Starting out as a new business owner, especially one in such a competitive industry of talented psychic mediums, I rely on word of mouth and positive feedback. Please leave your positive experiences.

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Alicia F

Jessica gave me an online reading several months ago that was phenomonal. She was able to connect me with those I’ve loved and lost, and those I never met but who’d known me for an eternity. Her mediumship is professional and detailed yet intuitive, caring, and uniquely empathetic. Finding a medium to trust is a difficult task because most people are unsure of how to judge the effectiveness or ethics of the person they’ve chosen to help them. From her very first message, she told me things that no one – Google search or not – could have ever known.… Read more »


She did a reading for me through message. I always figured in order to get a reading I would have to be in the same room. She had many people in my family who have passed to come though. She even answered any questions I had. We might not have met in person but she was able to give me an accurate reading. Thank you so much!


I am completely blown away by Jessica’s gifts. After my brother passed away I felt a strong urge to hear from him and she was able to connect with him, multiple times! My mom and I both feel happy and comforted by the things Jessica has provided. She’s a very caring and thoughtful person, each email full of love. I’m so grateful I met her! As my mom says “you’ve found a good one.” I would recommend her to anyone I know seeking psychic or medium services.


Such an amazing person. Everything was spot on and written with such love. Thank you so much.


Can’t express how much appreciation I have towards Jessica. You can tell she really cares about the people she comes into contact with. She is very proficient at her line of work and her message resonated extremely well with me. She is a gifted individual and is very diligent and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is exploring for answers on the other side.


I was not sure what to expect from an online reading but Jessica was spot on about my loved ones who passed. She was very helpful in answering my questions about clairvoyance. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a medium reading.


I cannot even describe how blown away I am with my mediumship reading I received from Jessica. I only told her the first name of my father and she was able to connect with him and was so spot on. She also was able to connect with my other loved ones. She is so very sweet and is so helpful with any questions you may have. This was my very first time going to a medium and I am so glad it was with her. I without a doubt will recommend her to my friends, family or anyone else. Even… Read more »


Very insightful and gifted. Jessica is a kind soul who is very willing to help and bring enlightenment, clarity and healing to situations!


She is absolutely phenomenal! I had a mediumship reading done by her and it was scary how spot on she was about my family! I confirmed a lot of information with my parents and they showed my pictures of the spirits she contacted. The pictures were dead on. Not only was she accurate, but she is so caring and informative about the steps she took to give me the reading and clarified any questions I had. It was my first mediumship reading and having it with her was the best.


I really appreciate the reading that she gave me. She even gave an in depth explanation about what goes on when she contacts spirits. She also provided me with additional answers when I was unable to make a connection to the first reading.
She has a true gift and a very sweet spirit!

Timothy Kasai

She is awesome. She helped me realize a lot of things about my self that I was unsure about. Her reading allowed me to see what kind of path I need to choose to go forward in life. She definitely helped me know what kind of options I have moving forward and she offered me a lot of insight. I’m thankful to have her. Jessica is the best!


I thank she is right on with what she has to offer.She has helped me many times with alot of things. I know now that what I am doing is right for me.And she has become a very good friend! I would recomend her to anyone she has a very kind soul.


I had an amazing reading from Jessica! She was very comforting with some of the information she shared with me. She told me things that no one else knew. She shed alot of light on things that I’ve been harboring for many years. Very kind and caring! I would highly recommend her 10/10 to everyone!


She’s wonderful. Not only was she able to connect with my grandparents, she was also a tremendous source of comfort during a rough time in my life. 10/10 would recommend.


I really REALLY had a positive experience with Jessica and her mediumship reading. She was able to shed light on so many things, things i didn’t even realize were phasing me. Thank you Jessica for all your help and words of wisdom.


I have honestly never been as stunned as I was after receiving a reading from Kismet. The accuracy from just a name is incredible and I am so thankful. I was facing a huge blockage for the longest time in terms of communicating with my spirit guides and discovering my true self, which Kismet just swept in and helped get rid of. I wasn’t expecting the depth of the reading she gave me and she managed to pinpoint not just my blockage, but also how to overcome it and how to best strengthen my psychic abilities most effectively. She spoke… Read more »


I really enjoyed the in-depth reading given to me recently by Jessica. She gave a lot of details about the two spirits who came through to her, and mentioned two significant names.

