Weekly Forecast: To Transition from Love to Commitment

In the beginning, all love begins as immature love, in which two or more people come together and figure out how to love themselves and each other within the context of a new relationship. Sometimes, love never evolves, and fizzles. These affairs of the heart are like fireworks that explode into the night sky, beautiful and intense, before falling to ashes leaving only bittersweet memories. However, some affairs of the heart become stars when they ignite in the sky.

Today’s Weekly Tarot Forecast is for you.

Your weekly Tarot Forecast:

Past: Page of Cups

Present: The Sun

Future: Four of Wands

Advice: Queen of Wands

Some relationships are just not meant to survive indefinitely. They begin and end with the Page of Cups never fully gaining momentum beyond the innocent and fresh new love phase. This is okay. Not all relationships should transform into partnerships. Some relationships are simply best in short, delicious bites like desserts. Some relationships have the energy and the dedication it takes to evolve from a fleeting tryst to a long-term partnership.

What kind of relationship do you have? What kind of relationship do you want? Are you on the road to get there or has your path diverted towards an unknown outcome? As a Tarot reader and psychic, I’m often asked for relationship advice because the desire to continue growing with the one you love is a common question a lot of people ask at some point.

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The key to a successful long-term partnership is to understand that the Page of Cups isn’t sustainable. Ultimately, it’s kind of nice being with someone who knows your mom’s secret cold remedy for when you’re feeling under the weather. It’s delightful being with someone who knows how you make your coffee. It’s sublime to just exist with your lover. In a long-term partnership, the Page of Cups abandons chasing the feeling of falling in love to experiencing the existence of being in love as represented by the Sun.

At this point, a lot of relationships aren’t sure where to go from here, because the type of excitement you receive in being in a long-term relationship is different than the roller coaster ride of falling in love. Because having known someone doesn’t always give lovers the freedom to continue growing as independent spirits. Because growing as independent spirits sometimes means growing apart. Because, it is at this point, that the mundane grind of daily events, lack of money, and lack of freedom wear down a relationship at its weakest points.

So how does one transition from the enjoyment under the Sun and into the celebration of unity as expressed by the Four of Wands? Through the Queen of Wands.

The advice is to be the person you want to fall in love with every day. Be kind. Be compassionate. Inspire. Love. Be loved. Don’t take for granted and don’t be taken for granted. Don’t allow the daily grind to wear down your love for each other and don’t allow it to make you dull. Find new ways to grow independently and with each other. Prioritize your love for each other over your occasional unhappiness with the temporary circumstances you find yourselves in.

Weekly Forecast: the Essential Nature of Self-Care

Sometimes, it feels like we’re stuck in a hamster wheel. We’re running, running, running but we never seem to be moving forward. Our location remains fixed. The same amount of work that existed yesterday exists today. The same bills that existed last month exist this month. The same financial shortfalls that force you to stretch your money from pay to pay never end. Life feels like an endless loop. And the question remains, “How on earth am I working this hard but not even a little closer to achieving my goals?”

Today’s Tarot reading is for you.

Your Weekly Tarot Forecast reading:

Past: Three of Wands

Present: Ace of Swords

Future: Page of Swords

Advice: The Sun

Here’s the thing. The universe knows how hard you’ve been working. The universe knows how dedicated you’ve been. This is acknowledged by the Three of Wands appearing in the past position. The Three of Wands is a card representative of both hard work and dedication. It’s the card that is frequently accompanied by cards heralding in success, balloons, and a fantastic victory dance montage.

But what about you? Where are your balloon waterfalls and victory dance montages? Where is your success card? You’re in the present, exhausted by the effort you’ve put forth, and yet it feels like you’ve gained no ground. Your success card is missing. You’re not closer to your goals. Where’s the balance to your hard work?

The Ace of Swords is in your present position and is here to symbolize your moment of clarity. Something isn’t working. You realize that continuing to do exactly what you were doing will not yield different results. You’re not opposed to hard work. When it has to be done, you’re the first to roll up your sleeves. But there is nothing to gain from spinning your wheels.

There is an obstacle in your path and it is blocking your hard work from achieving the outcome you’re trying to build. Do you know what it is yet? Perhaps you’re not sure. You’ve done everything by the book. You’re doing exactly what others have done to more successful results. Perhaps you know exactly what the problem is but the solution is an elusive devil that keeps dodging your grip.

The Page of Swords is around the corner and is here to deliver the epiphany you need to crush your obstacles and finally move forward. In the future position, this card promises to deliver a future of insight and inspiration. That a-ha moment will happen… if….

You embrace the advice of The Sun Card.

Last week, in our weekly retrospective, we talked about how lessons not heeded will repeat themselves in future readings. The Universe is quiet in her guidance but she is unwavered and persistent. The Sun Card appeared in the last Weekly Tarot Forecast reading, too, which tells us that we are still not following the following the path lit by the Sun.

The Sun is a card about the expression of joy in the ways that fuel, inspire, and motivate you whether that be time spent curled up with a good book to tackling that hiking trail with friends or family. Last week, the Sun told you that the universe has so many blessings in store for you if you open yourself up to them. But you have to open yourself up to them.

This week, the message is a little stronger and more prescriptive.

Here the advice is clear: you are burning yourself out. You need to take time and space for self-care. Even if that means the dishes aren’t getting done as often. Even if that means laundry piles just a little more between loads. Even if that means you have to delegate a few more tasks out to others. You are being overburdened and, as a result, that creative and problem solving genius inside of you is too over-tasked.

