spirit guides, restores internal balance, and increases your connection to the environment around you. All of these things can speed up the development of your psychic abilities.

Remember that connecting to energy for the purposes of mediumship requires you to set your vibration to the appropriate mhz or frequency at which the energy lives or vibrates. So, for example, if you want to contact Spirit, you have to raise your vibration because Spirit operates at a much higher frequency. Sure, you could get to the right level of vibration without meditation but meditation is such a quick and effective way to achieve it… so… really… why would you want to?

Using meditation as a way to communicate with Spirit is also useful because Spirit wants to help develop your gifts! That’s part of their job. Through meditation, communication with you is more fluid and open, allowing them to inspire you with ideas to exercise and develop your abilities.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a method for stilling the mind and transcending the state of normal waking consciousness.  The method varies. There’s breathing-based meditation, movement-based meditation, chanting-based meditation, guided meditation, coloring-based meditation, and laughing-based meditation for example The goal isn’t to chant, it’s to still the mind in order to reach a higher plane of consciousness, and chanting is just how some people do that.

Develop A Ritual

Developing a ritual assists meditations because it trains your mind and your body to transition into the meditative state much easier. However, it also allows you to set the focus (or intention) of your meditation by ritualizing communication with your spirit guides.

If you follow my Instagram account, it shouldn’t surprise you that I incorporate the use of candles for meditation, because I use candles for almost everything. However, what you may not know is that I incorporate the candle lighting with a prayer to my guides that sets my focus for the meditation for my highest good. The prayer goes something like this:

Spirit Guides,

With this candle, I set my intention to meditate for only my highest good,

And to call upon you for help with [insert problem].

You can make this as formal or informal as you need but ritualizing meditation is such an important part of the meditative process because it keeps your meditation goal-oriented and helps train you to rely upon your spirit guides. Further, the problem you’re asking help with doesn’t have to be related to the development of your psychic abilities. You can ask for help with a romantic conflict within your life, you can ask for advice on your career, or even how to develop better behavioral patterns (like meditation!).

Find your Style of Meditation

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Meditation is for everyone. If it hasn’t worked for you in the past, perhaps it’s because the style of meditation was simply a poor fit. The simple truth is that not everyone can sit still long enough to meditate in a sitting position. Some people have too much pain to meditate in any other position than the prone position. And sometimes people find it easier to still their mind if they put their bodies to work either by doodling, coloring, or even through movement (like yoga).

  • Sitting Meditation
  • Chanting Meditation
  • Laying Meditation
  • Movement Based Meditation
  • Laughing Meditation
  • Color Meditation
  • Guided Meditation

Trying to adhere to a meditation schedule using a style of meditation that simply doesn’t work with you only guarantees that you’re less motivated to meditate. If your jam is literally to turn on some music and dance in your undies – and that’s what stills your mind and allows you to transcend your level of consciousness – then jam on.

Play around. Find what works for you. Also start small. Try meditating for five minutes allows you to work your way up to a level that you can handle and have the desire to handle.

This is Part 5 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

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Retrospective: the Excitement of a Future Well Loved

By understanding how the past shaped the present which, in turn shapes the future, we become empowered to break tired cycles that no longer serve us and start pursuing elements that do. This week, we examined the inward transformation to help facilitate nudging your relationship into a partnership. Then we examined the energy that helps direct the relationship towards a happy commitment. Today, we spend a few moments in the future, taking in the fruits of our labor.

Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

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Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Birds

Card 2: Stork

You’ve controlled your emotions and successfully prevented dragging the relationship down with negative energy. You’ve nurtured the relationship like you would nurture a child. You invested in it. Planned for it. You diligently protected it. You’ve also given it the space it needed to expand itself into something encompassing, beautiful, and sustainable. Under your loving watch, it grew.

Now it is time to bask in the glow of love as your immature romance developed into a lifelong partnership. Congratulations. Can you feel the electricity in the air? Your heart’s speed increase?

It’s okay to be excited about a future full of love. To be excited about of a future of being well loved. Of loving well. Of reciprocity. Of companionship. In today’s Lenormand reading, we’re met with the cards Bird and Stork, which represent excitement and change.

It’s a call to remind ourselves on some days, especially Fridays, it’s okay to invite a little whimsy into our lives. It’s healthy to daydream about a future in which we’re happy and have found partners. It’s okay to remind ourselves what exactly we’re working towards.

