Psychic 101: Sensing Energy

If you’ve been following along in my Psychic 101 series, you’ve already discovered the first three steps you need to understand in order to tap into your psychic ability. This post is going to be the fourth.

They key to developing your psychic abilities:

  1. Determining the type of psychic you are
  2. Preparing yourself for psychic connections
  3. Setting the appropriate intention
  4. Sensing the energy

Everything is energy. I’m energy. You’re energy. The little olive tree growing in my office is energy. My house is powered by energy. I use energy to type this out. My six dogs have loads of energy. The cornerstone of using one’s psychic abilities is the ability to sense the energy they’re seeking. As a spiritual and physical psychic medium, the vast majority of my experience is limited to sensing the energy of Spirit. However, energy is energy which means there are some common themes in the sensation of energy.

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Inherent in learning to control one’s gift is this implicit idea of usage. What’s the point of all of this when I can’t turn my gift “on” and use it? Using your gift to understand and tap into energy requires you to be able to perceive that energy.

You’re most natural way to sense energy is going to be dependent on the particular clairs you favor. For example, if you’re Clairgustant then energy might come in the form of a metallic taste. If you’re Clairaudient then you might be able to tune into your surroundings and hear the currents of energy (when my phone charger is plugged in, I can hear the buzz of connectivity). If you’re Clairvoyant then you might see waves of energy (like heat waves) disrupt the space around you. If you’re Clairsentient, you might feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end or the subtle drop in temperature.

Exercise 1: Sense Energies
  1. Go through the list of clairs and “check in” with yourself to make sure you understand your current state. For example: asking yourself how your mouth currently tastes will help you identify a subtle change in taste if you experience a energy through taste.
  2. Breathe deeply. Hold. Set your intention to clear your thoughts. Release them as you exhale. Repeat until you find yourself centered in the moment and to your environment.
  3. Set your intention to tune in to your environment and ask your spirit guides to help you sense energies
  4. Select the type of energy source you want to sense and go through the list of Clairs asking if you notice any differences since you checked in with yourself
  5. If you’re trying to sense Spirit then you will need to invite Spirit in. Start by inviting in a loved one who passed awhile ago. Explain to them what you’re trying to do. Invite them to give you a sensation to let you know they are present.

Rinse and repeat as often as you can throughout your day, your week, and your month. Always anchor yourself to your environment, evaluate how you feel, and then open yourself to sensing the energy.

In this exercise, there is no judgment or evaluation, you’re just trying to determine what you naturally perceive using your psychic gifts. This can be with your eyes open or closed.

Have fun with it! Does the energy in your remote feel different than the energy in your phone? What about the energy in your pet? Run your hand over blades of grass and see if you can sense energy. Hover your hands above loved ones and get a feeling for their energies. Even rocks and gems have their own energies! If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll frequently see the use of gemwork in my readings because I channel the energies of my stones to help strengthen both my connection and my Clair experiences.

Eventually, you will start being able to sense energies. It’s okay if you can’t sense all energies of all the things. To be quite frank: that sounds exhausting. However, focus on the energies to which you would specifically like to connect. You also may not be able to sense energies immediately so please don’t allow yourself to become discouraged. I promise it gets easier.

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Exercise 2: Learn to pair energies with identification

Once you learn to sense energies, you can start learning to pair energies with their type and even distinguish energies among the same types things. For example, your cell phone and your laptop are both electronic devices, yet if you tune in to each energy then you can distinguish the subtle differences between them. Similarly, making a physical connection with Spirit feels entirely different than making a spiritual connection with Spirit.

I have six – yes six – large breed dogs that like to roam in our rural fenced in yard. Each of my dogs has a distinctive energy signature that allows me to know which one of my fury familiars has entered the room to lay at my feet without me looking up.

With enough exposure to energies, you will also be able to identify who walks into the room without looking, even if they’re in Spirit!

With this exercise start testing yourself until you can easily, quickly, and correctly identify the energies you wish to perceive. This test works best with your eyes closed but you can also enlist the help of a friend. You can use a basket full of electronics that are turned on/active. You can use this by having friends stand in front of you while you sense their energies. Can you picture the thing you’re sensing in your mind’s eye? Can you hear the thing you’re sensing? Can you feel the thing you’re sensing? Can you taste it? Immerse yourself in the experience of these energies.

Don’t forget to invite your Spirit Guides into this exercise. Allow them to give you ideas. They’re experts in you and helping you grow your abilities.

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Exercise 3: Learn to pair energies with understanding

Once you learn how to identify what by sensing the energy, you need to start practicing perceiving the health of that energy. For my technical mediums, this will help you identify any blockages in the currents. For my empaths, this will help you identify the emotions bombarding you (is this a happy emotion and that’s why I’m feeling anxious? is this a sad emotion and that’s why I’m feeling drained? For my physical mediums, this will help you identify areas of pain on someone’s body so that way you can offer the proper treatments.

For this exercise – you will need to work with your knowledge of the energy you’re reading.

For example: if you’re reading your mom, have her mentally identify where she’s aching, close your eyes and just connect with her energy to identify those pain points. You can try physically holding hands with her. You can try hovering your hand over her.

Similarly, if you’re reading your electronic devices, now would be a good time to tax your systems with a heavy energy load to see what that feels like.

What does a happy, healthy energy feel like? What does a blocked energy feel like?

Exercise 4: Now take it on the road

Finally, it is time to combine all of these exercises into one and immerse yourself in a new environment with new things you haven’t sensed. Put your abilities to the test by sitting in a food court and allowing the energies of others wash over you. Stand in the technology section or electronics section and start sensing. Be among nature, close your eyes, and just sense.

You will soon start identifying the same states of health in others that you identified in your mother, in your overtaxed gaming computer, and so forth. You will realize that you don’t have to know a person to know a person. One’s unique energy is expressed in ways that you can perceive.

This will help protect you as you advance your gifts. Eventually, you’ll be able to identify energies that are negative or harmful and quickly avoid them without first getting hurt or drained by them.

One final note: 

Connecting with energy is draining.

Remember to stay hydrated (water is an excellent conductor for energy).

Remember to stay fueled with high vibrational foods like fruit and vegetables.

This is Part 4 in my Psychic 101 Series. The purpose of this series is to help you discover your psychic abilities, learn how to control your psychic abilities, and how you can master them.

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