It also good advice to re-evaluate your current outlets to determine if they’re contributing to your stress. You may love games but when you’re playing them – how do they make you feel? How often to do you end the gaming session with more anxiety than when you started? How might these activities rob us of the enlightenment we’re seeking? Last week’s reading on Understanding the Energy reminds us that for all plans, we must anchor ourselves to our outcomes, less we find ourselves lost and adrift.

The same is true for the series we binge watch, the friends that occupy our time, celebrity gossip blogs we browse, and other ways we opt to unwind.

We don’t have to purge all of these influences in our life but we need to be mindful of how they make us feel and the cost of energy associated with them. These activities all consume energy but are they also replenishing your energy? These activities all require mental components; are they breaking down mental blocks or reinforcing them?

By establishing the roots of self-examination, we can focus our efforts in spending more time on the right kind of activities that will fuel us because our fight is not over. The success card is not yet in our future. By shifting away from behaviors that drain our energy and leave us anxious towards activities that fill us with energy and inspire us, we can move forward. It’s written in the cards. The Page of Swords is ready and awaiting you to make time for yourself to rejuvenate with the Sun.


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Weekly Forecast: The Gift of Balance

Life has felt like a struggle lately, hasn’t it? That feeling of being pulled a thousand ways all at once and, at the end of the day, there’s not enough left of you for you. There’s not enough time left for you to recharge. There’s not enough energy left for self-care. There’s simply not enough. There’s an imbalance in your life and it is wearing you down. You’re not sure how long you can sustain this pace. Yet, every day, you find yourself rising to the challenge. Because you’re a warrior. Because you’re a lover. Because you’re a saint.

Today’s Tarot reading is for you.

Your daily Tarot card reading:

Past: Two of Coins

Present: The Sun

Future: Queen of Swords

Outcome: Two of Swords



For you, the Two of Coins, acknowledges how hard you work for everyone else, and how little you do for you. The Two of Coins is a card for jugglers, for tightrope walkers, and the other agile unsung heroes that live life balancing the needs of everyone else against their own needs.

How often do you feel like your effort goes unnoticed? This card is the universe’s way of saying, “You’re not alone. I notice everything you do.” Being acknowledged for what you do for everyone else is important to feeling valued as a person and not merely as a delivery management system for solutions. And, unfortunately, when we nurture relationships in which we are always the solution, it sometimes leaves little time for us to also express wants, needs, and problems of our own. Remember: we teach people how we want to be treated. Are you satisfied with what you’re teaching those who depend on you?

There is nothing selfish about engaging in self-care, self-love, and self-protection. After all, if you don’t take care of you, you’re less likely to have the same level of energy in the future, you’re more likely to find yourself feeling under the weather, and you’re less likely to live in a state of contentment. As your fuel depletes, you’ll find yourself running on empty more often, and then what?

There’s also nothing selfish about communicating your needs, wants, and desires to your loved ones. They don’t bat an eye when it comes to asking you, why should you bat an eye asking them? You serve them because you love them. It’s time to allow others to show you how much they love you by serving you.

Expressing your needs, feelings, and desires to your loved one is a great reminder that you’re a spirit, too. Just like them. I know it frequently seems like you’re spirit by day and superhero by night but that isn’t fair to you, it’s not healthy for you, and it’s not sustainable with you.

It’s time to leave these habits that no longer serve you in the past and enter into a new phase of your life. Step out into the warm glow of The Sun.

There are several benefits of finding a healthier way to balance your needs against the needs of the world which means there are several reasons for you to start today.

  • You deserve harmony. Things are already too chaotic. Aim to make things simpler. Allowing other people to meet your needs, care for you, and protect you will improve the harmony in your relationships which will reduce conflict, tension, and disharmony.
  • It makes the world a better place. Everyone deserve to give and take. Everyone has needs to be satisfied and gifts to be given. By ensuring your personal relationships are more equally balanced, you’re teaching them the importance of balance, how to find balance in their relationships, and how to be mindful of the needs of others.
  • It reminds you of how spectacular and awesome you are. Sometimes it’s necessary to put yourselves first just because you need that reminder that we really are that important. When was the last time you romanced yourself with a candlelit bath? When was the last time you took care of yourself with your favorite decadent meal? When was the last time you spoiled you? You deserve it.

In this reading, the Sun is about saying yes to you. The message is designed to advise you on how to move forward into a new dawn. To step out into the sun and allow yourself to be warmed by the joys that life can bring. Not in excess but in balance and towards a greater balance because a life unbalanced leads to a future with the Queen of Swords.

The Queen of Swords is aptly named. Graceful, elegant, and absolutely beautiful. When the sun hits her just right, she casts light onto everything. However, there’s a darker side to the Queen of Swords. A sharper side. She is, after all, a sword. She can be used for self defense just as easily as she can be used as a weapon for aggression.

What becomes of someone who allows herself to be reduced to a means for everyone else’s satisfaction? How does she feel about herself? How do those around her learn how to meet her needs? The Three of Swords talks about one potential ending: heartbreak. Expectations are lowered until they become nothing. Resentment increases until it spoils what is good. Distance becomes the only tool to prevent relationships from further souring. Loneliness.

Remember that you have the power right now to change this outcome.

By stepping out into the joy and happiness offered by the Sun, you’re stepping out into a future that is brighter, full of love, and fairer for everyone. Including you.

Your Spirit Guide cares about you. They want happiness for you. They’ve sent me to deliver this message to you in hopes that it will guide you towards a path of balanced giving and receiving. Someone who works so hard for so many people is full of love and deserves to be loved.

Take this opportunity to evaluate the relationships in your life to ensure that you’re sending the right messages about balanced reciprocity. Evaluate your patterns of behavior to make sure you’re setting yourself up for a future in the Sun by living in the Sun today.

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