So go ahead. Sit back. Kick your feet up. Close your eyes. And just dream.

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Medium Connection: ‘Bert and the Baby

Some spirits do double duty. They’re there not only to represent their loved one who has crossed over but to acknowledge the presence of other spirits who can’t speak for themselves: babies and animals. This was the case with ‘Bert.
Used with permission from Branch and Olive Photography –

When I first sensed ‘Bert’s presence, he immediately displayed himself as holding a very tiny baby swaddled in a white blanket and shared the words “Ok” and “Healthy.” His priority, even in the afterlife, was to ensure his loved ones had reassurance that their precious child was okay, healthy, and with family. This was the type of man ‘Bert still is.

Bert’s real first name sounds like Albert or Delbert and he appeared as an uniformed officer: olive green and pressed khaki pants. He had white hair, wore a fine mustache, glasses, and appeared to be in his 70’s when he passed.

He gives me a peek into his life as a young man with a family in the Midwest (Wisconsin?). That moment he comes home to his wife while she hangs laundry to dry on the clothes line. Their son playing with his red toy truck or car in the background. Happy memories.

Then he shares his experience towards the end of his time in his aging body. He was having trouble getting around. An unsteadiness on his feet that his loved ones noticed despite his attempts to conceal it. A natural decline to punctuate his time on earth. He transitioned into spirit due to pneumonia. He left behind his wife and family.

There’s a hesitation in reference to his wife. A separation there. I am supposed to acknowledge that since his passing, his wife has found companionship. I am also supposed to acknowledge that so long as she’s happy, he’s at peace with it. He knows he can’t be there in the way she needs.

He said that he isn’t too involved in the day-to-day affairs of his wife, child(ren?), and grandchildren. They’re all doing just fine. He watches them from afar, beaming with pride.

Understanding the Energy: Understanding Love

This week is all about the kind of love Etta James sang about when she crooned, “At Last”:

At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song, oh yeah
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up clover the night I looked at you

On Monday, we examined what it takes to evolve a relationship into a partnership and we learned that the focusing on being someone you would want to marry is key: interesting, compassionate, kind, forgiving, encouraging, and inspiring. It isn’t enough to fall in love once, a decade ago. Relationships take investment every day.

Today we examine the energy that can help carry your relationship from “significant other” to “committed” in the definition you want for your relationship.

Today’s Oracle reading is for you.


Your mid-week Oracle reading:

Past: Man Holding a Heart

Present: The Thinking Woman

Future: First Chakra, Archangel Michael

Unsurprisingly, our love reading starts with Man Holding a Heart in the past position, because this is where our love story begins: with someone holding our hearts. Love is action. It’s a verb. Where you spend your actions, your thoughts, and your intentions is where your energy gathers momentum.

Those who struggle with trusting their partner, who spend time criticizing their partner, or who discourage their partner will grow emotions of dislike, loathing, fear, and secrets. By trusting your partner, cheering your partner’s successes, and encouraging your partner’s willingness to try despite failures, you’re growing the momentum of energy in your relationship towards feelings like happiness, support, reliance, and shared intimacy.  In other words, how you spend your energy within a relationship will create energy to pull your relationship towards that direction.

You’ve invested love, kindness, and excitement into the relationship which brings us to the Thinking Woman in the present position. There are times for action and there are times for understanding. The Thinking Woman represents the latter. She sees how wonderful her relationship is, knows it has potential to evolve into something more, and is weighing her options on how to get there. The Thinking Woman is a card of retrospection and thoughtfulness. She is drawing energy into the relationship to fundamentally ensure that she and her beloved make it to safe and tranquil waters.

It’s still a gamble. There’s no guarantee she’ll make it. Yet the promise the future holds is worth risking the choppy waters. The Thinking Woman is a card that asks you to evaluate how you are spending energy in your relationship. Are you growing momentum in the areas that will lead to commitment or are you growing momentum in the areas that will ultimately lead to heartache?

When you spend time acting and thinking about a certain outcome, you draw energy towards that outcome, making it even more likely. In this case, the Thinking Woman is spending time infusing her relationship with the kind of emotions and commitment she wants to get out of the relationship. Ultimately, this takes her to the future card as represented by the First Chakra, Archangel Michael.