Furthermore, she contacted my spirit guide in order to give me some much needed guidance and advice during a difficult time in my life. Although the advice wasn’t what I had expected, I feel calm and ready to move ahead again.

Jessica is kind, compassionate, and caring.


I received a mediumship reading that I completely resonated with, I would definitely get another and 100% would recommend!


My reading was 100% on. Told me things no one else knew about!! I would have another reading. Totally recomend to everyone!!!


I had a meduimship reading from Jessica. It was genuine and thoughtful. She explained her process and helped interpret the messages. She was warm and nice!


I purchased a Life reading from Kismet. It was 100% accurate and enlightening! I have also had Tarot readings and they were 100% too! She’s a great psychic!!! I will keep coming back!


She gave me a really good Oracle reading today. 10/10 would recommend.


I got a tarot reading from Jessica and it was crazy accurate. I appreciated her thoroughness and accessible way of explaining how she got her information and how she interpreted it. She talked about big themes and directions in my life and how the effected me. Then she talked about the future direction if I stay on the same path. Everything added up, and she even gave me more information when I asked for it. She’s the real deal, and on top of that, extremely invested in getting you accurate and useful information.


Kismet is very genuine, kind, and connected. I receive weekly tarot readings and they help me stay grounded and focused. If I’m having a rough day, Kismet’s tarot readings always remind me that it will be okay. I can not express my appreciation enough. Thank you Kismet!


Jessica is extremely empathic and kind. She’s offered to help me sort some things out that I’ve been neglecting via her spiritual insight. She’s an incredible person that’s doing this for the right reasons.


I received a reading from Jessica. I haven’t done this kind of thing very much and I didn’t know what to expect. She asked only for my first name and the person I wanted to connect to on the other side. I gave her the first name of my grandmother. I was blown away by the details that Jessica had about my grandmother. She was able to give an accurate physical description of her when she was alive. Also, she knew details about where she was from and how she passed. I was very moving to hear that my grandmother… Read more »


I have had several wonderful readings with Kismet and many dear family members have come thru. She was able to connect to my son, father, aunts, uncles and cousins, knowing my loved ones are ok, gives me so much closure and peace!!! I definitely recommend Kismet!!!


I’ve had an accurate tarot reading, as well as a connection with a passed family member. She is a kind and very caring soul who is very receptive and open.

Krystal Firestone

Thank you so much for my beautiful reading. It was right on! It makes me feel so much better knowing my loved one can reach out to you to give me a message. What a wonderful gift to have an be able to use! Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!


You will find that Kismet is a gentle,positive and loving soul. Her abilities are incredible, she zoned in to my problem directly with only giving her my name. She confirmed for me that I was on the right path and gave me confidence to take the leap of faith I’ve been thinking about for so long. Thank you so much for making me see that I was not lost but actually right where I needed to be! I highly recommend Kismet. I have had many readings and she is up at the top!
Many Bleesings!


I was really blown away by how accurate my reading was, having given Kismet my star sign and gender only. She shared information related to my ethnic background, religious interests and an upcoming trip oversea. She was also able to connect with and share the name of my spirit guide, and shared his advise to me. I found Kismet to be genuine, detailed and sincere in her desire to support others’ growth with their best interests at heart. Highly recommend her work!


Jessica has an amazing gift and genuinely does her best effort when providing a reading! She connected me with someone I was once close with and was detailed and correct with her reading. She also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to psychic abilities and is more than willing to teach those who have an earnest interest! She is a kind spirited person who truly cares about connecting loved ones in spirit with those who are seeking. I definitely recommend doing a reading with her!


This woman is the real deal! She was right on about everything she told me. She also gave me details, which was quite a surprise, as this was my first reading from her. I highly recommend her. Way to go Kismet!


Kismet gave me a reading online. With nothing but a silly username to go on, s/he (I just realized I never asked if they’re male or female!) was able to pick up on my deceased grandmother. To be honest, I wanted to see what s/he could pick up on, and s/he was very accurate. They (I’m going with they now) could sense the exact number of grandchildren my grandmother had, for example, amongst other things. Afterwards, they gave me a follow up reading, with only my first name, and the first names of the people I wanted to connect with.… Read more »


I found my reading to be accurate, thoughtful, and detailed! I would love to have another reading in the future and would definitely recommend it to a friend. Thank you!


