Weekly Forecast: The Art of Learning Grit

There’s this belief that if something was meant to be, all of the stars would align to guarantee it, and all obstacles would crumble away. This is, more or less, nonsense. Inevitably, some things in life will just fall in to place for you for better or worse. However, things destined to propel us forward towards our highest good may not necessarily feel very good and it’s certainly not promised to be without pain.

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.

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Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Knight of Cups

Present: The Hierophant

Future: Strength

Advice: Four of Swords

Sometimes, you don’t recognize the person you once were. The inexperienced Knight of Cups had passionate conviction. An unshakable idealism that caused conflict internally and externally as those struggled under the weight of expectations. You knew how things ought to be. You immediately sensed when things weren’t right. The young knight’s emotions were still maturing and developing the complexities to capture the messy, beautiful creatures we are. It’s been a process of failure, forgiveness, success, and celebration but it has made you into the person you are now: the Hierophant.

The inexperienced and innocent knight has given way to authority and expertise. You’re confident now. You know what you know. It hasn’t been an easy road but it’s one that has taught you things allow you to exude the air of mastery. It’s okay to be bold in the knowledge that you’re an expert whether it be an expert in being a partner in a relationship, a master of your trade, or the mastery of a craft… you’ve stuck it out and that’s worth acknowledging.

However, it’s important to continue pursuing growth, less complacency erode the foundation upon which your pride has been built. In the future, we see the Strength card, which is both a warning and reassurance: you will be tested and you’ve got this.

I know it sometimes feels like you’ve crested the top of the mountain only to find more mountain to climb instead of the steady decline you were expecting. After so much hard work, effort, and skill we all hope to just reach a point where we can say, “I did it,” celebrate that moment, and then coast the rest of the way down. However, that’s not in the cards for every one for every thing.

This may be the few years you’re hoping to handle with grace before a well earned retirement. It may be that bittersweet moment that empty nesters feel as their young leave home for the first time. It may be that moment right after the last final exam for the last class that stands between you and your diploma. It could be that knowledge of finding the one or the moment that those fertility treatments create a baby. Regardless of what brought you here, the warning is that the battle isn’t over yet, but also that you’ve got this.

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The advice given is the Four of Swords which reminds you of the importance of inward reflection and ascension gained through meditation. You’re not going to find what you need by looking outside of yourself because the type of strength that will be required of you is one grown from within. The grit of survival cannot be imparted upon you by someone outside of you, it can only be developed over the lifetime of struggles you’ve endured. It’s time to recognize you’ve prepared yourself for this moment and seize it.

The role of meditation also serves as a secondary but essential practice: guidance. Everything may not happen for a reason. Divine timing may truly suck at times. Life’s irony can be a bitter pill to swallow. That isn’t to say there aren’t lessons to be learned and opportunities for growth in our adversity.

Ensure that you define your obstacles; that you leave them behind you as you stroll away in victory. Don’t allow your obstacles define you or the journey that lies ahead.


Weekly Forecast: Staying Optimistic on the Road Less Traveled

Not everyone chooses the road less traveled but you’re not everyone. You knew it would be difficult. You knew it would sometimes be lonely. But you also knew it would be worth it. It’s like scaling a mountain just before dawn to see the sunrise. It’s the pregnancy and labor to usher in a new life. It’s risking heartache only to find the love of your life. The problem is that the distance between where you’re at and where you’ll end up is filled with a lot of work and sometimes we all need a little encouragement along the way.

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.


Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Two of Wands

Present: Eight of Cups

Future: Strength

Advice: Knight of Cups

The Two of Wands talks about a fork in the road between two equally desirable paths: an easily traversed well maintained road already mapped or an interesting hidden path filled with exciting possibilities but more difficult terrain. You know the first road leads to a destination you desire but there’s something about the unknown that had your attention…

Photo by Anton Atanasov from Pexels

Perhaps you had played it safe too many times and felt the call of the wild. Or maybe you hate playing it safe and always felt compelled to take the unexpected path. Either way, you found yourself pushing away branches, thick with web, and took your first step on a new path. The thrill of adventure vibrated within.

Was this a new love for you? A new job? Or had you abandoned your career entirely for something more satisfying and fulfilling? Either way, you found yourself swept away by the lure and romance of becoming a pioneer. You embarked into the unknown. Now you find yourself in the midst of a transformation you hadn’t expected.

The road less traveled isn’t an easy road. It isn’t a road for everyone. It isn’t a road for all occasions. But it was the road for you at the exact moment you needed it. Have you realized the changes that started to take root within you? As you moved into the Eight of Cups, you’re not quite the same person you were before you started, when you were weighing two possibilities. The journey that brought you to this moment in time has mirrored the path in the most fascinating example of synchronicity. You have evolved for better and worse. You have developed new rough edges and while smoothing over previously raw cuts.

All of this leads to a future represented by the Strength card as you have a better understanding of what you’re capable of doing. You now have more grit, more depth, and have a better grasp on your own power. You will emerge out of the other side of the path into new territory uncharted for you. Are you excited?

The advice card is the Knight of Cups which reminds you to enjoy the journey, be open to the possible outcomes, and never lose your sense of wonder. A well balanced person requires the strength to survive but also needs the imagination to thrive. After all, eventually, all roads end. It’ll be up to you to write the adventure that follows. Don’t tire yourself out on the journey. Don’t get too focused on the sheer amount of effort required of you. Don’t forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of being on a road unseen by most.