The First Chakra card is symbolic of being rooted or anchored in security. It’s attachment that helps stabilize us and keeps of anchored. If we invest the right kind of energies into our relationship keeping the outcome we desire in mind, we can manifest the realities we seek. We can find our security and safety in the First Chakra.

Psychic 101: Sensing Energy

If you’ve been following along in my Psychic 101 series, you’ve already discovered the first three steps you need to understand in order to tap into your psychic ability. This post is going to be the fourth.

They key to developing your psychic abilities:

  1. Determining the type of psychic you are
  2. Preparing yourself for psychic connections
  3. Setting the appropriate intention
  4. Sensing the energy

Everything is energy. I’m energy. You’re energy. The little olive tree growing in my office is energy. My house is powered by energy. I use energy to type this out. My six dogs have loads of energy. The cornerstone of using one’s psychic abilities is the ability to sense the energy they’re seeking. As a spiritual and physical psychic medium, the vast majority of my experience is limited to sensing the energy of Spirit. However, energy is energy which means there are some common themes in the sensation of energy.

Photo by Comfreak on Pixabay

Inherent in learning to control one’s gift is this implicit idea of usage. What’s the point of all of this when I can’t turn my gift “on” and use it? Using your gift to understand and tap into energy requires you to be able to perceive that energy.

You’re most natural way to sense energy is going to be dependent on the particular clairs you favor. For example, if you’re Clairgustant then energy might come in the form of a metallic taste. If you’re Clairaudient then you might be able to tune into your surroundings and hear the currents of energy (when my phone charger is plugged in, I can hear the buzz of connectivity). If you’re Clairvoyant then you might see waves of energy (like heat waves) disrupt the space around you. If you’re Clairsentient, you might feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end or the subtle drop in temperature.

Exercise 1: Sense Energies
  1. Go through the list of clairs and “check in” with yourself to make sure you understand your current state. For example: asking yourself how your mouth currently tastes will help you identify a subtle change in taste if you experience a energy through taste.
  2. Breathe deeply. Hold. Set your intention to clear your thoughts. Release them as you exhale. Repeat until you find yourself centered in the moment and to your environment.
  3. Set your intention to tune in to your environment and ask your spirit guides to help you sense energies
  4. Select the type of energy source you want to sense and go through the list of Clairs asking if you notice any differences since you checked in with yourself
  5. If you’re trying to sense Spirit then you will need to invite Spirit in. Start by inviting in a loved one who passed awhile ago. Explain to them what you’re trying to do. Invite them to give you a sensation to let you know they are present.

Rinse and repeat as often as you can throughout your day, your week, and your month. Always anchor yourself to your environment, evaluate how you feel, and then open yourself to sensing the energy.

In this exercise, there is no judgment or evaluation, you’re just trying to determine what you naturally perceive using your psychic gifts. This can be with your eyes open or closed.

Have fun with it! Does the energy in your remote feel different than the energy in your phone? What about the energy in your pet? Run your hand over blades of grass and see if you can sense energy. Hover your hands above loved ones and get a feeling for their energies. Even rocks and gems have their own energies! If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll frequently see the use of gemwork in my readings because I channel the energies of my stones to help strengthen both my connection and my Clair experiences.

Eventually, you will start being able to sense energies. It’s okay if you can’t sense all energies of all the things. To be quite frank: that sounds exhausting. However, focus on the energies to which you would specifically like to connect. You also may not be able to sense energies immediately so please don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. I promise it gets easier.

Photo by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Exercise 2: Learn to pair energies with identification

Once you learn to sense energies, you can start learning to pair energies with their type and even distinguish energies among the same types things. For example, your cell phone and your laptop are both electronic devices, yet if you tune in to each energy then you can distinguish the subtle differences between them. Similarly, making a physical connection with Spirit feels entirely different than making a spiritual connection with Spirit.

I have six – yes six – large breed dogs that like to roam in our rural fenced in yard. Each of my dogs has a distinctive energy signature that allows me to know which one of my fury familiars has entered the room to lay at my feet without me looking up.

With enough exposure to energies, you will also be able to identify who walks into the room without looking, even if they’re in Spirit!