Kismet absolutely floored me with her reading. He/she gave me details and accuracy for things she couldn’t have known and that no one had access to. She/he was able to relay information from someone who passed ~10 years ago. I’m so grateful for her/his reading. Thank you so much Kismet!


Kismet gave me one of the best readings I’ve ever received. The accuracy with which they broke down the energies surrounding my situation astounded me. They even quoted verbatim some of the things said between the parties involved. I would absolutely recommend using their services to anyone! Thank you for the great reading!


Kismet did such an impressive reading on me. With only my username to go off of, she was able to get in touch with my great grandparents. She was accurate about so many things, but what blew me away was she was able to relate the exact number of sons and daughters they had. That’s when I knew she was the real deal.
She was very helpful in her explanations and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a medium.


I really had been blown away by the mediumship she did reaching out to a loved one. Kismet is very nice woman and I’m so happy to have had this experience with her. At first she connected me to my great grandfather which was pretty accurate however, we didn’t really have any personal bond. After I gave her a specific name of a dear friend who passed, I was blown away. I was skeptical about connecting with her because I more so wanted to connect with a family member initialy. However, once connecting to my dear friend this session was… Read more »


It was an accurate reading that surprised me and gave me so much hope for the future! Thank you!


This was the best mediumship reading I have had thus far! I mean… Like if I could explain how much joy I felt, the emotions and being connected to the reading this review would be an essay lol. It was so accurate, and I could envision my loved ones saying those exact words she relayed.. That’s how I knew for a fact it was my loved one! This reading gave me such a peace of mind and clarity that I was looking for. It made me feel even closer to my loved one, and warm inside knowing that they’re still… Read more »


I had never had a mediumship session before but I am very open minded and know that there is so much more to “life” than what we see. I never expected such an amazing experience! This medium CLEARLY exhibited the fact that they are the real deal and was able to glean some incredibly specific information about my father.

I am not going to go into details but when I read through the reading it had me crying like a kid, and I was at work lol!

Long story short, this medium is real.


My reading was accurate and resonated deeply with my current situation. Kismet was able to pick up on what I needed to do in order to improve my business to ensure success. I would certainly recommend Kismet to anyone who is looking for a reading. You wont be disappointed!


Kismet gave me a great reading, very thorough and accurate. Not only that but she offered thoughtful advice about the issues that surfaced. She was able to connect to my spirit guide and provided me with insight as to how to connect with him myself.
I need to repeat the fact that she was very accurate, she relayed information from my spirit guide that was spot on. She has a wonderful gift and a very kind soul. Thank you very much.

Jose Perez

Kismet helped me a lot. Her reading was on point. She gave me recommendations on what to do next and helped me not overstress the small things. I found her insight useful in setting up my near future. Thank you, Kismet.


I really enjoyed my reading. Kismet did a very thorough reading and communicated it very well to me. I gained a lot of insight into particular goals of my own. It was a very positive experience and I highly recommend a reading with her.


My reading was penomenal!! It was so detailed and really resonated with me. Kismet was able to pick up on things without me saying anything! Kismet has such a kind heart, it almost felt as if I was talking to a long term friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to get more readings in the future.


I had a fantastic reading!She was very accurate and is certainly talented.I found the answers and affirmations I was looking for.The answers were very honest and real and I was wowed by the entire experience.This is the best readering I ever had.


I enjoyed my reading very much! I had asked about hobbies/career things, but a friend who had passed away came through loud and clear instead. Things were very spot on to the point that I was googling and searching to see if I had accidentally put this information out there, but I hadn’t. Even though I asked about hobbies/career changes and heard from a friend instead, it still confirmed for me that I’m on the right path because this friend was the inspiration to make these really positive changes in my life that lead me to where I am today.… Read more »

Miss C

I asked a question about future study and Kismet was able to see right to the heart of the matter, even able to pick up on a trauma I’d experienced a few years prior that was affecting my decisions. They’re definitely someone I’d recommend.