With this exercise start testing yourself until you can easily, quickly, and correctly identify the energies you wish to perceive. This test works best with your eyes closed but you can also enlist the help of a friend. You can use a basket full of electronics that are turned on/active. You can use this by having friends stand in front of you while you sense their energies. Can you picture the thing you’re sensing in your mind’s eye? Can you hear the thing you’re sensing? Can you feel the thing you’re sensing? Can you taste it? Immerse yourself in the experience of these energies.

Don’t forget to invite your Spirit Guides into this exercise. Allow them to give you ideas. They’re experts in you and helping you grow your abilities.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Exercise 3: Learn to pair energies with understanding

Once you learn how to identify what by sensing the energy, you need to start practicing perceiving the health of that energy. For my technical mediums, this will help you identify any blockages in the currents. For my empaths, this will help you identify the emotions bombarding you (is this a happy emotion and that’s why I’m feeling anxious? is this a sad emotion and that’s why I’m feeling drained? For my physical mediums, this will help you identify areas of pain on someone’s body so that way you can offer the proper treatments.

For this exercise – you will need to work with your knowledge of the energy you’re reading.

For example: if you’re reading your mom, have her mentally identify where she’s aching, close your eyes and just connect with her energy to identify those pain points. You can try physically holding hands with her. You can try hovering your hand over her.

Similarly, if you’re reading your electronic devices, now would be a good time to tax your systems with a heavy energy load to see what that feels like.

What does a happy, healthy energy feel like? What does a blocked energy feel like?

Exercise 4: Now take it on the road

Finally, it is time to combine all of these exercises into one and immerse yourself in a new environment with new things you haven’t sensed. Put your abilities to the test by sitting in a food court and allowing the energies of others wash over you. Stand in the technology section or electronics section and start sensing. Be among nature, close your eyes, and just sense.

You will soon start identifying the same states of health in others that you identified in your mother, in your overtaxed gaming computer, and so forth. You will realize that you don’t have to know a person to know a person. One’s unique energy is expressed in ways that you can perceive.

This will help protect you as you advance your gifts. Eventually, you’ll be able to identify energies that are negative or harmful and quickly avoid them without first getting hurt or drained by them.

One final note: 

Connecting with energy is draining.

Remember to stay hydrated (water is an excellent conductor for energy).

Remember to stay fueled with high vibrational foods like fruit and vegetables.

This is Part 4 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

You can read Part 1 titled, “Psychic 101: I Think I’m Psychic – Now What?” here.

You can read Part 2 titled, “Psychic 101: Learning how to control your gift” here.

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Retrospective: The Family that Dreams Build

This week has been a heavy week in the midst of an exciting and rejuvenating period. As our souls cried for more freedom to be our authentic true selves, reality got in the way, and we found ourselves weighed down by the conflicts that arose from walking the road less traveled. We also understand that our souls need this. We travel the road less traveled for ourselves so that we can create the energy that takes us to unfathomable victories.


Today’s Lenormand reading is for you.

By Free Photos on Pixabay


Your end-of-week retrospective reading:

Card 1: Star

Card 2: House

Growth can be painful. We even have a phrase to describe it: growing pains. Sometimes this means shedding people, behavior, attitudes, and attachments that either no longer serve your highest good or, worse, are counterproductive for your highest good. The road less traveled, as we learned in Monday’s Encouragement message, isn’t always easy because not everyone understands why you feel compelled to take the riskier, more dangerous, less reliable route at this point in time. Not everyone is on the same development schedule.

The Star card talks about you following your own path to becoming the most authentic person to serve your highest good. As you evolve and transform into the person you were meant to be, those who love you enough to support your growth aren’t going anywhere. They will champion you. They will be excited to learn about who you are on the path to becoming. You also become an inspiration to those around you who needed the incentive, the desire, and the curiosity to follow their own bliss. Transformation is contagious.

The energy you’re utilizing will attract those who want to help you co-create the future you seek; the energy you’re utilizing will repel those who want to hurt the future you seek. This may mean that there could be unexpected changes to your friends and family. Not all of those changes may be good. However, it’s important to note that Home is what you make it. It is filled with those who bring you pleasure, those you fulfill, and the memories you choose to make together.

When you follow your dreams, you find your family.

Understanding the Energy: When you do things for YOU

You made the commitment to yourself to prioritize you. You may not have known it at that time but this is what led you to this place. You were tired of coming last in your own life. If your life were a play, you would have been secondary character who holds the umbrella. Now, you find yourself on the road less traveled, isolating people whom you’ve outgrown, and dare I say anticipating the future… How on earth did you get here? Let’s take a look at the energy that brought you here and where it’ll lead.

Your Wednesday Energy Reading:

by Victoria_Borodinova @ Pixabay

Past: Door to Personal Healing and Happiness

Present: Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel

Future: The Thinking Woman

Changing the energy that informs and guides the outcome of a situation may seem mystical in nature but it does not require donning a white beard and pointy hat. In fact, when you entered through the Door to Personal Healing and Happiness, you fundamentally set into motion a counter current of energy to help you manifest what would aid in your healing and happiness. It may have been something as simple as skipping fast food for lunch and opting for something lighter and more healthy. It may have been something as simple as realizing that you are, in fact, a true badass.

Suddenly, with that single action or thought, you opened up a new set of possible outcomes. Swapping the burger out for the salad today may inspire you to start making your own salads more often which could lead to weight loss, longevity, better moods, and better mental health that you may not have otherwise encountered if not for that single decision of, “Hey, they salad looks pretty good. I’ll try it.” Similarly, realizing that you’re pretty awesome may result in you accepting challenges that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered and this could lead to promotions, more recognition, and more self-confidence.

That single action or thought introduced a counter current with the potential to completely alter the outcome of the road you were on. This is how powerful you are. Your thoughts have power because they harness the energy all around you. That pull of energy – walking through that door to a healthier you – has led you to where you are today: on the road less traveled.  While we know the likely outcome of your current path, the obstacles you may encounter along the way, we have yet to explore the current energies manifesting around you as you traverse your new path and where those energies are likely to take you.

In today’s Oracle reading, we find ourselves in the present, represented by the Second Chakra, Archangel Ariel, known for inspiring creativity and confidence in one’s self. Taking care of yourself is an investment in you. It’s an investment in your ability to be a co-creator alongside Spirit for your best and possible highest good. It’s signaling to the universe that you recognize, if even only a fraction, your own power. This makes the Second Charka card is a powerful energy card to see in the present because the moment we recognize we’re powerful, we become unstoppable. The moment we realize that our thoughts can change the outcome of something, we start developing our thoughts to create the outcomes we want. Our power turns into the energy we need to manifest the future we desire. In this situation, the energy current you’re riding will lead to the Thinking Woman.

The Thinking Woman is a renaissance woman who faces fear with logic and intuition. Who is courageously open to the unknown. Who takes big risks to gain the big rewards we would otherwise only fantasize about. The Thinking Woman is someone who goes enough places, does enough things, and sees enough miracles to write best selling memoirs. You are sitting atop all of the energy you need to make all of your dreams come true. All you need to do is harness it.

And to think that all of it started with that decision to prioritize your wellness and happiness because that gave you the courage and curiosity to walk the road less traveled.


Interview with Spirit: More Question And Answers About The Afterlife!

Last week, my mother and I channeled a loved one separately to ask the same series of questions that we frequently receive as psychic mediums. We’re back this week with a different loved one and a different set of questions!

For today’s interview, we opted to channel my second cousin, who is now in Spirit.

Every question asked was answered. After comparing notes, we found that each of our answers matched in both content but also pauses and hesitations.

Photo by Johannes Plenio @ pexels

Here are the Questions and Answers from our sessions with our cousin:

Question: Are there chores in the afterlife?

Answer: There can be if you want them. I like to keep my place tidy, garden, and dust for company but you don’t have to do these things if you do not want to. But what else am I going to do with my time? Chores can also be used for personal growth.


Question: Is there a heaven above us?

Answer: The afterlife is all around us. We occupy the same areas but in a different “pocket.”


Question: Is it evil to contact the deceased?

Answer: [laughter] Not unless you want it to be. You can use it for bad or good.


Question: Can you smoke, drink, and do drugs in the afterlife?

Answer: You can if you want. I occasionally drink see no need for that other stuff.


Question: Is there a “correct” religion?

Answer: [laughter] No and everyone can choose their beliefs.

* * *

Do you have questions you want answered? Leave a comment below!